View Full Version : Help with the ghost of Chris Mastpast

2009-12-06, 05:19 PM
The name is just for funzies but seriously.

I'm playing a ghost in an all undead game where we are trying to restore balance to a Lawful Good utopia. I have commited to useing mostly telekinesis and possesion (got my DM to let me use BoVD item possesion rules as my 3rd ability option).

Right now I have him as a Human Ghost 1ranger/ 3Hexblade/ 1factotum/ 5 master of the unseen hand (15th level game). Factotum is to pick up skills to meet prereqs and HB is mostly for mettle and curse to make possesion easier.

Rolled stats as 12,15,16,16,13,13 assigned them to Str13 Dex16 Con - Int16 Wis14 Cha 20 (with adjustments)

He casts telekinesis as a level 17 character because of the stacking with ghost and MotUH.

Really I'm wondering what feats and items I shoud get him and what i should build for at his next level (was thinking mind bender). I also have an extra feat from a flaw I took; I have to manifest if someone says my name 3 times (good luck to them :smallwink:)