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Voice of Reason
2009-12-03, 01:57 PM
Ok, I've got a series of weird questions regarding the possibility of combining familiars, animal companions, and special mounts. So here's what I'm wondering:

1) Arcane Hierophant (RotW) & Beastmaster (CAdv). The Beastmaster prestige class allows you to have more than one animal companion. The Arcane Hierophant's "Companion Familiar" allows you to combine your familiar and animal companion abilities; here's the relevant text: "...your Animal Companion gains the intelligence and special abilities of a Familiar..." Does this mean that all of the Beastmaster's animal companions are affected by this, or only one?

2a) Arcane Hierophant (RotW) & Beastmaster (CAdv). Under the "Companion Familiar" ability discussed above, for an Arcane Hierophant "...your class level stacks when determining your animal companion's abilities." Normally, this is straightforward. However, I have been told (I cannot personally confirm) that the Beastmaster's tertiary animal companions lack the phrase that the Beastmaster's class feature stacks with druid levels (I.E., a level 6 druid, level 4 beastmaster can have a second animal companion at effective druid level 4 (beastmaster) because druid doesn't stack). The Arcane Hierophant text, however, specifically allows for the stacking of Arcane Hierophant levels when determining animal companion abilities; should you then add the two classes together (not druid) for the beatsmaster's tertiary companions? (see also next question)

2b) Arcane Hierophant (RotW) & Beastmaster (CAdv). Arcane Hierophant says under "Companion Familiar" that A.H. levels stack for determining animal companion abilities. If you can only have 1 "Companion Familiar" (see question 1) should the levels still stack (assuming that we've decided they can stack in question 2a) for the non-familiar companions? The actual text reads "When determining your animal companion's..." It says "animal companion," not "companion familiar" or some other name.

3a) Devoted Tracker (feat; CAdv), Paladin (PHB), Ranger (PHB) & Arcane Hierophant (RotW). The Devoted Tracker feats allows you to make your special mount your animal companion as well. The relevant text is "If you have both the special mount and an animal companion ability, you may designate your mount as your animal companion, granting it both sets of bonuses." If you were to do this, can you add a level or two of Arcane Hierophant to add familiar abilities too (since your special mount is actually designated as your animal companion, not just gaining its abilities)?

3b) Devoted Tracker (feat; CAdv), Paladin (PHB), Ranger (PHB)& Dragon Steed (feat; Dcn). Devoted Tracker allows you to designate your special mount as your animal companion as well. A paladin's mount is "usually a heavy warhorse or warpony." Well, what if you used the Dragon Steed feat to gain a dragon special mount? Instinctively, one would think that the idea of a dragon steed as an animal companion is ludicrous, but I can find nothing to contract this interpretation. Arcane hierophant may even be able to add familiar as well (see question 3a). Is this possible?

I've got my own opinions on all of these, but I'm going to hold back for now so as not to influence people's initial responses. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. :smallcool:

2009-12-03, 06:32 PM
1) Since it's a singular, only one. It stands to reason you get to choose which one. Note, however, the line "You may retain one animal companion you already possess..." in Companion Familiar, so you'd lose the extras anyways.

2a) I'd say Beastmaster's limitation wins out here since it's an exception while what Companion Familiar states is just repeating the rule. It's a crapshot either way; just pick the best AC for Companion Familiar and avoid this question entirely. It's the only smart move anyways; otherwise you plain lose a level.

2b) Just one. Only Beastmaster can advance the Extra Companions. That said, you give 'em up while entering AH; see #1.

3) Yes. This is the basis of 20/20/20 Supermount; note that Beastmaster combines any previous AC progressions into one.

4) Yeah. It's actually possible to get a ~50HD Large Dragon as your companion with use of Halfling Outrider (advances Ranger AC, Druid AC and Paladin Mount) or Holy Mount + Theurgic Mount [DR325] that stack your Mount-progression with one arcane or divine class (such as Arcane Hierophant). This especially benefits of Prestige Paladin and Prestige Ranger.

2009-12-04, 01:06 AM
let me just say that this thred makes me happy.

I love uber pets and hadn't before considered that combination.

Voice of Reason
2009-12-04, 01:12 PM
Thanks for the input; I didn't see that restriction under Arcane Hierophant. It's almost as if they saw this coming and nipped it at the bud.

2009-12-04, 08:47 PM

If I were the DM ruling, I would say that making your mount a dragon type would disqualify it from being an animal companion. Arcane Heirophant is a little different because the animal becomes a magical beast, instead of starting as a magical beast.

Paul H
2009-12-16, 06:52 AM

I don't own Races of the Wild. Is there somewhere online I could download the Arcane Heirophant info for free?

Paul H

2009-12-16, 09:35 AM
Devoted Tracker does specify that your Special Mount becomes your Animal Companion (and not the other way around) so yes a Dragon Special Mount could then become your Animal Companion.....

BUT you would then have to work out what the Effective Druid lev modifier for it would be. This would almost certainly disqualify it as a rough comparison would indicate a caning Druid level mod.

I'd advise sticking to Special Mounts that already have Animal Companion ratings. That does give u a fair range, abd even allow aces to some magical beasts if you use Eberron Totem Companions. A unicorn would be sort of special. :smallwink:

Stephen E

2009-12-16, 09:53 AM

I don't own Races of the Wild. Is there somewhere online I could download the Arcane Heirophant info for free?

Paul H

Illegally, yes. Legally, I don't think you can.