View Full Version : Focused Talent: A Sorcerer Variant

2009-12-09, 04:53 PM
This is a simple idea, based on the existence of Specialist Wizards, and I just wanted to get people's opinions on it.

The concept is straightforward - a Specialist Wizard is an expert in a particular school of magic, thanks to focusing his studies. This new idea, the Focused Talent Sorcerer is has a an innate aptitude for a particular school of magic.

The crunch:
Loses - Two schools of magic, as per specialist wizard.

Gains - An extra spell known of each level, from his chosen school of magic, selected when he first gains the ability to cast spells of that level.

Thoughts? It obviously makes the sorcerer closer to the wizard in power, maybe putting it in tier 1.5, and, since it's a spellcaster as always, it's more powerful than a melee character, but that's a given.

2009-12-09, 06:21 PM
Looks fine to me.

2009-12-10, 02:44 AM
Looks fine. Even before the tiers the limited spells known always bugged me.