View Full Version : [3.5/PF] Gaining Iteratives Slightly Earlier

Mauril Everleaf
2009-12-22, 01:03 AM
So, my group has adopted something of a houserule. We have ruled that characters get additional attacks at BAB +5, +10, +15 and +20, instead of +6, +11 and +16. This attack is essentially a +0 iterative.

Our reasoning is that lots of classes start out with a +0 BAB and still get an attack, so why not gain the next iterative when another +0 attack could be gained (rather than waiting until the +1).

Ultimately this helps out martial classes (which could probably use some help), and full BAB classes the most. We don't see it as that unbalancing...yet. We are just now level 5 and we (read: I) haven't been able to really sit down and analyze how this might effect things down the road.

Anyone have any thoughts?

With this houserule, a full BAB class at level 20 would have five attacks in a full attack (+20/+15/+10/+5/+0), so I guess the houserule breaks that maxim too. We don't plan to play past 20, so we probably won't worry about what happens at +25 and such.

2009-12-22, 01:09 AM
You don't get +25, because epic attack bonuses suck and only give you a +1/2 no matter what your class is.

This rule doesn't change all that much, though I always hated the -5 penalty per iterative.

2009-12-22, 10:46 AM
This houserule works out fine; it's something I use to reward full BAB progression characters on 20. Though I also eliminate the penalties on iteratives since an attack at -20 just isn't going to be useful most of the time.

ex cathedra
2009-12-22, 10:48 AM
I don't think that iteratives past the first should have a scaling penalty; +20/+15/+15/+15 is a much better idea, I think, than +20/+15/+10/+5.

The first option I've seen in certain uncommon WotC material and a good deal of homebrew.

Thrice Dead Cat
2009-12-22, 12:35 PM
If you only use one of the two houserules, I would go for the +20/+15/+15/+15 route over the extra iterative. Even so, using both probably wouldn't hurt anything, anyhow.