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2009-12-14, 03:59 AM
Well, the title sums it up really. My private campaign setting is based on the idea that there are a few different sources of power that can be accessed in this world, each being differentiated by their mechanics. There is arcane/divine magic (vancian spell slots), psionics (power points), martial power (hitting things and similar tricks), and alchemical power (skill-based). I want to add a magitec source of power, and am having issues coming up with mechanics for it. I want it to feel unique and special, not like a reskin of something else.

Does anyone have any ideas about how to make a reasonably interesting and unique-ish mechanic for magitec that isn't just a reskin of something that's come before?

My current best idea:
-Point-based menu selection system, with a number of objects you use points each day to alter on the go.
-Basically, you'd have a number of menus with varying abilities and point costs on them, along with a number of "tech foci" you alter with these abilities. You can spend points to select an ability from a menu you have access to, in order to give one of your tech foci that ability for the day.
-Points are refreshed each day. You'd gain menus with levels in tech classes, along with gaining more and more points as you go.
-I don't have a name for the points, nor a better way of describing the foci, other than "your personal experimental objects, like your gun or armor or whatever".

2009-12-14, 07:44 AM
to point out the nigh obvious, check out Fax's Sorcerer and Cartomancer for d20r [i can't quite get the hang of the cartomancer but it seems a little like what you're describing].

I designed a tech system for a game long ago, but it wasn't magical so much. It uses "slots" but that was merely a limitation on how awesome, say, your crossbow was before the autofire upgrade, which was itself leveled. I could try to dig that out if you like.

I had it take 1 hour per slot at 1st level to refit things and it dropped to 1 minute by 10th [it was a system that was e10 before the term was coined]. I can try to find the remains of it after a couple of system crashes if you like.

Given that it's Magiteck, Materia sounds like a simple enough term for "points"...though essentia would probably work just as well and give you a ready made system of upgradable items to adapt by simply calling the chakhras "Materia Ports" or something...

2009-12-14, 07:47 AM
d20 Past has a "pulp scientist" prestige class that might approach some of what you are aiming for.