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2010-01-02, 04:18 AM
I like a cheesy martial arts epic as much as the next guy, so when I heard that such a thing as Feng Shui existed I decided it was worth looking into. But before I make a purchase (or else obtain something through shadier, less costly means) I wanted to get someone's opinion on this puppy. I've been deceived before and I'd prefer not to make such mistakes twice.

What's this game like (roughly)? Are there any serious issues with mechanics that would render it un-fun? As anyone enjoyed this game at all?

2010-01-02, 05:33 AM
I played it once, and liked it.
It's very fast and needs a good descriptive / imaginative GM and reasonably imaginative players. The rules are light and quite easy - but it suffers a little from being unclear in places (so you'll most likely make a few house rulings, which is no big deal).

2010-01-02, 06:37 AM
Played it back in '96 and had another go recently. While it was fun back then, it's definitely showing it's age. Problem is the principles in Laws' text aren't really backed up by the mechanics. There's this tension throughout that displays that the mechanics from Nexus: the Infinite City really weren't the right tool for the job.

For example, the archetypes are completely unbalanced. Allegedly they were "eyeballed" for spotlight balance, but that doesn't actually come out in play. If the PCs have more than a point or two difference in AV (Old Master in the same group as a Big Bruiser, for example) then you'll have some PCs sailing through combats and others struggling all the time.

For my tastes, there are far too many types of powers, for no real reason beyond complexity for it's own sake. Why do we need Fu powers and Transformed Animal schticks? Or Transformed Animal schticks as well as Creature Powers?

The 2056 juncture is just plain lame.

I love most of the setting (bar 2056) and the ideas behind it ("the map is not your friend" is one of my guiding principles for all RPGs, with the exception of D&D4e), but the mechanics are showing their age. I'd do it with Wushu or a FATE 3.0 hack nowadays.