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2009-12-06, 11:23 AM
Okay, i am currently playing a campaign under a new DM who is not familiar with Eberron and doesn't want to use the artificer (although the PrCs are okay). Initially i wanted to be the item crafter (mainly buffs, so potions and wands are going to be the most prevelant), but without the artificer that will be difficult.

What i need is a line of feats for my wizard that can mimic some of the aspects of an artificer (Retain Essence being the main one). My character will be starting at 5th level as a warforged wizard PrCing into several craft oriented PrCs (alchemist savant, master alchemist, maester, etc).

2009-12-06, 05:45 PM
Why isn't your DM allowing Artificers?

The Artisan Eberron feats (Eberron Campaign Setting) may be relevant to your interests. They allow the character to make magic items at 25% less time, XP, or GP cost. Also, if you have Lords of Madness, you should look into the Fleshwarper class. It provides a craft reserve (only for grafts, though), and familiar improvement, so your homonculus won't fall behind.

Retain Essence
Prerequisites: CL 5th, and 2 Item Creation Feats
Benefit: This feat functions identically to the Retain Essence ability (ECS 32).

2009-12-06, 07:26 PM
I totally understand not liking artificers. I'm not a fan of them myself, but I do like the concept. So I will most definately be following this thread.