View Full Version : Good Homebrew Epic Spells

2009-12-30, 11:37 AM
I'm curious to see what epic spells people have thought of. I'm not looking for world-destroying combos, but good balanced spells that an epic mage would want to pick up.

2009-12-30, 11:39 AM
Balanced + epic spells = no.

So do you want epic spells that are purposely underpowered to gimp them and be less broken (balanced) or do you want awesome spells. I have both, depending on if it was made for a PC or NPC.

2009-12-30, 11:47 AM
I meant balanced for someone who commands the fabric of time and space. These can still be ridiculously powerful, just not cheesy. That's mostly subjective though.

2009-12-30, 01:45 PM
If epic spells are more powerful than existing 9th level spells with no cost, they're broken. If they have an absurd cost, they're useless. There is no in between (except maybe just using the rules to exactly replicate another spell with no cost, essentially giving you a couple extra spell slots.)

2009-12-30, 05:53 PM
Epic Spellcasting is either useless or overpowered. There isn't really an in-between. A good substitute is in my sig.