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2009-12-17, 05:48 PM
Edit 01-25: I added these to the main anomaly list. I changed destructive dispelling to rend psionics.

Here's an update for my mindscourge (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=131476) (psionic warlock) class. I've been getting a lot of requests for more psionic-flavored anomalies (invocations). How do these look? What other classic psychic abilities need to be made into anomalies?

I'd like to make the psychic warrior power form of doom into an anomaly. I assume it would be a phenomenal-level one. Or would it be too powerful? Would I need to rule that you can't manifest anomalies while in the form of doom?

Destructive Dispelling
Lesser, Psychokinesis; 4th
Display: Visual
Range: Close (100 ft + 10 ft/level)
Target: One manifester, creature, or object; or 20 ft -radius burst
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None
Power Resistance: No
You can use destructive dispelling to end ongoing powers that have been cast on a creature or object, to temporarily suppress the psionic abilities of a psionic item, to end ongoing powers (or at least their effects) within an area, or to counter another manifester's power. A dispelled power ends as if its duration had expired. Some powers, as detailed in their descriptions, canít be defeated by dispelling. Destructive dispelling can dispel (but not counter)psi-like effects just as it does powers.

Any creature with an active power dispelled by this anomaly takes 1 point of damage per level of the power (no save).

Note: The effect of a power with an instantaneous duration canít be dispelled, because the psionic effect is already over before the dispelling can take effect.

You choose to use destructive dispelling in one of three ways: a targeted dispel, an area dispel, or a counterspell:
Targeted Dispel

One object, creature, or spell is the target of the destructive dispelling anomaly. You make a dispel check (1d20 + your manifester level, maximum +10) against the power or against each ongoing psionic effect currently in effect on the object or creature. The DC for this dispel check is 11 + the power's caster level. If you succeed on a particular check, that power is dispelled; if you fail, that power remains in effect.

If you target an object or creature that is the effect of an ongoing power (such as an astral construct), you make a dispel check to end the power that conjured the object or creature.

If the object that you target is a psionic item, you make a dispel check against the itemís manifester level. If you succeed, all the itemís psionic properties are suppressed for 1d4 rounds, after which the item recovers on its own. A suppressed item becomes nonpsionic for the duration of the effect. An interdimensional interface is temporarily closed. A psionic itemís physical properties are unchanged: A suppressed psionic sword is still a sword (a masterwork sword, in fact). Artifacts and deities are unaffected by mortal psionics such as this.

You automatically succeed on your dispel check against any power or anomaly that you manifested yourself.

Area Dispel

When destructive dispelling is used in this way, the anomaly affects everything within a 20-foot radius.

For each creature within the area that is the subject of one or more powers, you make a dispel check against the power with the highest manifester level. If that check fails, you make dispel checks against progressively weaker powers until you dispel one power (which discharges the destructive dispelling anomaly so far as that target is concerned) or until you fail all your checks. The creatureís psionic items are not affected.

For each object within the area that is the target of one or more powers, you make dispel checks as with creatures. Psionic items are not affected by an area dispel.

For each ongoing area or effect power whose point of origin is within the area of the destructive dispelling anomaly, you can make a dispel check to dispel the power.

For each ongoing power whose area overlaps that of the destructive dispelling anomaly, you can make a dispel check to end the effect, but only within the overlapping area.

If an object or creature that is the effect of an ongoing power (such as an astral construct) is in the area, you can make a dispel check to end the power that conjured that object or creature (returning it whence it came) in addition to attempting to dispel powers targeting the creature or object.

You may choose to automatically succeed on dispel checks against any power that you have manifested.


When destructive dispelling is used in this way, the anomaly targets a manifester and is manifested as a counterspell. Unlike a true counterspell, however,destructive dispelling may not work; you must make a dispel check to counter the other manifester's power.

Mental Intrusion
Greater, Telepathy (Charm) [Mind-Affecting]; 5th
Display: Auditory
Range: Close (25 ft + 5 ft/2 levels)
Target: One creature
Duration: 1 round/level (D)
Saving Throw: Will partial (see text)
Power Resistance: Yes
All the subjectís memories and knowledge are accessible to you, from memories deep below the surface to those still easily called to mind. You can learn the answer to one question per round, to the best of the subjectís knowledge. If the subject succeeds on a Will save, it is not required to answer the question; however, making a save does not end the anomaly. You can ask the subject a new question (or the same question) in subsequent rounds for as long as the anomalyís duration persists.

You can question a sleeping subject and automatically get an answer to your inquiry. If the subject then succeeds on a Will save, it wakes after providing the answer and thereafter can resist answering by making Will saves as described above.

