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2009-12-22, 07:33 PM
I am a level 12 Paladin.

my two teamates are a level 11 Ranger and a 5/6 thief/monk.

i have the option of gaining another Turn Undead or a Smite Evil. Which should i take?

the endgame boss is a Lich, but he uses a lot more Demons and mercs(some evil, some neutral) to fight us. Also, i probabley won't be with those party members for a while, escpecially the ranger.

Yuki Akuma
2009-12-22, 07:37 PM
You're a Paladin. Your Turn Undead sucks. Plus, you can buy extra uses if you ever need to use a divine feat.

Smite Evil all the way.

2009-12-22, 07:38 PM
Smite evil: It can actually do something without feat investment.

2009-12-22, 07:39 PM
Option? Don't you gain those automatically?

Assuming you're being given extra ones, the answer depends on the splat books you have access to. Turn attempts are more useful if you can power other abilities with them besides turning.

EDIT: if you can buy Nightsticks, as Yuki said, Smite is the better choice.

2009-12-22, 07:41 PM
Based on the configuration of enemies, I would say smite evil. Dealing 12 points of extra damage on most of your enemies could be useful, but on the other hand, gaining an extra turn attempt could help fuel some support abilities from complete warrior.

2009-12-22, 08:06 PM
no nightsticks, but i can use TU's as a raise dead

but we're all pretty self sufficient characters

2009-12-22, 08:15 PM
Raise Dead (Su)? Go with Turning!

2009-12-31, 10:51 PM
Turnings become Raise Deads?

Can you tell us more?