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2010-01-03, 10:30 PM
Just an epic game I wanted to brag about!:smallwink:

A few of my friends and I played pure co-op through 8 levels of “Nerdcore” and geared up for the big Xykon battle on the 9th floor.
We used the following house rules:
Communal Loot : All Loot is shared by everyone, plurality decides who gets what, cannot discard three faces for shtick, when Loot is used for help, it’s discarded.
Boss-tastic Xykon: All 7 Lair cards are used, and Xykon is at the bottom of the Xykon Deck. Xykon is placed at the bottom of the battle he’s in. His base stats are 0 +Level + 1xMonsters killed in Lair + 2xMonsters killed in his stack + 3x Monsters still alive in Lair. He isn’t boosted by his support for atk/def, but is boosted for Battle Size via standard rules. If you are in the “Gate” room of the Lair, a tie counts as a win for the player.
(Bring a Whiteboard!):smallwink:

We had me(Roy) trigger the Xykon fight and calculated out his actual attack- it came out to 138. (:smalleek:)
Concerned, we started to add up all bonuses for Roy. We had multiple “Get Angry’s”, and we used “A Good Laugh” to unflip V’s protective buff a few times, (to buff Cleavage of Course) and finally managed to squeeze out 131 attack for good ol’ Roy. After trying for 10 min to weasel our way into a higher percentage scenario, we found that we could not. A with breath held, I rolled the trusty D12…for 8.
8 hours of straight playing were not in vain! We finally left the accursed Lair (where we had killed the entire battle Deck, incidentally) and raked up a few Loot on the way out. We ended up getting all but 8 total Loot out of the dungeon!
Just figured someone might enjoy this.:smallbiggrin: