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Song Bird
2009-12-31, 07:40 PM
Say I have a group of four, all lv 4s. What kind of total CR monster should I give them? (well my logic so far is 4x4=16, so i can give them anything that is up to 16 either in a single creature form or in a group like three lv 4s). But last time we played, apparently three lv 3s proves to be too difficult for them. (they are all new players) Did i do the math wrong? (like i shouldnt do my math that way)

2009-12-31, 07:42 PM
1 CR 4 creature is an appropriate encounter for 4 4th-level characters.

2009-12-31, 07:43 PM
Or 16 1/4th creatures, KOBOLD SWARM :smallbiggrin:
Very deadly if you play it right.

2009-12-31, 07:43 PM
CR 4. One. You can vary this somewhat, but this is standard, and I'd suggest going with that, or even lighter, as you get used to the rules.

A CR 16 mob will kill them all.

Song Bird
2009-12-31, 07:45 PM
woops so i totally screwed up. well they managed though (so yea i was kinda helping them by not using some of the monster's ability)

2009-12-31, 07:46 PM
It depends on the system actually. Are you playing 3.x or 4e?

3.5: Not qualified. Let someone else answer.

4e: In 4e, an encounter of a party's level is x monsters( where x is the number of players) of n level( where n is the level of the party.

So a level four party of four PCs would have a "standard" encounter with 4 Monsters of Exp level 4. Of course, you can change this by making the encounter easier(-2 Party level) or harder(+2 Party level) or by changing standard monsters into elites(1 Elite = 2 standard) or Solos(1 Solo = 4 standard) or by adding Minions(4 Minions = 1 standard).

There are tables in the DMG that spell it out a little more clearly.

2009-12-31, 07:47 PM
He mentioned CR, so he is playing 3.5

Desmond Tiny
2009-12-31, 07:47 PM
1 CR 5 or 2 CR 4s if they are optimised to give them a challenge

If they are new give them 1 CR 4 or 2 CR 3s
Make it slightly harder so your PCs do not feel like it is too easy.

Also there is a table in the DMG.

2009-12-31, 07:48 PM
Ah, see, I missed that. Now I've given unneeded advice.

Leaves thread.

2009-12-31, 07:49 PM
woops so i totally screwed up. well they managed though (so yea i was kinda helping them by not using some of the monster's ability)

It's doable...but in general, as a rule of thumb, if the party faces 4 encounters per day, of the same CR as they have levels, that's about right.

Down the road, as ya'll learn the game better, you can vary quite a bit from that, but it's easiest to start with the basics. It's not a huge deal, fighting a coupla CR3s...sometimes you have tough fights, but it lets you get a feel for what they can handle.

Yuki Akuma
2009-12-31, 07:51 PM
For a party of four characters, average level + 0 is a normal encounter that should take about 25% of their resources (HP, spells, magic item charges, et cetera). Level + 2 should take about 50% of their resources and be a pretty even fight. Up to level + 4 is doable if they're lucky.

Anything higher than that will slaughter them.

(This is ignoring cheese, of course.)

Song Bird
2009-12-31, 07:52 PM
^.^ yay, thanx for all of your help now i understand how to make them encounter and not feel like i am torturing my players.

2009-12-31, 08:06 PM
I use this (http://legionofgeeks.com/encounter_calc.php). It's very helpful for many encounter-related things.