View Full Version : [4e] Blood Bowl like game

Guinea Anubis
2009-12-01, 09:01 AM
So I was thinking of giving my PCs a chance to participate in a Blood Bowl like game, if you don't know what blood bowl is just look here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_Bowl).

I was thinking of letting the PCs still us there powers but make them do so unarmed. The melee is easy just give them spiked gauntlets, Spell casters will still have there spells, and the ranger just screams QB to me. The rest of the team will be filled out with NPCs. I have some ideas on what else I could do to make things a little more fun for the PCs, like if they do enough damage to bloodie someone that person is injured and can not play untill the next game.

So what do you guys think? This is still a work in progress and would love any input you may have.