View Full Version : Another Fighter "fix". Flavor kept intact.

2009-12-15, 05:27 PM
I understand some of you arent very trusting of accessing random websites, but for the time being I do not know how to make tables on GITP.

So, if you wanna see/critique the fighter fix, you will need to check the site. It's obsidian portal though, so it's no like it isent trustworthy.

Until I learn to make tables on Gitp, here is the link to the fighter fix.

It is the bottom most class.


2009-12-15, 05:31 PM
So it's a fighter, but without a limit on the feats and WAY more feats?

Might work... at least, for making it good for melee.

2009-12-15, 05:33 PM
And it has some abilities that make most it's feats more powerful/effective.

Granted it still sucks compaired to casters. :smalltongue:

2009-12-15, 05:54 PM
To make a table.

Type in ( The following symbol { Shall represent this symbol [ )

{table=head} At the beginning of the table, then separate all the catargories by using the following |. At the end of your table type {/table}

{table=head} One | Two | {/table}