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The Archiater
-Image by labrattish (http://labrattish.deviantart.com/).

In a world full of divine-inspired healers, mundane healing has often been pushed aside and replaced by these more effective methods. However, some still cling to old traitions, and through the help of science and technology, can achieve remarkable feats of healing prowess.

Formerly reserved for kings and nobles as high practicioners, archiaters are now found among the common man, healing and mending by way of their quick minds and bountiful experience. Archiaters use their powers to help others, further scientific knowledge, or to make quick money. Regardless, their abilities are priceless in allowing them to take on even the most horrendous injuries and the most mysterious maladies.

Requirements: To qualify to become an archiater, a character must fulfill all the following criteria.
Skill: Knowledge (architecture/engineering) 5 ranks, Heal 5 ranks
Special: Crafter Extraordinare class feature, Chemistry vocation, Surveyor vocation.

Table: The Archiater{table=head]Level|BAB|Fort|Ref|Will|Special|

+2|Sawbones, Vocation|

+3|Hasty Recovery, Precision +1|


+4|Practiced Physician, Precision +2|

+4|Harmonize, Vocation|

Hit Die: d6
Class Skills: The archiater's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Appraise (Int), Craft (Int), Disable Device (Int), Forgery (Int), Knowledge (arcana) (Int), Knowledge (architecture/engineering) (Int), Profession (Wis), Search (Int), Spot (Wis), Survival (Wis), and Use Magic Device (Cha).
Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 4 + Int Modifier

Class Features
All the following are class features of the archiater prestige class.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Archiaters gain no proficiency with any weapons or armor.

Innovation (Ex): Archiaters benefit from being able to think fast and apply those thoughts to their actions. An archiater receives innovation points in the amount listed on Table: The Archiater, plus her Intelligence modifier, on a daily basis. An archiater must rest uninterrupted for 8 hours to recharge this amount. An archiater's pool of innovation stacks with innovation gained through engineer levels.

Sawbones (Ex): At 1st level, an archiater gains a +4 bonus on checks made to resist becoming sickened or nauseated and adds 2 x her archiater level to all Heal checks.

Vocation (Ex): Much like an engineer, an archiater gains vocations that represent her specialized abilities. At first level and every odd level after (3rd and 5th) an archiater chooses one vocation from either the archiater or the engineer vocation lists. Similar to feats, an archiater must meet all prerequisites before taking a vocation. Unless otherwise stated, a vocation can only be taken once. Just like an engineer, the applied science of an archiater allow for the casting of her spell-like abilities where magic cannot normally be cast, such as within an anti-magic field.

Prerequisite: Surveyor
Description: Your medical knowledge allows you to tell the extent of damage to a body at a glance. By standing within 10 ft of living, corporeal creature, you can tell their general status such as unharmed, wounded, disabled, staggered, unconscious, dying, nauseated, panicked, stunned, poisoned, diseased, confused, or the like as a swift action. By spending 2 Innovation points, you can also tell exactly how many hit points they have remaining.

Clockwork Prosthesis
Prerequisite: -
Description: You have perfected the science of prosthetics allowing you to construct mechanical versions of limbs and digits. A clockwork prosthesis is designed in exact proportion to the subject and can mimic fingers, toes, hands, feet, arms, and legs without any hindrance to the user. While worn, a clockwork prosthesis designed as a hand functions as a modified locked gauntlet (spikes and other armor modifications can be applied), and can lock and unlock as a swift action. Steel is typically used in a clockwork prosthesis, but other materials can also be utilized.

An archiater using a clockwork prosthesis arm can spend 2 Innovation points to rapidly change the composition of the clockwork limb into the equivalent of a longsword as swift action. While in this form, you are considered to be wielding the longsword gain a bonus to damage rolls equal to your Precision bonus.

Constructing a clockwork prosthesis costs 400gp and 3 days of work devoted solely to the prosthesis (Craft checks not required). Already constructed clockwork prosthesis can be grafted onto a subject as a full-round action.

Prerequisite: Dynamo Cannon
Description: You have augmented your dynamo cannon in order to brim with animative energies. By spending 3 Innovation points, you may empower a crossbow bolt to deal either Positive or Negative energy instead of its former damage type. Used in this manner, the attack is unaffected by sneak attack damage dice or other effects that add damage dice to the attack. Bonuses to damage, however, still apply. Treat this vocation as another way that you can enhance your dynamo cannon through Innovation.

Prerequisite: Chemistry
Description: Through merely touching a subject, you are able to significantly speed up their natural metabolism. Whenever you perform First Aid on a patient, you can spend 3 Innovation points to grant them fast healing equal to 5 x your archiater level. Every additional round in which you grant the patient fast healing, you spend 3 Innovation points.

Prerequisite: Chemistry
Description: By altering chemical compositions within, you are able to quickly eliminate diseases or poisons. By spending 3 Innovation points, you can destroy 1 cubic foot worth of poison, disease, slime, fungi, or mold upon a solid surface. This process may also be used to safely purify food or water.

In addition, you can neutralize poison or disease from a living creature's body by using this vocation, however doing so requires a Heal check of 5 + DC of the poison/disease.

You may use this vocation as a swift action as part of an attack to deal an extra amount of damage equal to twice your Precision bonus on a creature that spreads disease through extraordinary abilities. You must specify using this vocation before the attack and the Innovation points are still expended if the attack fails.
Hasty Recovery (Ex): By 2nd level, patients under an archiater's care heal at extraordinary rates. When performing long-term care on a patient, an archiater can heal twice the normal amount of hit point damage. Additionally, treating wounds from sources such as caltrops or Spike Stones (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/spikeStones.htm) takes half the normal amount of time.

Precision (Ex): At 2nd level, an arciater can make use of her surgical mastery in combat. By spending 1 Innovation point, an archiater can gain an insight bonus to attack Table: The Archiater. Alternatively, an archiater can instead utilize this bonus to overcome a number of Damage Reduction or Hardness equal to the bonus she would normally gain on attack rolls. This bonus is +1 at 2nd level and increases to +2 at 4th level. This precision bonus stacks with any precision gained through engineer levels.

Practiced Physician (Ex): At 4th level, an archiater can rest even while performing long-term care on patients. This allows her to recover Innovation or spells as long as she rests for the alotted amount of time and performs no actions other than attending to her patients.

Harmonize (Ex): Upon reaching 5th level, an archiater can adjust a patient's body to resume its normal functions. When performing long-term care on a patient, an archiater can heal ability damage at twice the normal amount. An archiater can also spend 6 Innovation Points to end beneficial spells cast upon creatures as a Greater Dispel Magic (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/dispelmagicgreater.htm) spell. The archiater is considered to have a caster level equal to half her archiater level.

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Reading this, and I'm not sure if bypassing hardness is right for a surgeon-type character. Maybe let them make a bleeding wound instead?Keep in mind that Precision is a continuation from the Engineer class and that it's primary function are Insight Bonuses to attack and overcoming Damage Reduction. The Hardness is just there so that the ability will stack with the Engineer class for player convenience.

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Hmm...made some adjustments that may give the class a bit more kick. I'll give you a hint (http://amethyst-angel.com/armtutorial/arm2_finished2.jpg) to a bit of the class' inspiration.

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