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2009-12-11, 12:06 AM
Hi forum goers!

I have recently made a bunch of weapons corresponding to the Elemental Planes for an up coming campaign arc, however I have failed at having ideas for the last 5 and am horrible at balance, so if you could help me on those points I would be very thankful.

Elemental Weapons

All of the Elemental Weapons have a few similarities:

They were all "made" on their respective planes and suffer the normal penalties for being used on other planes (-1 per plane in between)
Caster level is considered 10th -2 for every plane between the plane of making
Any immunities or residences to the respective element are the same with the weapon (a demon would take no damage from the weapon of fire)

Air: +4 (+2) Throwing Scimitar of Speed (Speed allows the Scimitar to be thrown first in the round but not twice because of the time that it takes for the Scimitar to arch back)

Fire: +4 (+2) Fiery (+1 to hit, +2 to damage against anything effected by a flame tong sword) 2H Sword 1/d Burning Hands 1/w Fire Ball

Earth: +4 (+2) Defending 2H Mace (2-9 damage, prof in mace is fine) 1/w rock to mud or flesh to stone (both reversible)

Water: Not sure, maybe a Trident?

Radiance: +4 (+2) Long Sword 1/d Color Spray 1/w Cause Blindness 1/m Prismatic Spray, Wall, or Sphere (does this one need something else?)

Vacuum: +4 (+2) Ghost (like Ghost metal but with all armor) Dagger of Suffocation (on a 20 target must Save vs Death or there lungs collapse and they die of asphyxiation in (Con*2) sec)

Lightning: At a loss here

Ash: Don't know about here either

Minerals: +4 (+2) Impaling (only 1/2 physical AC applies, +2 to severity of crits on Cb&Tc tables) Spear of Hardness (after 1 day with the spear, the user gets base AC 8 or +1 AC)

Steam: No ideas

Dust +4 (+2) Animating (Dancing without the weird bonus changing) Khopesh 1/d Disintegrate Item (non-magical is allowed a Save vs. Disintegration, magic items are allowed a Save vs. Crushing Blow)

Salt +4 (+2) Short Sword of Blood Draining (after every hit target must make a Save vs. Death or take 1 point of Con from blood loss) 1/m Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting

Smoke +4 (+2) Short Bow 10/d Make an "Arrow" of smoke 1/d Stinking Cloud 1/m Cloud Kill

Magma +4 (+2) Flail of Melting (On metal/meltable objects each hit acts as 1 round of Heat Metal after 10 hits Save vs. Magical Fire or be completely melted, flammable objects go up) 1/3m Rock to Lava

Ooze +4 (+2) Sling of Entangling (on a 20 target must Save vs. Petrification or be unable to move, even if the save is made, target is at half move. 10/d Make a "Bullet" out of ooze 1/d "Web"

Ice +4 (+2) Freezing (every hit Save vs. Death or -1 Dex from numbing cold) Footman's Pick 1/m Cone of Cold