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The race of the Nat'l, also known as talons, leapers and half-birds, are a people with a hidden heritage that reaches back into bloodlines associated with fey creatures and the land of Shello. They are typically not regarded by any society for their secretive nature and habit of keeping their society out of the affairs of even neighboring cultures. Elves, gnomes and shifters all know at bit about them, but many races of Tanzen have never even heard of them. They are hunters and scavengers with lots of superstitions and a penchant for paranoia.

Personality: An individual Nat'l will usually do it's best to not be noticed, so social interactions are uncommon. If on a rare occasion a Nat'l is befriended it is easy to see they are kindly and hospitable. Among their own kin there is a strong bond between families-even far extended families. It is not uncommon for there to be close bonds between two Nat'l that only shared a relative ten generations back. Unfortunately, it's easy to prey on the feats of the Nat'l, as it's ingrained in them to follow many cultural superstitions.

Physical Description: The body of a Nat'l iseasily described as a well toned, athletic elf or half-elf with the exception of their lower body, which consists of a pair of taloned, black bird legs and thick down that covers their legs and parts of their waist. Another dissimilarity they have with other humanoid races is their eyes. Their relatively large eyes always have a deep black sclera, and irises are usually prominant, bright and pale, with tones ranging from pale blue to pale yellow.
Usually, Nat'l wear their hair short, partially because of cultural superstition and because it does not grow very quickly. The color of their hair and the down on their legs is similar, and are generally earth-tones, such as brown, moss green, grey and rarely blond.

Alignment: A tendency toward a single alignment is not shared between the entire Nat'l race. An individual is just as likely to be upstanding and riteous as they are to be coniving and brutal.

Lands: The Nat'l prefer to live in climates that are full of thick forestry and places where their jumping prowess can be put to good use. If they have to choose, they prefer temperate climates that sees rain at least twice a year.

Settlements: Homes and villages made by the Nat'l are as commonly in the trees as they are on the ground and in some cases, underground. Their homes are typically stout and sturdily built huts and treehouses that are bunched close together in small areas, but because of the strength of the houses themselves, settlements can last a very long time.

Power Groups: Typically, a Nat'l community is ruled by a group of wise elders, anywhere from 3 to 10, and anchored by a single young woman that the community deems the wisest of her peers. The word of this group is not law, but is a strong suggestion that is imposed only for the benefit of the Nat'l community as a whole.

Beliefs: The founding principal for most of the Nat'l culture is based on superstitions. There are many that ground the culture in certain areas and many members of the race believe in them religiously. Many superstitions include never leaving family behind anywhere, even in places without danger, always keeping brown bugs out of your hair and leg-down, as they may try to burrow in and control you and finding bad luck if not treating someone doing any task with skill without some level of quiet respect. Those that disregard all or even most of these beliefs are often seen with ire or fear by the rest of their communities, which is one of the standing reasons they disassociate themselves from other cultures, as they do not share their beliefs.

Languages: The Nat'l all speak a language known as T'ann, which is typically known only by their race. They also speak many other languages native to Shello, such as Sylvan, Elven and Thumm.

Names: Males and females of the race do not have masculine or femanine names, and share an entire library of racial names. They are usually short and to the point, making them easier to warn quickly. Names include T'en, Cull, Nen, Tavik and Briss.

Nat'l Racial Traits

Dex +2, Cha -2: Nat'l are agile and swift, but their disassociation with other races makes them bad at dealing with anyone socially.
Humanoid (Nat'l)
Medium sized.
Nat'l base land speed is 30 ft.
Low-light vision.
Natural Leaper (Ex): The thick muscles and strong ligaments in the legs of the Nat'l make them naturals when it comes to jumping. When a Nat'l has a running start before jumping, the max distance they're allowed to jump with a single move action is doubled, and they recieve a +10 racial bonus to the check. Without a running start, the Nat'l only recieves a +4 bonus to Jump checks and the maximum distance is not doubled.
Superstitious (Ex): The Nat'l live their lives according to rules based around fear, because of this they are vulnerable to fear. They recieve a -2 penalty to all checks ro resist fear in all it's forms. This includes supernatural effects and Intimidate checks. Nat'l additionally cannot willingly fail a saving throw against an effect that will render them resistant or immune to fear.
Talons (Ex): A Nat'l's strong legs end with talons like those of a bird of prey. If a Nat'l makes a leaping charge at an enemy, they may chose to either make a single attack with their primary weapon and attack with one talon as a secondary natural attack, or only attack with both talons as two primary natural attacks. When their base attack bonus reaches +6 or higher, a Nat'l need not charge to attack with their talons. The base damage of each talon is 1d4.
Skills: Nat'l have a +2 racial bonus on all Spot, Listen and Balance checks. Their senses are sharp, and their taloned legs have a great deal of traction.
Automatic Languages: Common, Nat'l. Bonus Languages: Auran, Elven, Giant, Gnoll, Sylvan, Terran, Thumm and Tuilvilanuue
Favored Class: Scout

Table: Random Starting Age
30 years|+4d6|+6d6|+9d6

Table: Aging Effects
{table="head"]Middle Age|Old|Venerable|Max Age
90 years|140 years|190 years|+2d% years

Table: Random Height and Weight
{table="head"]Sex|Base Height|Height Modifier|Base Weight|Weight Modifier
Male|4'10"|+2d10|100 lb.|x(1d6) lb.
Female|4'5"|+2d10|80 lb.|x(1d6) lb.

2009-12-02, 01:54 PM
I like it.

Besides teaching me a new word 'sclera', its a cool niche race. I can't imagine they're very numerous. I imagine they're not great metal workers. Probably trade for most of their metal.

Q1: Can you use them as the base race for Mujuon and remove the need for the Raptors?

Q2: Do their knees work backwards like satyrs or ostrich?


The Tygre
2009-12-02, 03:53 PM
Any particular inspiration for this latest dose of awesomeness?

2009-12-03, 12:52 AM
I like it.

Besides teaching me a new word 'sclera', its a cool niche race. I can't imagine they're very numerous. I imagine they're not great metal workers. Probably trade for most of their metal.

Probably it, likely with elves.

Q1: Can you use them as the base race for Mujuon and remove the need for the Raptors?

Nah, I really want mujuons to be able to fly.

Q2: Do their knees work backwards like satyrs or ostrich?

Like satyrs and ostriches, yeah. I pictured them just having their legs replaced with size-appropriate hawk legs.

Any particular inspiration for this latest dose of awesomeness?

Just something that came to me out of the blue and I made what you see above in a tired stupor.