View Full Version : Sorcerer and Cleric spells

2009-12-18, 09:05 AM
Good day! I'm trying to pick some good spells for my Monk/Sorcerer/Ur-Priest/Mystic Therurge and so i turned to the playground for advice.
I'm level 9 so I have third level sorcerer spells and fourth level Ur-Priest (read:cleric) spells.
What are some good ones i can pick? what about feats? I want to be mostly blasty with some good party buffs and, why not? Divine Power xD

Thanks in advance for the advice!!

2009-12-18, 09:08 AM
Cleric gets all their spells, so you don't really need to "choose" any. It depends on what you'll be up against that day.

For the sorcerer side, may I recommend this? (http://brilliantgameologists.com/boards/index.php?topic=2180.0)

2009-12-18, 09:39 AM
Haste rarely fails to be helpful.