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2009-11-30, 12:25 AM
I need guidance. I want to build a 45th level Archivist/Wizard to face a demilich.

here's the terms:

Epic Casting is now available, so he claims.
Vashara or Grey Elf as race. (If any low level template is available to increase INT score, do attach)
Must use BOTH Wizard and Archivist
All feats and items and such are to also be posted
Ideally, Char is to run smoothly and be fun to play as well

must be able to beat the following:

Inferno Baenre
Drow Demilich

Happy Hunting!

2009-11-30, 12:28 AM
This is going to boil down to what type of epic spell mitigation is kosher and how much preparation time you have to create said epic spells.

Edit: And I assume from the other thread that you're letting him get away with the high ECL without grabbing more levels or a better racial template yourself.

2009-11-30, 12:33 AM
I'm just letting y'all take the reigns. I give a direction, y'all give me a design, and I finalize

2009-11-30, 12:34 AM
Wizard 1 / Archivist 3 / MT 10 / True Necromancer 6 / MT +10 / True Necromancer +8 / Iot7V 7

By level 45:

Casts as a wizard 41 (45 with PM)
Casts as an Archivist 36 (40 with PM)

You have epic magic at level 21 for both classes, and can thus craft an epic spell to win any number of ways.

One that turns Demiliches or inanimate objects into bunnies, as PaO (mental faculties to match). Fort negates, explicitly bypasses any immunities demiliches have, as well as autopenetrating SR.

2009-11-30, 12:55 PM
Why do you mention the epic MT levels? I am so confused.

2009-11-30, 01:09 PM
What's you and your friend's obsession with epic play?

Seriously, this isn't a test of skill. This is a test of who makes the stupidest character possible. Also, as mentioned before, if you aren't making your own character, you've lost the challenge already...