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2009-12-21, 06:07 PM
So, with the opening of the FFXIV beta sign-ups, I've been inspired to do something that's (probably) extensive, (hopefully) awesome, and (likely) entirely out of my league. I'm going to try to make an FFXI d20 system. The thought occured to me a couple months ago, and I have a lot of free time coming up, so, hey, why not? Trying to implement support jobs and TP could be fun, and trying to keep the two-hour abilities of various jobs from going wildly out of control sounds like a challenge.

But first, I'd like to know something. Does this interest anyone besides me, at all? Does it interest other people enough to help me with balance and articulation, because I know already both of those will really need work? Will this project make me break down and cry on difficulties I don't see now? Does anyone have any ideas? Where should I even start?

Please, any help you can offer would be amazing at this point.

The Dark Fiddler
2009-12-21, 06:14 PM
Not quite what you want, but it might help give you some ideas or herlp motivate you or something if you look at the FFX d20 project by... Zeta, I think it was.

2009-12-21, 07:29 PM
Okay, yeah. That was kind of unclear. I should probably say what I'm going to try to include in the system before I ask if anyone's interested. Here's what I have planned as of now.

1. The TP system that I really couldn't do anything without. I could try replacing it, but I'd rather not, if I can avoid it. To define it for people who don't know, TP is sort of like FFXI's version of a limit break bar or overdrive bar, only far less powerful. The weapon skills it activates are the 'limits', only far less powerful and intended to be used multiple times per combat.

2. I'd need to do the weapon skills themselves. These could be interesting, as many's only special feature is that they attack lots of times.

3. I'd like to convert all the jobs and races, obviously.

4. The support job system, in which you have your main class acting as normal, and a secondary class, at half level, giving you abilities and stats, would be an interesting addition, but I have no idea how I would even -begin- to try to implement something like that.

5. Skillchains. Essentially, they're what happens when a bunch of weapon skills with the proper attributes are used in the right order. While relatively simple in theory, theory and practice sometimes differ. (http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/ffxi/images/b/b7/Wse_correlation.jpg)

I'm also tossing around balancing it around making it easy to recover and expecting the PC's to be at full resources every encounter, but that's just me. I don't care for the 4 encounter work day, personally.

Now that I've actually said what I plan to do with the system, is there anybody interested but me?