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2009-12-20, 01:06 PM

I have been DMing a pretty traditional D&D world with a group of 3.5 players. I wanted to mix it up and try to create a Steampunk campaign. I usually make my own settings from scratch, but im not sure where to start with this one. Does anyone know of a well balanced steampunk campaign that I could base mine off of. Im looking for normal D&D magic & weapons mixed with basic firearms and maybe basic steampower. I was also ruminating whether magic & technology should go hand in hand, or oppose eachother. I.e. Strong magic field would bend the lays of physics and cause tech to malfunction and vice versa.

Thanks for the help!


2009-12-20, 01:28 PM
Take a look at WotC's Eberron campaign setting, it sounds like exactly what you're looking for.

2009-12-20, 01:33 PM
Eberron setting is leaning towards steampunk a bit, though it's more magic=technology oriented. But it should be easy enough to replace "magic" with "technology", and let's say Warforged are given life through science, and skyships are powered by cavorite. It takes some shuffling, but it should work. Sharn, for example, is perfect for such a setting.

There's also a thread on guns (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=127947).

Yuki Akuma
2009-12-20, 01:35 PM
Eberron is dungeonpunk - it's like steampunk, but with wizards and goblins.

If you want steampunk I'd say go with Iron Heroes, it fits better than Eberron.

2009-12-20, 01:37 PM
While there might be a setting or settings that could fit better, I have to recommend Eberron simply because it will come so naturally to a D&D group and still fit what you're looking for.

Yuki Akuma
2009-12-20, 01:40 PM
I would recommend Eberron on the basis that it is awesome, but not on the basis that it is steampunk.

In fact, screw steampunk. Just play Eberron.

2009-12-20, 01:43 PM
Dragonmech by goodman games also has some pretty interesting ideas for steam powers. However, it needs some re-balancing.

2009-12-20, 10:01 PM
Eberron is dungeonpunk - it's like steampunk, but with wizards and goblins.

If you want steampunk I'd say go with Iron Heroes, it fits better than Eberron.

I looked at eberron and its looks like a worthy prospect! Im looking now for Iron Heroes. Im not sure if I understand what the difference between steampunk and dungeon punk is.

Thanks for the timely responses!

2009-12-21, 01:50 AM
May I recommend this thread (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=127848)?

2009-12-21, 02:20 AM
Iron Kingdoms is apparently the go-to setting usually recommended on these boards for steampunk fantasy, but having had no experience with it, I can't say either way.

2009-12-21, 04:59 AM
While Iron Kingdoms as a campaign settig is awesome, winsome and some other -somes as well, it's... Not very good, mechanically. The gun rules alone are quite bad (But I've fixed (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=114242) them!), and various other bits like mechanikal weapons and the Gun Mage class are dreadfully clunky.

Your mileage may vary, of course, but if you're looking mainly for inspiration and mechanics to flesh out your setting, I wouldn't recommend investing in the IK books. But if you're looking for an awesome setting to play in and don't really care how much damage your dashing pistoleer is doing, Iron Kingdoms should be on the top of your letter to Santa.

Also, if I recall correctly, Iron Heroes is Monte Cook's sword & sorcery game, and not steampunkish at all.

2009-12-21, 05:31 AM
Iron Kingdoms
Espers & Elves (http://webamused.com/bumblers/?s=Espers+and+Elves)

Wow, you'd thing steampunk was the current fad or something... :smallwink:

Deth Muncher
2009-12-21, 05:44 AM
There's also a thread on guns (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=127947).

Please, if you're using a thread on guns, use my handy dandy Handbook on Guns, as featured in my signature.

Also, for other steampunk, check out Goodman Games' Dragonmech. Quite nice for that sort of thing.

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2009-12-21, 12:47 PM
How compatible is Etherscope with D&D? I was under the impression that it's all its own thing, done in a victorian low/no magic setting...