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2009-12-11, 06:25 AM
reposted from 3.5 question thread, since I didn't get a response.

Glyph Seals (from the Magic Item Compendium, page 161) allow a character to "convert any arcane or divine spell of up to 2nd level into a symbol similar to a Glyph of Warding".

My question is, how is "similar" defined for the effects of magic items? Often, a magic item's actual function is very different from what it is based on. Such as, rings of spell storing (based on a divine spell, works on any magic).
Is the glyph created by a glyph seal limited to "harmful" spells in the same fashion as Glyph of Warding? It specifies that it works on any divine or arcane spell, but that it is also similar to the original.

If it does work on spells that are benign, how would it work on with regard to illusions? Does the caster spend time concentrating to extend the duration as he casts it? Does he imagine the illusion in advance, which then comes into being on activation of the symbol? Or are they limited to 1 round durations?

Doc Roc
2009-12-11, 12:35 PM
Very poorly. Any spell means any spell.