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2009-12-12, 03:06 PM
Updated May 30th

Never Die (Combat)
Prerequisites: Constitution 17, Wisdom 13 Diehard (Feat)
Benefit: Your negative hit point limit increases by a number of points equal to your total amount of hit dice.
In addition so long as your hit points are equal to or lower than 25% of your total hitpoints (rounded down), you gain a +2 morale bonus to your Strength, and Constitution scores, as well as your to your Will Save.

Special: The moral bonuses granted by this feat increase to +4 each if your total hitdice are equal to or higher than 8. If your total hitdice are equal to or higher than 16 the bonuses instead increase to +6 each.

2009-12-12, 04:59 PM
Couple of nitpicks:

a) You mean the Disabled Condition, not Staggered. Staggered happens when you're subdued to 0 hitpoints, which Diehard doesn't interact with, as far as I'm aware.

b) Generally stat prereqs are odd, so as to give reason to having an odd ability score, so I'd recommend putting the Con prereq to 17.

Now, for my actual views, that's a lot of feats to get an effect you shouldn't probably be planning for. Thematically, it's cool, but it's a lot of effort to do something that could be better spent on not being disabled. Sure, Rangers get Endurance for free and many martial characters will take Endurance on their way to Steadfast Determination but going beyond that for 2 feats is a bit iffy to me.

Also don't say that the HP you get from your faux-rage are temporary, as they aren't technically. If you want them to get temporary hit points, just say so and don't give them the Con bonus. This way, they're quite literally on borrowed time and you don't have to deal with the ramifications of changing Con scores while in negatives.

Also, you want to clarify what you be meaning with negative hit point totals and Con for determining death? your new Con score or what?

I'd additionally drop the uses per day and just have it go off when you meet conditions, as i doubt a lot of people are gonna be planning to go for death rage.

Finally, scaling Fort save to not die after death rage? Ta hell, just make them pass out at whatever they're at and auto-stabilize, as per Diehard.

Them's my 2 coppers. Take as you will.

2009-12-12, 05:12 PM
I'll go about configuring as you suggest, and we'll see what happens. Thank you VERY much.

2009-12-12, 05:21 PM
This is a classic and very fun concept.

The Lords of Madness book has a similarly flavored feat for aboleths, called "Death Frenzy". I wasn't too sure about the strength and overall usability of your feat, so I reworked it in a similar fashion to Death Frenzy.

One very important change was the Will save DC. As you presented it, the DC would be nearly, if not outright, impossible, especially for most melee characters. I removed the 1/2 character level component.

Does this meet your approval?

Berserk Frenzy
Prerequisites: Constitution 17, Diehard, Endurance

Benefits: If you are reduced to fewer hit points than your total HD, you make a (Will Save DC 10+ Hit Points past zero). If you succeed on the save, you enter a berserk frenzy as an immediate action. You can enter this state even it it's not your turn.

While in this frenzy, you are however, unable to think clearly, and the only thing that is truly on your mind is to utterly crush your opponents, and thus unable to perform complicated or even simple mental tasks. You will try and attack the closest enemy to you, you are capable of determining foe from ally. You cannot cast spells, spell-like abilities, use spell-like abilities, or use supernatural attacks.

When you enter a berserk frenzy, you gain a +4 morale bonus to Strength and Dexterity, and the threat range of your melee attacks doubles. When you make a full attack, you can make an additional attack each round at your highest attack bonus. Your land speed increases by 10 feet and you gain fast healing 2.

A berserk frenzy lasts until you are killed or your hit points rise enough to equal or exceed your total HD. Unon emerging from a berserk frenzy, you immediately take 1d4 points of Strength damage.

Roleplay Effect: Your character blacks out in a rage of fury, and remembers nothing of his actions while he/she was in this state of overwhelming fury

A fighter may take this feat as one of his/her Fighter bonus feats.

2009-12-12, 05:40 PM
I'll look it over now


Diehard is a staggered effect.


You are especially hard to kill. Not only do your wounds automatically stabilize when grievously injured, but you can remain conscious and continue to act even at death's door.

Prerequisite: Endurance.

Benefit: When your hit point total is below 0, but you are not dead, you automatically stabilize. You do not need to make a Constitution check each round to avoid losing additional hit points. You may choose to act as if you were disabled, rather than dying. You must make this decision as soon as you are reduced to negative hit points (even if it isn't your turn). If you do not choose to act as if you were disabled, you immediately fall unconscious.

When using this feat, you are staggered. You can take a move action without further injuring yourself, but if you perform any standard action (or any other action deemed as strenuous, including some swift actions, such as casting a quickened spell) you take 1 point of damage after completing the act. If your negative hit points are equal to or greater than your Constitution score, you immediately die.

Normal: A character without this feat who is reduced to negative hit points is unconscious and dying.

I had originally intended the feat to work for ALL classes, not just melee. So far I do like where the feat is going, and as for it activating BEFORE negative hitpoints, it seems like a great idea. I'll keep reading and let you know what my final opinion is.

