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2009-12-20, 05:35 PM
I have a few questions about the magic item called Belt of the Brawler. It says that a character equipped with this can make improvised attacks, including unarmed attacks, as if I was armed with a club.

Does that mean I get a proficiency bonus if I put this on, say a Fighter? Also, improvised attack means just about anything I pick up and start twacking away with (in melee), right?

Can anyone help me with this?

Edge of Dreams
2009-12-20, 06:02 PM
I believe you are reading that correctly. You act as if wielding a club, so proficiency bonus, damage die, etc. should all apply.

Aron Times
2009-12-20, 06:22 PM
Note that the Belt of the Brawler is more of a backup "weapon" than anything. It doesn't get an enhancement bonus, and it's only as good as a club (which isn't much), but it will help you in the rare instance when you lose your weapon and have to rely on your fists. In this case, you will be better at unarmed combat than most people except for monks.

2009-12-20, 07:03 PM
It also nets you +2 to attack and a bigger damage die on Grab Checks, if I read the Grab Rules correctly. That's something, though a proper garrote or a monk is better, since they can throw in enhancement bonuses too.

2009-12-20, 09:57 PM
It also means you can bludgeon someone to death with a spoon, kitten, or donkey jawbone.

2009-12-20, 11:14 PM
Ah, say hello to the return of the Drunken Master!

2009-12-21, 01:32 PM
So, would combining this with a class that has a ki focus be over/under powered, or about right?

Inyssius Tor
2009-12-21, 01:46 PM
Under. Clubs suck. An assassin should be wielding a military weapon; a monk could just use his fists, which are better.