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2009-12-08, 03:53 AM
Morning just a quick question.

Does sacred healing from PHBII and augment healing stack as sacred healing states as a swift action, you can expend a turn undead attempt to augment your ability to heal, you gain a +2 bonus per die.


2009-12-09, 04:16 AM
Can no one help??

T.G. Oskar
2009-12-09, 04:29 AM
Technically, they both stack, since one is a modification and another is a bonus. Augment Healing isn't a bonus per se, but rather you add 2 points per spell level to what you can already heal. Sacred Healing (which I presume is the PHBII version, one feat I don't like to use given that the original CD version was much, much better) is an actual untyped bonus, so it stacks with any other bonus, as well as any other untyped bonus except a second application of the feat (since those would overlap instead)

It's not that difficult, actually.

2009-12-09, 04:37 AM
Seeing how it (at best) adds 8 healing I don't see how anyone could be upset about them stacking. Moreover they do stack by RAW.

Edit: 8 from Sacred Healing. Augmented adds 8 as well. For 16.

2009-12-09, 04:58 AM
I believe magic of the land, from races of the wild, also stacks with both.

MotL is basically augment healing again, but you need to make a knowledge(nature) check to get it to happen.

Mix those with a few unusual healing spells (healing spirit from the PHB2 is a good one, Darts of life from the Complete Champion is another) and you actually can do some serious healing.