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2009-12-22, 10:54 PM
Hey, this is an archer I designed to work mostly off of wisdom. I wanted to see what you all think, so here's the idea:

Human Psychic Warrior 1 / Sword Sage 2 / Paladin 2 / Psychic Warrior 2-3 / Shiba Protector 1 / Psychic Warrior 4-6 / Slayer 9

Base Attack Bonus: +16/+11/+6/+1
Base Fort: +8
Base Ref: +5
Base Will: +13

Wisdom is da stat here, it needs to be as high as possible. Dexterity 13 and Intelligence 13 are also required. Good strength and constitution will help but are not really needed. Charisma is dump.

Alertness, Combat Expertise, Iron Will, Track, Zen Archery (LV 3 Feat), Serenity (LV 6), Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot + 3 others (Help here would be great)

Concentration 19 Ranks (or as much as it takes to hit DC 20 reliably), Knowledge (Dungeoneering) 4 Ranks, Knowledge (Religion) 4 Ranks, others

Chain Shirt -> Mithral Breastplate
Energy Bow
Periapt of Wisdom +6


Level 3 is where this really "starts" as the swordsage's AC bonus and Zen Archery kick in at the same time. If you know that this character will be going to high levels, you can put swordsage as high as levels 16 and 17 so that you start out with higher-level maneuvers (for flavor I suggest Diamond Mind)

Level 5 gives Divine Grace, but level 6 gives serenity; now you have Wis bonus to all saves.

Shiba Protector's "No Thought" gives Wis bonus to all attack and damage rolls. Note that Zen Archery replaces Wis bonus for Dex bonus on ranged attacks, while No Thought adds Wis bonus to attacks, so you do get the wis bonus twice (once replacing dex, once as a bonus).

After this most of the effort is put into Psychic Warrior and the Slayer (the latter taken for full BAB while advancing manifestation).

The Result:

You have BAB +16/+11/+6/+1, so you get 4 attacks in a full attack (or 5 with rapid shot) and you add your Wis bonus to that twice, so you can hit a lot of things without too much trouble. If you are using the Energy Bow, you can shift your accuracy (which you probably have plenty of) into damage. You also get Wis to damage. You also have psionic powers to help either attack or damage if you are lacking.

You have light armor and Wis to AC, so you're decently protected. You can use powers to shore it up if need be.

You have 8 base fort, 5 base ref, and 13 base will, and get wisdom as a bonus to everything, so you have pretty good saves.

You manifest as a PsyWar 15 and you have great wisdom, meaning that you're getting extra power points and high DCs.

You have a few maneuvers, although they're not too relevant for this build though.

Slayer's abilities mostly seem unfortunately useless, but Slayer 9 is great for this build: permanent immunity to all mind-affecting things. That will hopefully help out with not getting your wisdom gonked to 1 or something and making you suck.

Tips? Comments?

2009-12-23, 12:15 AM
Pretty Solid. I suggest you either take Lightning Reflexes or use magic items to buff that low Reflex save, but other than that, that is a very solid build. Maybe one of the various feats that let Paladin and another class stack for certain calss features.