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[All credit goes to Lord_of_the_ninth_02 on the Wizards forums]
Okay, Right now, Walmart is buying out small buisnesses and already has restraunts inside of it. Now, think about if it bought out EVERYTHING and had apartments inside of it. Well, L.o.t.n.02 decided to make this into a campaign setting. Well, I went through his thread on the Wizards forum and this is all the info on it so far,so (seeing as the thread is 6yrs old with no resposnes in 2 yrs) Perhaps we could make it into something better.

World info:
Present day: all is normal and the way we believe our world to be (or close to it).

The Rise of the Walmart Monopoly: Lobbyist begin to create loopholes in the anti-trust and anti-monopoly laws by offer large campaign donations to presidential can congressional candidates.

Walmart begins to expand its interests: Walmart puts the first apartments and hotels inside its stores, using its massive corporate funding to lower the costs well below the profit line. After this becomes a success Walmart begins to build factories and buy up mines and other resources. It begins its efforts to obtain autonomy.

Walmart Stranglehold on the masses: A majority of the free world either shops, lives or works in a Walmart.

Walmart's Political ambitions: Walmart continues to advance its agenda by offering large bribes to politicians, who eventually no longer make major decisions without consulting Walmart executives.

The First Walmart-Cities: A Walmart reaches a level of autonomy and population high enough to warrant status as a city.

The Workers are bred: The race that would later become the Unemployed is bred to save costs in production of consumer goods.

The Fall of the Middle Class: The Board of Directors Officially takes control of most of the first world nations of the world. They then raise prices across the board forcing people to spend all of their money on necessities. Many are now in debt to the Bank of Walmart. This is the end of the middle class.

Pax Walmartia: War is stopped because it is not profitable, countries not under the sway of the Board are subject to embargoes until they give in.

The Orwellian Age: This is the period where the Board of Directors wields supreme power over the lives of all the people of the world. Everyone is constantly watched and pro-Walmart propaganda is everywhere.

Revolution: Rebels realize that the Board of Directors is the cause of the dramatic plunge in their quality of life, and they storm the company headquarters. All managers from the CEO right down to assistant manager for sector 7G are slaughtered in a bloody massacre known as "the Battle for Always Low Prices".

The Collapse of Civilization: Without the order provided by the Board of Directors and the Walmart Guard society falls into chaos, and must now live as nomads living off the resources gathered by the robots that stock the shelves.

The time in which the game takes place is after the collapse of civilization. The PCs are either hunter-gatherers trying to survive in the world, or bandits trying to do the same. Or maybe they have some deeper purpose, such as rebuilding society, or figuring out what it was like before. Or maybe doing something as bizarre as looking for the exit, and after that trying to find out where your ancestors parked their cars.


Core Races

Aislers: Those who live in the main area of the Walmart, either as nomadic scavengers or raiders. Aislers use the normal human species traits.

Rafterfolk: These are people who live among the high up rafters that support the gargantuan ceilings. Instead of the normal human's bonus skill points, rafter folk gain a climb speed equal to their base speed (30), and a +2 bonus to balance checks. They appear to be shorter than their aisler counterparts and tend to have longer arms, having used them as much as their legs for most of their lives.

Rooftoppers: Rooftoppers are people who decided it would be better to abandon the Walmart altogether, forsaking the resources it would give them. Because there is now little land left that is not Walmart, or part of its support community (farms, factories and mines that supply the Walmart with resources), the Rooftoppers must live on top the Walmart superstructure. They use the same species traits as normal humans except that they must select their bonus feat from the following list: Alertness, Animal Affinity, Attentive, Brawl, Builder, Great Fortitude, Guide, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Low Profile, Run, Stealthy, Toughness, Track, Trustworthy. They also receive a +2 bonus to spot checks from their lives spent in wide open spaces.

The Unemployed: The Unemployed are those people who once worked for Walmart before the collapse of civilization. They were specially and secretly bred by the management for the period when a robotic workforce wouldn't have been cost effective. They were engineered to work longer hours without tiring, they were made dull and dimwitted so that they would not attempt to gain freedom, or unionize themselves. However, the machines became cheaper and all the workers thrown out. They became the unemployed. They use the same stats as humans, except they receive a +2 bonus to constitution, a -2 penalty to charisma and wisdom. They also gain low-light vision (as to save money on lightning), and instead of the normal bonus feat the unemployed receive two which must be selected from the following list: Builder, Cautious, Endurance, Focused, Gearhead, Great Fortitude, Low Profile, Meticulous, and Toughness.

