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The Vorpal Tribble
2009-11-29, 11:50 PM
Demi-God (Chaotic Good)

Harkatottom, most revered of the Ancestors of the Spirit World, is a fierce opposer of tyranny and sadism. He was once a great and wise shaman of the half-orc people, leading them away from the blood-thirsty raging and hopelessness that dwelt within them. He showed them the life of freedom of spirit and body that would allow them to lead joyous lives. Living life to its fullest and competing with death not viciously but as a friendly, albeit aggressive, competition. He spent much of his life delivering half-orcs from slavery and cruelty from both orc and human.
It is said that a great spirit, an ancient ancestor in roc form, came down from above and carried him bodily to the Spirit World within his 87th year, where he attained the rank of a deity.
Harkatottom appears as an ancient strapping half-orc with wind-whipped, pure white hair hanging wild and uncombed down to his back. Within a braided strand of hair is a giant feather several feet long. He is possessed of many scars and deep wrinkles showing rigorous venerability.
Harkatottom's favorite weapon is the iuak.

Portfolio: Blood, Freedom, Half-orcs, High Spirits, Song

Domains: Good, Liberation, Luck, Sap, Strength

Cleric Training: Clerics of Harkatottom normally go on vision quests to prove themselves worthy. This may take them down raging rapids and waterfalls, or to distant mountain peaks. While on this journey they do not eat but spend every waking moment singing and chanting as they push their body to the limits, and stretch their luck time and time again. Only those who experience a vision leading them to serve Harkatottom come to be priests. If hunger seriously weakens them they will take of their stored rations and return without answer.

Quests: Followers of Harkatottom often set out to try to bring full-blooded orcs from their blood-thirsty ways and enlighten them with the joys of living, not killing. They also seek to free slaves and release hostages and non-criminals held against their will.

Prayers: Prayers to Harkatottom usually consists of melodious chants, favorably in conjunction with percussion instruments or dance.

Temples: Harkatottom disdains structures, saying one should be free to the open air. His worship generally takes place around roaring fires, preferably within areas of untamed wilderness.

Rites: Wild, joyous celebrations of life where song, dance and instrument playing take the place of ceremonies for the those of Harkatottom. Ritual, decorative scarring is normally given to male followers as they come into adulthood, though is not as common amongst females.

Relics: Feather of Biting Wind, Kayak of the Soaring Spirit

Herald and Allies: A roc paragon is Harkatottom's favorite herald. His planar allies are leskylors, moon dogs, and behemoth eagles.


Sap Domain Spells
Granted Powers: You can control the flow of vital fluids in your body and do not suffer from any kind of blood-loss (this includes damage from wounding weapons and vampirical bites). This granted power is a supernatural ability.

1. Ivory Flesh
2. Evergreen
3. Plant Growth
4. Bloodlink
5. Hibernate
6. Heartfreeze
7. Raise Ice Forest
8. Dire Drought
9. Hydrate

Level: Sap 4
Components: M, S
Casting Time: 1 minute
Range: See text
Target or Area: See text
Duration: 1 year/level
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No

You forge a blood link with a willing target. You continuously share vague emotions and always know when the other is in danger or being harmed. With a DC 20 concentration check you may even determine the general direction in which your blood brother can be found, and if he is near (within 10 miles), far (11-100 miles), very far (101-1000 miles), or extremely far (1,000+ miles) away. For every cleric level one point of constitution can be given up to boost your blood brother's. You can retake these points at any time, but never more than that which was given. If a blood brother dies while possessing bonus constitution, the constitution is lost.

Once the link is formed, it works over any distance (although not from one plane to another). An individual blood brother may only be linked to up to five others.

Component: The blood of another mingled with your own. Normally a cut is made into the wrist of each whom wishes to be linked and then pressed together, allowing the blood of all to mix. Within a minute the blood is reabsorbed by all and the wound closes.
XP Cost: 100 XP per link.


Kayak of the Soaring Spirit

This raft was built by the hands of Harkatottom himself and carved with the scenes of his dancing people. Then with the power of the land he turned the wood to iron. He was told it would never float but he merely laughed and climbed in. He then asked fo volunteers to take him to the rapids, nearby the falls. It took six strong men to lift him and carry him, but as they layed the craft within the water it floated, and no water was misplaced. Looking them in the eye he put a hand to his chest and told them that the lightness in his heart and the freedom of his spirit gave him lift. He then brought out his paddles and started powerfully pushing himself forward. All those watching bellowed for him to stop, but he waved them off and as all wailed he approached the edge. He went over... and floated. He let out a cry and lifted his fist, and the kayak sailed into the air and circled his astonished people.

"All you need is a soaring spirit!" he crowed and sailed up higher and higher...

From this time forward the craft never dropped, never touched the ground, and only brushing the surface of water. After his taking into the Spirit World however, they wondered what would be done with the wondrous kayak. A great-great grand nephew, one of barely twelve years begged permission to try the craft. As he was a particular favorite of Harkatottom he was allowed to board it. Though resting at the edge of a ravine the young boy ran for it and without hesitation, leaped, and landed inside. The craft took his wait and a stiff breeze lifted it up and he sped about for several minutes.

When he came back to the place and leaped out he was filled with elation. That is until another lad several years his elder and known for his bullying ways pushed him to the side. He carefully reached out to grasp the edge over the ravine and pulled himself in. The craft then fell like a stone, the cries of the bully echoing the length of his fall. Far down he landed with a great splash within the river below and the kayak sunk. Several moments later it resurfaced and the bully was nowhere to be seen. The craft continued down the river and out of sight.

It is now said that any whom may come across the craft must have a soaring spirit and a light heart or he will fall or sink. If he is light though the winds will obey the one within the craft and take the kayak where it is willed.

Anyone with a chaotic good alignment can sit within the kayak without it sinking or dropping, but cannot fly within it.

To use this relic, you must worship Harkatottom and either sacrifice a 8th level divine spell slot ot have the True Believer feat and at least 15 HD.


Feather of Biting Wind

The feather of biting wind is said to be a flight feather of a giant eagle that was always braided within Harkatottom's hair. While being taken up to the Spirit World the wind of the flight loosened his braid and it floated down. The feather seems to have a slight glow to it and its edge is sharp, though far too flimsy to be usable as a weapon.
Those whom wear it freely upon their person gain immunity to fear and despair and a +2 morale bonus on all saves.
Once per day if the feather is waved at an opponent within sight that you roughly know the position of it produces a sudden gust of wind that can circle around other foes, allies and obstacles without harming them, striking inerringly for the victim. The victim is suddenly bombarded with wind for 4 rounds as if caught in a windstorm (DMG page 95). Every round while within the wind the victim takes 4d6 slashing damage.
To use this relic, you must worship Harkatottom and either sacrifice a 6th-level divine spell slot or have the True Believer feat and at least 11 HD.

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I love it! My next half-orc is totally gonna be a devout fighter of Harkatottom, or maybe a cleric/barbarian. I very much like the concept here.

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Damn you might aswell just go ahead and make my pantheons for me :smallbiggrin:

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I'm loving your pantheon :smallbiggrin: Can't wait to see the next one...