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2009-12-09, 09:16 PM
The premise is simple. Post by post, we tell the story of a city, from vilage to town, from port to harbour, from fort to metropolis!
Everybody can post, but everybody can STOP anyone.v When you STOP somebody you are asking them to re-evaluate what they've just done for/to the city.
For Example:
Post #341: "...and so it was that the Tower Defense system was complete, and never again did Man look down on Kobold."
Post #342: "One day the whole town became vampires"
Post #343: "STOP. wait, what?"

It is meant to be used as a tool, an element you can choose to use in your campaign. It's been a while since I've played, so I won't be much help with the crunchy stuff (though I'll do my best).

I propose that the city use, for the time being, essential Core D&D 3.5 rules, since I'm yet to set hands on Fourth Edition. I also volunteer to do (in-game)yearly status reports.
The format for advancing the city will be as follows (this is also the first entry):


Year first, Month third, Day fifth

Five families, bound together by generations of nomad camaraderie, arrive at the coast of River. On the other side of River they can see other, smaller men. These smaller men live in small, primitive adobe houses. Their society consists of three families, and they live off what few wheat they grow.
Some of the Small Men motion for the nomads to approach, three of the nomad families cross the rives, bringing their goats. The other two families stay on the other side and see how the Small greet the nomads as they come out of the river. They leave.
The Small's farm is on a valley that is surrounded by mountains. They had remained isolated until now, and are very good and compassionate with the stronger, tougher Nomad goat herders. After an unheard-of-variety-laden welcome feast, the tribes agree to live together, providing each other with their diferent foods, and taching each other the ways of their different lives.
And thus did the mingling of the races begin

Currrent Population

Small (farmers):
Three Men
Three Women
Four Younger Men
Five Younger Women
Two old men
Three Men
Seven Women
Eight Younger Men
Three Younger Women

Cast of Characters

Nomad Chieftain, Flar: lvl 4 commoner, has three wives over the others' two. This gives him command and authority, things that he is accustomed to.
Small Elder, Yaku : lvl 2 commoner, wise old man. The Small ones look to him for advice, doesn't trust most nomads, tells everyone to "be wary of their young"
Small Leader, Tnaku: lvl 1 commoner, hardworking farmer and father thought of as defacto leader of the Small ones, but still subordinate to Yaku's judgment.

Additional notes

-As should be expected, Nomads are more heavily armed than the Small. They have nine spears, four throw-axes and four bows, and their arrows, of course.
-The Small also have slight means of self defense, with ten basic spears with which they occassionally scared wolves off with. They are only just beggining to understand new forms of weaponry.
-The Population statistics do not acount for the many children running around the place.
-For the purposes of our Initial Primitive stage, Younger equals "non-married".
-you can advance it as far in time as you can without being STOPped
-have fun

The Tygre
2009-12-09, 09:34 PM
Year: Second
Month: Sixth
Day: Twenty Fifth

The nomads wondered, 'Why?', though. For all the land of the valley, for all its fertile soil, why did the Smalls not increase their wheat fields. The Smalls, they could not say. As long as their tribe had existed, this had been the only patch of land they had ever used. And so, after much coercion, a small group went farther into the valley and began to dig. And it was there, buried beneath the ground, that they uncovered the angel.

((How'm I doing?))

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((fine, the angel's good. Just provide dates, please.))

The Tygre
2009-12-10, 01:36 AM
((fine, the angel's good. Just provide dates, please.))

Ooh, sorry. Fixing.

The Blue Guard
2009-12-10, 03:17 AM
Year: Second; Month: Sixth; Day: Twenty-sixth

There before the nomadic Tall was an angel they found one day prior, but it was no true angel. All angels live above in the sky and this one lived beneath in the ground! A fallen angel or a demon? Its true colour unsure as it remained still and silent.

Zom B
2009-12-10, 07:58 AM
Year: Second; Month: Sixth; Day: Twenty-seventh

The Smalls called for their wisest and eldest member, who gazed upon the still and winged shape. All through the day, she offered prayers to the gods and burned fragrant incenses and cast the bones, and none dared to interrupt her focus. Eventually, all of the village departed to return to their normal routines. Even the nomadic Talls left to observe the happenings of the Small village. After the supper dishes had been cleaned and the bedding house filled, by the light of the stars and the slivered moon overhead, it happened, just before midnight. The villagers heard the exclamatory cry from the Elder, and all rushed to the far field to see.

Ben Miff
2009-12-10, 08:31 AM
Year: Second; Month: Sixth; Day: Twenty seventh (Continued from previous post)

It was that night that the Elder learnt the dangers of seeking knowledge that even the Gods are wary of. With the constant dedication in seeking the truth, the Gods chose to both reward the Elder's loyalty while punishing her grasping for things beyond him. Struck eternally blind by the Gods, she received a small gift in return; the ability to foretell the nature of people by laying hands upon their bare flesh, received in the form of visions of their most significant acts reflecting the dominant aspects of their personalities. The Gods left him with a final fleeting command, namely to lay her hands upon the creature and in doing so receive an answer, and this she revealed to the villagers that came, asking them to now guide him to it.