The Nevergrow;
Halfling-like human children that never seem to be older than 12-13 years old ( although they are ---eventually-- it just don’t show until the last few years of their life) and never more than 3 to 4 feet tall. What better place for them to dwell other than Toyland.
Toylands were a Walmart trait(all built the same way) in every Walmart in the world. Toylands were exactly what their name implies; Toy stores (or aisles) build on artificial islands surrounded by small ponds tree parks etc.. with a least two bridge connecting Toyland to the "main" store. Toyland were also always built near Walmart kindergartens (now probably in ruins) Toylanders like to ... Play... more than anything else in the world. They use Halfling stats [-2 str, +2 dex +1 bonus on all saves, +2 bonus on jump, climb and move silently, small size].

More Powerful Races


Robots made up much of the work force of Walmart before society collapsed, and now they still try to run the store as though this had not occurred at all. Many of these robots possess artificial intelligence (AI) of varying complexities. Because of this they can be reprogrammed (Computer Use check DC 25) to act as individuals. Some of them do this on their own because of some sort of part failure or glitch, but this is rare. All robots receive a +8 bonus to Computer Use checks because the basics of this are as natural to them as language is to us.

Of the five most commonly found robots in Walmart the first are Stockerbots, they resemble forklifts with two claw-like pincers on either side. They are automatons with nothing even resembling artificial intelligence, they are large in size and move on treads. They are not playable.

Second are the Cashierbots, they are immobile robots that resemble humanoids from the waist up, but are simply boxes below this. They are non-intelligent, and simply programmed to grab products, scan them, put them into bags and tell people to swipe their cards. Unfortunately now they just grab whatever is within arm's reach, scan it, and put it in a bag. And then they tell whoever's left to swipe their card. Cashierbots are regarded as more of a minor hazard or nusiance than as an intelligent species. They are not playable.

Next are Greeterbots, they are roughly humanoid in shape and possess a primitive AI. They are programmed to greet people, and make brief small talk, they can also give directions, and being connected to the programming that runs the Stockerbots they know where everything is. Or at least that is the way it was supposed to work, most Greeterbots have a few minor malfunctions, the most common being the belief that all things can be found in aisle 7.

Species Traits:

•Size: Medium. Greeterbots receive no bonuses of penalties due to size.
•Ability modifiers: +2 strength, -2 dexterity, -2 intelligence, as constructs Greeterbots have no constitution scores.
•Racial HD: Greeterbots have 2 construct HD (2d10) and they receive 20 bonus hit points for being constructs.
•Base Speed: 30 ft.
•+2 natural armor bonus to defense.
•Construct traits: greeterbots have the traits and immunities common to constructs.
•Give Directions: Each greeterbot has an electronic map of Walmart along with a complete inventory of everything in it and where it can be found. However, most greeterbots are cut off from certain circuits or have not been updated since the last time a new section has been added. So this ability grants them the ability to find any section of the store or product therein if they can succeed an intelligence check DC 15. If they fail a check they cannot attempt it again. This is a representation of what they know, or can gather from pieces of information. This ability grants them a +4 bonus to survival and navigate checks inside Walmart
•Greeterbots start with 5x(2+int mod) skill points. The following skills count as class skills for adminbosts: Computer Use (int), Diplomacy (cha), Gather Information (cha), Navigate (int), Profession (wis), and Search (int).
•Greeterbots have a starting allegiance to Walmart.
•Greeterbots have a LA of +1 [ECL 3]

Security Drones are one of the other main types of robots found in Walmart. They look like hovering black spheres. They fly around Walmart looking for shoplifters. They were originally designed to alert the Walmart Guard. However because the Walmart Guard no longer exists they simply fly around aimlessly, following criminals (anyone who uses, destroys or opens something without paying for it). They have very few combat options, possessing only three primitive manipulators, but some who achieve independent thought occasionally make it their mission to hunt down shoplifters. Security drones are among the most likely to achieve independence without outside assistance.