I meh on the change to dex instead of con, but I'm warming up to it quickly.
As for the speed increase and the fast healing, I'm not really into those ><

I think that I have an idea, give me a moment.

2009-12-13, 07:30 PM
Alright, I went ahead and posted the now revamped version of the feat.

Hopefully we can get opinions.

As you may notice, I made it so that instead of granting temporary hitpoints, your negative limit increases.

I also made the penalty a bit less severe for not dying at past negative 10.

Essentially it gives you a pseudo rage ability which increases your negative limit.
You'll notice also that I took the dex and str idea, and added con, but reduced the bonuses to only a +2 to account for the con added.

I think that it's a much more viable idea now.

2009-12-13, 07:37 PM
There's a little problem that can easily be fixed by rewording. As it is now, once you enter a fury, your hit points increase by 1 per HD, due to the temporary Con increase, which could put you over the HP threshold (That's one reason that the original suggestion was a Dex increase).

You'd need to add a note, saying that the temporary HP from the Con boost doesn't count towards the HP threshold to end the fury.

2009-12-13, 07:55 PM
My revised version doesn't give you an hp increase at all, period. It merely increases your negative limit.

I'll check the wording for it, but I'm pretty sure you misread it.

I fixed it up and reworded. Thank you.

2009-12-13, 08:03 PM
I would remove the Will save required to enter it. This is probably going to come up pretty rarely anyway, might as well let the player use it every time it becomes relevant.

2009-12-13, 08:14 PM
Removed, and thank you.

2009-12-13, 08:35 PM
My revised version doesn't give you an hp increase at all, period. It merely increases your negative limit.

I'll check the wording for it, but I'm pretty sure you misread it.

I fixed it up and reworded. Thank you.

Oh, I see that now! Adding a Con bonus with no HP bonus is kind of impractical and confusing (HP being one of the most useful benefits Constitution). Maybe you should ditch the Con and just stick with the Str and Dex bonus.

2009-12-13, 08:47 PM
I removed the +2 dex bonuses, I then allowed the ability to stack with rage.

However, the additional con from a rage DOES NOT increase your limit.
I made it this way so that you COULD NOT, keep fighting until -70 hitpoints >.>

As it stands now, a lvl 20 character, 20 hitdice, could fight till -30 hitpoints.

Does anyone think that anything should be done to this feat, is it too weak, imbalanced, would you ever consider taking it?

2009-12-13, 08:58 PM
However, the additional con from a rage DOES NOT increase your limit.
I made it this way so that you COULD NOT, keep fighting until -70 hitpoints

Hm? Why would a Con bonus increase your limit? I thought it was HD-based.

2009-12-13, 09:59 PM
Good point, I think that I'll change it.

Also, HEEEELP, they're converting me from 3.5/pathfinder to 4.0 -Cries and clings to pathfinder-

2009-12-13, 10:11 PM
Wait who's making you convert to 4?

2009-12-14, 05:19 AM
Alrighty, I just posted a new version of the feat up. It should be finalized, at least I would think so. Lets see some comments, mwuauaauauha.

On another note --- Off Topic, but in response.
A friend of mine who is a VERY pro D&D player, and has found just about every problem or imbalance with 3.5

She is now known to me as "The Breaker" as far as I'm concerned, and the one player that I thought was like... the DnD god... fears her.

She is now the new DnD god as far as I'm concerned. Anyway, she has been telling me that she's no where near able to break 4.0 like she is 3.5, and that 4.0 is balanced, Balance is something that I like. She says that 4.0 even encourages roleplaying, and tactical combats, instead of just straight out, I hit him, I hit him again.

So that's a plus side. My one friend says that the only downside to 4.0 is that there is practically no customization, or at least it's very minimal. He said that for a while 4.0 didn't even have multi-classes. Which to me isn't all that big of a problem. The customization part might be.. I tend to like to create things it seems >.>

So anyway, I'm now thinking about converting to 4.0.. I'll probably end up trying a game of 4.0. >< -Pouts- and I liked pathfinder too, I really, really did. I just hope that my feats and such don't go out the window. I'll really like to be able to use them.

I just really, really don't want to play a monster class, and I also HATE what WOTC/4.0 did to Faerun. -hugs the corpse of Helm- But hey, house rules/home brew could take care of that

2009-12-14, 03:30 PM
I'm not to comfortable with the ability to cast spells during a fury.

A Str boos is useless for spellcasting. Also, one of the balancing factors of rage is that you can't use spellcasting during it. Most spells have a casting time of 1 standard action. Also, a Str boos is useless for spellcasting.

2009-12-15, 08:44 AM
This ability wouldn't allow casters to cast during a rage.

Only during a Fury

If they have both a rage and a fury going, they can't cast spells.

As for str being useless towards casters, yeah, I know.

but, this feat although not specifically made for melees, is not specifically made towards casters.

2009-12-15, 05:05 PM
I added in that it does not allow you to cast spells while raging, and also thanks to Surgo for finding a spelling error.

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