((Mechanically, think figuring out the two dominant adjectives to describe their personality, and an act attached to both.))

EDIT: Elder Gender Fixed

Zom B
2009-12-10, 08:41 AM
((The Elder was female))

2009-12-10, 10:36 AM
I hope I don't get ninja'd.
Year: Second, Month: Sixth, Day: Twenty-Eighth

"And so it was that, having been led back to the angel, the Elder laid hands upon the angel and learned it's true nature. Long ago, a great battle was fought over the heavens and earth. Many angels were slain, and many more demons were slain than angels. Many angels were thought to be slain, but lay in a long sleep, from which they could not be roused. These were given unto the earth so that the land and people could be fertile and prosper. Were any of these earth-bound angels to be awoken (awakened?), the land in the vicinity would flourish for as long as the angel remained on the earth."

The Blue Guard
2009-12-10, 10:46 AM
Year: Second; Month: Sixth; Day: Twenty-seventh
Continued from last post...

And so did the Elder lay hands upon the angel and felt... nothing. Nothing but cold, hard skin greeted her fingers and palm as she tried to discern it's nature. Then in a flash! Colour and sound! A sight came before her of the angel standing on a pedestal made of sunlight surrouned by archs made of moonlight, with poise and beauty she stood... Another flash! Now not confined to the mind's eye of the Elder. Her body was flung clear of the stone-fleshed angel.

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2009-12-10, 11:02 AM
Year: Third
Month: Fifth
Day: Nineteenth

The angel had been awake for almost a year. It towered over both tribes of people, even the tall men.

It had wings but it never flew. It had a mouth but it never spoke. In appearance it looked like a woman in face, but had no other sign of gender on its smooth almost featureless body. The tribe had given it a dress. The angel didn't put it on, but it allowed the village women to dress it.

In some ways it seemed utterly unintelligent, almost animal-like, but a glance at its eyes revealed a deep and probing wisdom. The villagers made no restraint on its movement, and gave it access to shelter it never used and food it never ate. The angel wandered through the valley as it willed, climbing over fences and passing through fields, ignoring the dirt roads. At times it ignored mortals entirely, sometimes it would watch a single person for hours.

Its ultimate goal was unknown. The village merely knew that the valley had flourished and farms had plentiful crops. Some attributed this to the angel's blessing, others merely to the good weather they had the past year. Some gave the angel credit for the weather.

The elder had decided against building a church, since it seemed odd to hold services indoors when the angel roamed so freely outside. Instead they decided to erect a ring of standing stones on top a hillside, and held rituals there. Every year when the Awakening Day of the angel returned the stones would align with the stars. The angel did not frequent Angel Hill more often than anywhere else in the valley.

2009-12-10, 07:04 PM
Yearly Report

An angel was found, granting powers and knowledge to a Small elder.
It was revealed that the valley was once the site of a majr battle between good and evil, that some of the angels that fought in it fell into a deep sleep and were give to the earth, which gives the region its distinctive prosperity

Advancement (new)

Year third, Month fifth, Day twenty-first

The Tall now lived in huts near the original farms, but with a necessary distance to keep the crops safe from goats. Two marriages between the tribes have taken place, and are starting to bear fruit. Their respective homes have been built.
The languages have mingled and mixed, people are beggining to speak a new, unified dialect.

Currrent Population

Small (farmers):
Three Men
Three Women
Three Younger Men
Four Younger Women
Two old men
Three Men
Seven Women
Seven Younger Men
TwoYounger Women
Mixed (!)
Two Men
Two Women
An Angel

Cast of Characters

Nomad Chieftain, Flar: lvl 4 commoner, has three wives over the others' two. This gives him command and authority, things that he is accustomed to.
Small Elder, Yaku : lvl 2 commoner, wise old woman. The Small ones look to him for advice, doesn't trust most nomads, tells everyone to "be wary of their young". Found the angel and was thus granted celestial knowledge and powers. Hes been much more revered for a year now.
Small Leader, Tnaku: lvl 1 commoner, hardworking farmer and father thought of as defacto leader of the Small ones, but still subordinate to Yaku's judgment.
The Angel, mysterious creature from another time, credited for the

Additional notes (new)

-umm...few things to settle:

Is the elder aware of the angel-demon war of times past?
I take it that he Tall and the Small are living together by now, right?

City Size(new)

Small Area: The three original huts and the three small farms
Tall Area: Three huts and a large expanse of the valey that they use for herding
The Stone Circle: in a hill not far away
New: two homes in the area between both tribes, one of them lives off farming, one of them off herding

Okay now, the main event of this era is going to be the fight with roaming nomad herders, as was usual at the time. This town will have the advantage of having herders in its population so they'll put up a fight. You may start dealing with this situation if you like, but be careful. And do not hesitate in getting the angel involved.

2009-12-10, 08:35 PM
Year: Third, Month: Seventh, Day: Fourth

"And, lo, the time came for the Talls to make their perennial migration, following the herds as they roamed. This brought them once again into contact with the Smalls. The Talls were envious that the Angel came unto the Smalls once in every year and spent an entire day amongst them, communing with the stars above."

@OP: Sorry it's so short, but I'm better at writing mythologies than I am at histories.