View Full Version : Seeker of the Song - Hymn of Revelation?

2009-12-11, 10:12 PM
According to the table, Seekers of the Song[Complete Arcane] get "Hymn of Revelation" at the 10th level of the prestige class.

When you go into the text, however, they instead have "Note of Solitude" as their 10th level ability.

This is more curiosity than anything else; where did 'Hymn of Revelation' go? It's not in errata anywhere, so I suppose it's just a typo from an earlier version of the name? Or is there, in fact, a 'hymn of revelation' somewhere else?

2009-12-11, 10:52 PM
My copy has it too, weird. I really dont know what it could be.

2009-12-12, 12:10 AM
The only way to know is to hear it.

2009-12-12, 10:52 AM
The only way to know is to hear it.


It can't be an alternate name, the flavour is too evidently different. Maybe they were originally going to let them have True Seeing, and decided that Dismissal was better?

2009-12-12, 11:16 AM
I think it says something about how unpopular this class is that this is apparently only the fourth time anyone has noticed this in five years (http://www.google.com/search?q=%22hymn%20of%20revealing%22%20%22note%20o f%20solitude%22).