View Full Version : Metaconcert Manifester Level?

2009-12-12, 03:43 PM
Ok, using the psionic power Metaconcert creates a psionic entity. Does it get it's own actions? If yes what is its manifester level? What is it relevant manifesting score? Is it all based on the conductor? Can we site a source? I'm just having a lot of questions about this power.

If anyone can help clarify this for me I'd appreciate it.

2009-12-12, 03:53 PM
It's frustratingly vague. None of these interpretations are 100% RAW (because we don't HAVE 100% RAW), but they're a choice.

Manifester level: No text.

1) The ML of the entity is the ML of the highest member of the group.
2) '' '' '' lowest member of the group.
3) '' '' '' average ML of the group.
4) '' '' '' ML of the conductor.
5) '' '' '' average ML of the group, +1 per member of the group.

Actions: " All the powers of each participant are known to the mental entity created with metaconcert (which is under the conductorís command). This entity canít take any more actions than a normal individual, but it manifests all its powers more effectively."

1) The entity can take one full-round worth of actions per round, like a summoned creature.
2) The conductor must use his/her actions to cause the entity to manifest powers, but the rest of the group is free to act.
3) None of the group members may act while the entity is manifesting.

Manifesting score: No text.

See the options for ML, or:
6) Minimum manifesting score needed to manifest the power (like a power stone), with +1 DC per member of the group.

Frankly, for these reasons I'd never use Metaconcert. The XPH is on the whole very well-written, but Metaconcert is really only a half-written power, for the reasons you specified. Just save everyone a headache and pick another power. Otherwise, use it only as a ritual plot-power, never actually trying to use it in combat.