View Full Version : Pathfinder Adopted Trait

2009-12-13, 09:13 PM
With the adopted trait, from Pathfinder, are there limitations on what racial trait I can take?

Like, if I were to choose Elf, even though my character is Human, could I take Low-Light Vision? or would I have to go with a more "natural, trait?

OR would I have to take a trait as though I were a Half-Elf?

2009-12-13, 09:38 PM
From what I could tell, basically it just allow you to take *race traits*. Take Militant Merchant for example, that's only available to dwarven characters. But with the trait Adopted; if your human was raised by dwarves he could take Militant Merchant or one of the other race traits specific to dwarves for free. They meant that kind of race trait, not racial traits.

2009-12-13, 09:46 PM
OH! grdrrrrrr...I feel dumb now, makes a LOT more sense than what I was trying for, thnx.