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2010-01-04, 01:35 PM
So, in my current 4e game, I have reached level six as a resourceful warlord. I know resourcefulness isnít the very best warlord build, but itís something I wanted to play with and Iím enjoying the way itís been working for me and my party members. Iím far from a damage dealer, but I can mix it up in the front line and hold my own, though Iíve taken a few risks that perhaps I shouldnít have. I just wanted to ask for some additional advice on how I should be building this character.

Currently: The character is level six. I am using a spear and a shield so that I can have reach while having additional defense that a shield enhancement would give me. I have multi-classed into bard to better act as the party face and provide additional healing and support (as I have a high charisma).

All the following information is from memory, since my sheet is not with me.

My current feats are:
Weapon Expertise: Spear
(The feat that gives attacks granted by me +1 attack bonus)
Improved Initiative
Bard Multiclass Feat (skill training, M.Word 1/per day)

Current Powers:
At-Will: Opening Shove, Commanderís Strike, Wolf-Pack Tactics
Encounter: Myrmidon Formation, Bloody Ending
Daily: Lead The Attack, Stand the Fallen
Utility: Adaptive Strategy, (The One That Lets The Target Spend Two Healing Surges)

Current Goals: Provide both solid buffs to the party while keeping them up. There is another leader in the party, but unfortunately it is a level 3 cleric that is playing perpetual catch-up and can be dropped very quickly (and has been).

Current Plans: Explore the options that bardic multiclassing gives me for additional ways to increase the effectiveness of the partyís strikers, defenders, and controllers.

Party Composition:

Strikers: Barbarian and Warlock
Defenders: Fighter and Warden (the fighter will be mostly ineffective because the player is an utter moron)
Controller: Invoker, Druid (? I forget what a druid qualifies as)
Leaders: Warlord (me), Cleric (severely underleveled)

Could anyone make some suggestions for how to make myself a stronger utility/party supporter?

2010-01-04, 01:51 PM
Is the weapon you have the regular spear?

1d8 damage +2 prof?

If so then you don't have reach and the spear that gives reach (long spear) is a two handed weapon therefor no shield for you.
If you want to be more effective i suggest getting a longsword and replacing the feat for the longsword version. You do 1d8 damage its versatile, one handed, and the best part is a +1 to hit (+3 prof).

(spear) +2 prof +1 feat V.s. +3 prof +1 feat (longsword)
Although +1 may not seem like much but a +1 bonus to hit is the same as gaining two levels (you add 1/2 your level to attacks)

If you want reach you have to take a 2 handed weapon (i would suggest spiked chain that has +3 prof) unless you use a whip +3 prof, off hand, d4 dmg

2010-01-04, 01:57 PM
With two defenders, you really shouldn't need a shield. Even if the fighter is a "moron" as you say, he still marks anything he swings at, and the warden can keep stuff locked down pretty effectively. Go with the Greatspear - +3 prof, reach and d10 damage. I was sword and board on my warlord for a while, retraining to use a greatspear instead was the best move I ever made. The reach really helps in a melee heavy party, and you get more satisfaction out of your 3W powers.

I actually think Resourceful is a pretty good class feature (though not quite as good as Tactical), but the riders on the powers are kind of few and far between. Just make sure you look for powers that screw with initiative order and action economy, they will help your party the most.

2010-01-04, 02:15 PM
Are you going to be taking more bard powers? If not i don't really see you needing the bard's multiclass abilty, the cleric will catch up soon enough plus there are so many feats that could make you more useful than that one.

**Lend Might (ally gets +1 to attack when a warlord power grants them an attack)
Action surge
Human perseverance
Defensive mobility (to get to the fallen cleric to heal)
Alchemist (tanglefoot bags and making potions can help the party)
Alchemist opportunity

Of course the alchemist ones depends if anyone else has them

Look into Boots of the fencing master (lvl 7) i love this item specially if i'm in melee or not going to move much i can just keep shifting every turn. :P

2010-01-04, 02:21 PM
I'm playing a resourceful Tiefling, and it's just awesome. The commanding benefit is really nice, my party members just love me because I give a bonus whenever one action point is spent, no matter if the roll succedes or fails!!

Grab the Improved Resources feat (I think that's the name), to add a +2 to damage/hp. You'll be doing your job better.

Also there's a feat that adds your Cha to hp restored when using your healing powers (I think). Grab that as well.

I'm with my forum partners here. For a warlord it's better a high proficiency weapon than a +2 weapon. You can't have reach with one handed spear (if you know the way, please tell me!!), so it's better you grab a longsword and retrain that expertise feat for heavy blades, or just next time you level up, retrain to Weapon Proficiency (great spear).

2010-01-04, 03:31 PM
Didnít notice that about the spearÖwill talk to my DM about altering that, since we have been playing it as if it had reach. Thatís my fault.

I do intend to take a look at and use bard powersÖpart of the reason I took the bard multiclass was flavor, as my character is very much a ďheraldĒ typeÖhe shouts and challenges people in battle, throws insults, and tricks his opponents with his words as often as he engages them with his blade. I was hoping for some suggestions on strong melee bard powers.

Mando Knight
2010-01-04, 05:41 PM
You can't have reach with one handed spear (if you know the way, please tell me!!)

Not a spear, but the level 15+ weapon Blade of the Eldritch Knight lets you have reach 5 with the enchanted Heavy Blade (with Standard Action attacks only, though). Goliaths and Eternal Defenders have means of grabbing a bit of reach, IIRC...

2010-01-04, 05:54 PM
Well the warlord is already a shouting warrior that is on the front lines yelling and telling others to do things :) That's what warlords do...err in DnD at least...

When warlord came out my friends called it a bard :p