Species Traits

•Size: Small. Security drones receive a +1 bonus to all attack rolls, and a +1 size bonus to defense, they also receive a +4 bonus to hide checks but have smaller carrying capacities than medium creatures and must use smaller weapons.
•Ability modifiers: -4 strength, +2 dexterity, -4 intelligence, as constructs security drones have no constitution scores.
•Racial HD: Greeterbots have 2 construct HD (2d10) and they receive 10 bonus hit points for being constructs.
•Base Speed: 5 ft. fly 40 ft. (perfect)
•+3 natural armor bonus to defense.
•Construct traits: security drones have the traits and immunities common to constructs.
•Darkvision 120 ft.
•+4 bonus to spot and listen checks.
•Security drones start with 5x(2+int mod) skill points. The following skills count as class skills for adminbosts: Computer Use (int), Listen (wis), Navigate (int), Profession (wis), Spot (wis) and Search (int).
• Security drones have a starting allegiance to Walmart or Law.
•Security drones have a LA of +1 [ECL 3]

Adminbots are the last of the common robots. They were designed to oversee much of the tedious aspects of Walmart, mostly involving numbers. Since the collapse of civilization many of their original functions have become obsolete. However, because they were given the most advanced AI of all the common robots they learned to adapt and to alter their own functions to fit the way Walmart now exists. They look much like greeterbots, except instead of the greeter's smock they all "wear" something that looks more like a conservative gray suit. Many human computer hackers enjoy altering Adminbots to be independent because they are much more interesting to talk to than most of the other robots.

Species Traits:

•Size: Medium. Adminbots receive no bonuses of penalties due to size.
•Ability modifiers: +2 strength, +4 intelligence, as constructs Greeterbots have no constitution scores.
•Racial HD: Greeterbots have 3 construct HD (3d10) and receive 20 bonus hit points for being constructs.
•Base Speed: 30 ft.
•+2 natural armor bonus to defense.
•Construct traits: Adminbots have the traits and immunities common to constructs.
•Command Robots: Adminbots can command any non-independent robot through the computer network or Walmart. Against independent robots they must make opposed charisma checks. If the adminbot wins it gains control of the other robot, if the other robot wins nothing happens. Only independent adminbots ever attempt to control other adminbots, who count as independent even if they are not.
•Adminbots start with 6x(2+int mod) skill points. The following skills count as class skills for adminbosts: Computer Use (int), Craft (electronic), Decipher Script (int), Demolitions (int), Diplomacy (int), Disable Device (int), Knowledge (All) (int), Navigate (int), Profession (wis), Repair (int), Research (int), Search (int), and Sense Motive (wis).
•Adminbots have a starting allegiance to Walmart.
•Adminbots have a LA of +2 [ECL 5]

Lesser ratman
Lesser ratmen are truly pathetic creatures, they evolved from humans who hid underground and ate rats, often in areas where nuclear waste was being dumped. Over time they grew to resemble their food, becoming smaller and less human. They are the dregs of the post-Walmart society.

Species traits

•Size: Small. lesser ratmen receive a +1 bonus to all attack rolls, and a +1 size bonus to defense, they also receive a +4 bonus to hide checks but have smaller carrying capacities than medium creatures and must use smaller weapons.
•Ability modifiers: -2 strength, +2 dexterity, -2 intelligence, +2 wisdom, -4 charisma
•Base Speed: 20 ft. climb 20 ft.
•+1 natural armor bonus to defense.
•darkvision 60 ft.
•Immunity to disease and a +2 bonus on saves vs. poison.
•Lesser ratmen gain the Scent ability
•+2 bonus to escape artist and move silently checks.
•Lesser ratmen have a LA of +0

{listed as amore powerful race to put them with Greater Ratmen}

Greater ratman
Greater ratmen are larger cousins of the their lesser kindred, they were born of stronger stock, but still have many of the less desirable qualities of their cousins. They are often found as leaders of lesser ratmen.

Species traits

•Size: Medium. greater ratmen gain no bonuses or penalties due to size.
•Ability modifiers: +2 strength, +2 constitution, -2 intelligence, -4 charisma
•Base Speed: 30 ft. climb 20 ft.
•+2 natural armor bonus to defense.
•darkvision 60 ft.
•Immunity to disease and a +2 bonus on saves vs. poison.
•greater ratmen gain the Scent ability
•+2 bonus to hide and move silently checks.
•Greater ratmen have a LA of +1

There is no true dominant religion. Most people are atheist, because they do not know about gods. Most religious books were burned during the Orwellian age, but some survived, so there are still some belivers in old religions. Also, there is a cult of the Smiling Face, not much is known about them or their beliefs.