Subjects that do not wish to be probed can attempt to move beyond the anomalyís range, unless they are somehow hindered. You pose the questions telepathically, and the answers to those questions are imparted directly to your mind. You and the subject do not need to speak the same language, though less intelligent creatures may yield up only appropriate visual images in answer to your questions.

Warp Flesh
Phenomenal, Psychometabolism; 6th
Display: Visual
Range: Touch
Target: Creature touched
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: Fort negates and Fort partial (see text)
Power Resistance: Yes
You cause the touched subjectís flesh to warp into a nearly seamless whole. The subject is forced into a fetal position (if humanoid), with only the vaguest outline of its folded arms and legs visible below the all-encompassing wave of flesh. The subject retains the ability to breathe, eat, and excrete, but may lose the use of its senses (see below). If the sudden transformation would prove fatal to the creature (such as warping a swimming airbreathing subject, or a flying subject), the subject gets a +4 bonus on the save. Unless it loses the use of its senses (see below), the creature can still perform purely mental actions, such as manifesting powers.

If the target fails its Fortitude save to avoid the anomalyís effect, the subject must immediately attempt a second Fortitude save. If this second save is failed, the creatureís eyes and ears fuse over, effectively blinding and deafening it. Moreover, it loses its extraordinary, supernatural, and spell-like abilities, as well as its ability to manifest powers (if any), and is generally in sorry shape.

Incorporeal or gaseous creatures and creatures not composed of flesh are immune to warp flesh, and a shapechanger can revert to its natural form as a standard action.

Edit 01/07: Here are some more:

Nightmarish Metamorphosis
Phenomenal, Psychometabolism; 6th
Display: Visual; see text
Range: Personal; see text
Target: You
Duration: 1 round/level
You transform yourself into a nightmarish monstrosity, wreathed in flailing tentacles and terrifying to gaze upon. You effectively gain a +10 bonus on Disguise checks, though you retain your basic shape and can continue to use your equipment. This power cannot be used to impersonate someone; while monstrous and inhuman, your form is recognizably your own.

You gain the frightful presence extraordinary ability, which takes effect automatically when you charge a foe. Opponents within 30 feet of you that have fewer Hit Dice or levels than you and that witness your charge become shaken for 5d6 rounds if they fail a Will save (DC 16 + your Cha modifier). An opponent that succeeds on the saving throw is immune to your frightful presence for 24 hours. Frightful presence is a mind-affecting fear effect.

Your horrid form grants you a natural armor bonus of +5, damage reduction 5/-, and a +4 bonus to your Strength score. In addition, you gain +10 feet to your land speed as well as a +10 bonus on Climb and Jump checks.

Numerous thrashing tentacles sprout from your body. You can make up to four additional attacks with these tentacles in addition to your regular melee attacks in each round that you take a full attack action. You can make tentacle attacks within the space you normally threaten. If you make your tentacle attacks in addition to you regular melee attacks, each tentacle attacks at your highest base attack bonus with a -5 penalty. If you forgo all your other attacks, making only tentacle attacks, you make your tentacle attacks at your highest base attack bonus with no penalty. These tentacles deal 2d8 points of damage plus one-half your Strength bonus on each successful strike.

This power functions only while you inhabit your base form (for instance, you canít be metamorphed or polymorphed into another form, though you can use claws of the beast, and bite of the wolf in conjunction with this power for your regular attacks), and while your mind resides within your own body.

If reduced to 0 or fewer hit points while in this form, you can't use this anomaly again for 1 hour.

Telepathy Field
Least, Telepathy [Mind-Affecting]; 2nd
Display: Mental
Range: 5 ft/level-radius emanation centered on you
Duration: 24 Hours (D)
When you manifest telepathy field, you gain the ability can communicate telepathically with any other creature that has a language and is within range of the anomaly. It is possible to address multiple creatures at once telepathically, although maintaining a telepathic conversation with more than one creature at a time is just as difficult as simultaneously speaking and listening to multiple people at the same time.

2009-12-17, 05:58 PM
Counter-spelling should work perfectly well on something with instantaneous duration.

2009-12-17, 06:22 PM
Counter-spelling should work perfectly well on something with instantaneous duration.

Hm? Did I make a mistake typing up the counterspelling section?

2010-01-07, 05:15 PM
I tried to match the wording of dispel magic. I just looked over that spell's rules again. I think instantaneous spells are countered as they are cast.

Also, I still need feedback on the balance of the other anomalies.

2010-01-08, 11:39 AM
They all seem reasonable, and the Dispelling one seems to be correctly worded.

2010-01-08, 11:43 AM
I think Form of Doom would be a workable phenomenal anomaly. After all, the warlocks get a polymorphing-type dark invocation, IIRC.

2010-01-09, 12:29 AM
So these ones receive the GitP stamp of approval to join the main list?