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2009-12-30, 01:16 PM
Demons and destruction
In Demons and Destruction you play an adventurer: one who takes risks in order to gain great rewards. They could be wise elven wizards, devote dwarven priests, brutal orcish warriors, sneaky Halfling thieves, or anything else provided by these rules.
Each character is defined by their choice of a race and their skills and talents.

A characters race is their species. Characters may play dwarves, elves, gnomes, half-elves, half-orcs, halflings, or humans. Each race gives that character certain advantages and disadvantages.
Dwarves are known for their skill with metal, and favour for axes. Dwarves have a strong culture, although those outside it have difficulty seeing it. Dwarves have records of all the great warriors their clan has spawned, and it's a rare blackrock who cannot tell you who Granshan Oskar Redaxe was.
Dwarves gain a +1 bonus to constitution.
Dwarves gain a +2 to fortitude saves aginst poison.
Infravision: dwarves can see in shades of heat, and so ignore penalties for darkness.

Elves are known for the many wizards who have come out of their woods. Elves look like short, slight humans with pointed ears and no facial hair. Elves have a natural affinity for magic, moreso than other races.
Elves gain +1 agility and +1 willpower.
Elves gain a +2 racial bonus to saves to resist enchantment spells (replaces their penalty).
Low-light vision: elves halve penalties for bad lighting.
Elves are always considered proficient with bows.
Magical talent: elves may use any 1st level spell 3/day automatically.
Magic vunrability: elves take a -2 penalty to saving throws against spells.

Gnomes are the shorter relatives of the dwarves, standing about three feet tall and having similar builds to humans. Gnomes are decent magicians and great engineers, create spells and mechanical devices.
Gnomes gain a +1 bonus to their intelligence.
Gnomes recieve infravision.
Gnomes gain a +2 bonus to arcana checks or use technology checks.

Each characters basic characteristics are what determines their basic ability. Characters have 6 abilities: strength, agility, constitution, intelligence, willpower, and perception. These abilities range from 1 to infinity, with the human average being 3. The human limit is 10, although some people may have higher score they are about 1:1,000,000,000. The abilities and their uses are as follow:
Strength: strength is a mesure of your characters physical strength and muscle, and is used for damage, lifting and carrying and a few skills.
Agility: agility is a measure of your chat-racters dexterity and grace. It is used for attacking and defending, as well as some skills and reflex saves.
Constitution: constitution is a measure of your characters toughness, and so is added to body saves and hit points.
Intelligence: intelligence is a measure of your characters book learning and memory, and is used for knowledge based skills.
Willpower: willpower is a measure of your characters mental strength, and is used for mind saves and magic.
Perception: perception is a measure of your characters altertness, and is used whenever you need to locate something.

Skills function alongside attributes when rolling, adding bonuses to your roll. Skills are cheaper than attributes, but are more focused.
Arcana: this skill allows you to use and understand magic.
Dodge: /this skill allows you to dodge attacks.
Fighting: this skill covers attacking with weapons. It is split into the following subcatorgaries: axes, basic weapons, bows, clubs and maces, crossbows, flails and chains, firearms, heavy blades, light blades, picks and hammers, slings and thrown weapons, and spears and lances.
Knowledge: this skill is split into subskills, chosen by the player. A more specific knowledge is worth more in a given situation than a general subskill.
Parry: this skill allows you to parry incomming melee attacks.
Petty magic: this skill allows you to use petty magic spells.
Sorcery: this skill allows you to use the complex magic known as sorcery.

Talents, unlike skills, are abilities that may only be purchased once. A talent lets you use some manuver or increases your skill in a certain circumstance. Each talent costs 5 points and a few have requirements that must be met before purchasing the talent. Talents are listed below, along with requirements and rules.
Requirements: willpower 4, intelligence 4.
You are able to cast magic spells as described in the magic section. You gain a mana reserve equal to 10+your willpower+your arcane skill rank.

Blood magic
Requirements: constitution 4, magic.
You may use health instead of mana when casting spells. When using health to cast you lose hit points equal to the mana cost of the spell.

Requirements: willpower 5, magic, sorcery 1 rank.
You now gain access to sorcery spells, and increase your mana reserve by your sorcery ranking.

Warrior mage
Requirements: agility 3, magic, fighting (any) 3 ranks.
You may cast spells in armour, and can cast any spells with symbolic components with both your hands full, as long as you are holding a one-handed weapon.

Petty magic
Requirements: willpower 3.
You are able to cast petty magic spells. Unlike other spells petty magic requires no expenditure of mana.

Requirements: willpower 5.
You can shapeshift into animals and other beats whose forms you know. You begin with the form of three normal animals of a level below your own.

Extra form
Requirements: Shapeshifting.
You gain the form of a creature whose level is 1 less than yours.

Man of many faces
Requirements: Shapeshifting.
By concentrating your may change the minor physical characteristics. You revert back to your normal characteristics when you stop concentrating.

Once per encounter you may declare any attack as a smite, adding your willpower to the attack and dealing double damage.

Please reply, races and skills are being worked on, and I need more talents (these should break the rules in some way or let characters use interesting abilities. Make them weak but openended, or powerful but restricted. For example: magic has three talents that let you improve your power).

Other sections will come later. The game is built around the d12, although 2d6 might work.