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2009-12-18, 04:17 AM
A character profile for one of my upcoming games I thought I'd share. The concept is a character that explores the ruins of ancient magical civilizations after washing out of wizardry. Hope you like.

"Ah, Ambrose, to what do we owe the pleasure?" said the red-robed adept as he answered the waiting room door. To his credit, he even managed to sound half-serious.

"The same as usual Tavin," Zarina replied as she swept into the room from the blustery gale in the courtyard. “I have an appointment with the masters to sell some the finds from my recent expedition.” She unclasped her cloak and tossed it unceremoniously over the back of a satin chair. Smoothing her jerkin, she moved over to a nearby table and unrolled an oiled leather parcel, revealing pockets full of arcane relics for inspection

“It must have been freezing on you’re journey. You’ve turned blue” Tavin remarked as he grudgingly gathered the discarded vestment and hung it in its proper location.

“Good to know your jokes have advanced since our days in primary” she retorted, sweeping a strand of dark hair from her light blue cheek. She idly examined a metallic cylinder to avoid having to make any more small talk with her childhood adversary.

“That may be true, Zarina,” her eye twitched at the undeservedly familiar tone “but many things have changed. Most of our classmates have gone on to fame in their own right. Jerrin is an advisor to a powerful northern baron, and I’m the favorite to take over for Master Doyle when he goes on sabbatical next year.”

He made his way to the table and lifted a small stone statuette from one of the pockets. “It’s just a sad few that were unable to advance in the arcane arts. Some remain here as groundskeepers, others…” his pause provided Zarina a moment to fill in the blanks.

He rotated the piece in his hands, attempting to determine its magical properties as he continued absentmindedly, "It wasn't unexpected I suppose, after all, only rare individuals of sub-standard breeding are able to grasp the complexities..." The last thing Tavin felt before his legs crumpled beneath him was a smooth stony probe against his lower back.

Stunned, Tavin looked up at Zarina from his new vantage point against the rug as she leaned over and tapped his forehead with a polished amethyst rod. "Mind your manners, Tavin, or next time I'll aim for something more useful than you're spine"

With that she collected the bauble from Tavin’s hand, re-bundled her parcel, and strode into the adjoining meeting chamber, leaving Tavin slumped on the ground to regain the feeling in his extremities.

2009-12-18, 04:24 AM
I approve. Well written and quite enjoyable. Genasi Artificer is also a neat combination. Thanks kindly.

2009-12-18, 06:46 PM
Thanks, I was hoping it'd be interesting.

The campaign world has been described as taking place a few hundred years after the fall of a massive magical civilization, and that the current kingdoms are experiencing a manifest destiny-esque drive to explore and claim those lands.

I figured a ruin explorer would make an ideal complement to the party, and one of the few cases when an Artificer would fit seamlessly into the story.