[it was undecided wether to use the standerd wealth or trade points]

Weapons did not increase in technology by much because there was not use for war and what not. But the Walmart guard and security do use new weapons for control. For Example:

(all these weapons require the Personal Firearms Proficiency feat to use, and several require Advanced Firearms Proficiency to use the autofire function)
Weapons......Dam...Crit....Dam type....Range...RoF...Mag....Size....lb
WG Stunner* 1d8..20/x2..Concussion...30 ft......S...10 int..small...2
WG Ctrl gun*..--.......--.......Special.......120 ft....S/A 20 box large 6
Plasrifle*......2d12..20/x2...Plasma.......100 ft....S/A..50 box.Large.7
Plasrod*.......2d10..20/x2..Plasma........50 ft.....S/A..25 box.Med....3

WG Stunner: This is the mainstay of the Walmart Guard, it vaguely resembles a pistol, when fired it produces a blast of concussive force. This weapon deals nonlethal damage. WG weapons are slightly less common than firearms, the Stunner has a purchase DC of 18.

WG Ctrl gun: This is a longer range weapon used by the Walmart Guard to stop criminals who were out of range of the WG Stunner or were in very large groups. It resembles a squared off rifle and fires small darts that deal no damage. When someone is hit by a dart they must take a fortitude save (DC: 20) or stand motionless for 2d6 minutes. During this time the subject takes almost no notice of the world around it, but if someone holds its hand and tells it what to do it will follow them. WG Ctrl gun has a purchase DC of 22.

Arsenal Plasrifle: The Arsenal is what is left over from the period when Walmart didn't control the entire world and had to fight the occasional war with another nation. The plasrifle is an energy weapon that looks like a stylized assault rifle. Because of it launches a missile of pure energy plasma weapons can ignore up to 3 points of defense (from equipment bonuses and natural armor only)

Arsenal Plasrod: A smaller rod shaped version of the plasrifle. It is to be noted that Arsenal Weapons are very rare, and found only in abandoned arsenals, they are not common enough to have any sort of price and therefore must be found.

[note plasma weapons are one of the optional rules for the setting, the same way that magic is optional]

Walmart also has a great deal of new surveillance technology, during the Orwellian Era it is generally assumed that if you are being watched, listened to and analyzed at all times. Most of the revolution occurred during staged blackouts and malfunctions in the security circuit.

Robot Disguise
Soon after robots were given AIs, it was realized that a robot could be built that could disguise itself as a human almost perfectly. There were several methods to this varying much in their complexity and expense. The simplest was to coat a humanoid robot with latex and create a face. This would produce a single expression but would allow robots to move through a crowd of people without being recognized. However if they were to speak or do anything that required facial movement the disguise would be fairly simple to notice (-4 penalty to disguise checks, Purchase DC 12 for one face). Next small motors were added into the face as well as more efficient voice synthesizers, this allowed normal conversation (-2 penalty to disguise checks, Purchase DC 16 for physical alterations). However the ruse wouldn't last long if anyone were to touch the robot or try to take his or her pulse. So the next level involved small quantities of heated liquid flowing near the surface of the body, and a slightly more advanced skin substitute (No disguise penalty, Purchase DC 22 for physical alterations).

Many greeterbots are given simple humanoid faces, as are most Adminbots. More expensive methods were reserved for the top secret "Doppelgänger" spy robots. It is also rumored that several members of the Board of Directors were actually very well disguised robots. However there is no proof of this.

2009-12-27, 07:23 AM
This could be a fun campaign but you'd have to make villians to go with it on the scale of Bernie Madoff or Kenneth Lay.


2009-12-28, 02:02 PM
This actually seems like it could be alot of fun. I'm not a terrible fan of modern games as a rule (barring the occasional star wars or shadowrun game), but I've wanted to play in a post-apocalyptic game for quite awhile now. I think I might just pitch this to my group, see what they think.


Zom B
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Isn't this roughly the plot of Wall•E? You could look to that source for inspiration.