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2010-01-04, 05:30 PM
Here are a few feats for the mage that likes to operate over long ranges. Some are meant specifically for buffing allies.

Helpful Spell

Benefit: You can cast spells on conscious willing creatures without needing line of effect. Only spells that target creatures can be enhanced this way. You must still pick specific creatures within range to target, so you must know the name or appearance of your targets. You cannot simply select a type of creature or members of an organization. Targeting a creature that is not in range wastes the spell. A helpful spell occupies a spell slot one higher than normal.

Triggered Spell

Benefit: You can cast spell targeting a single creature so that they remain dormant and without effect until you choose to activate them. Time spent dormant is not counted against the spell's duration. A spell can remain dormant for up to 8 hours before dissipating. Activating any triggered spell you have cast is a standard action that only requires a moment of thought on the part of the caster, and it can be done from anywhere on the same plane as the subject. An unwilling target receives a will save to resist the dormant spell being placed on them, plus any saving throw the spell provides once it is activated. The caster does not receive input from a triggered spell, and does not automatically know whether it was successfully triggered. A triggered spell occupies a spell slot two higher than normal.

Spell Receiver

Benefit: Select one willing creature. By spending ten minutes meditating with them without interruption or distraction you make them attuned to your spells. Any spells you cast targeting a creature have their range increased by 200% when targeting that creature, without altering the spell's level. This benefit applies to spells that target multiple creatures, but the extended range only applies to attuned creatures. You can switch which creature is attuned to your spells by meditating with someone else. Attunement is a state of mind rather than a magical effect, and cannot be dispelled or disjuncted. An attuned creature can suppress or restore their attunement at will. Spell Receiver can be taken multiple times, each time allowing you to have one more attuned creature at a time.

Sniper Spell

Benefit: You can cast spells with a casting time of 1 standard action over 2 full round actions to increase the range by 100%, as enlarge spell but without requiring a higher spell slot. Prepared spells are declared sniper spells when they are prepared, and cannot be cast quicker than two full round actions.

Teleporting Spell

Prerequisite: Ability to cast Dimension Door.

Benefit: A teleporting spell has its range increased 400 ft. + 40 ft./level by teleporting it through a dimension door. A spell must have a range of close or greater to be improved this way. A prepared caster must discard a casting of dimension door when casting a teleporting spell, a spontaneous caster must discard a level 4 or higher spell slot. Teleporting Spells can be harder to avoid. The caster gains a +2 bonus to any attack roll the spell requires, and the DC of any reflex saving throws increases by 2. A prepared caster need not declare a spell a teleporting spell when preparing it, they only need to have dimension door prepared. Teleporting spells cannot be cast from or into areas dimension door does not function in.

2010-01-04, 05:44 PM
Oh, these are grand. I like Teleporting and Sniping best I think. Spell Receiver seems interesting, but tricky to work with I think, though I bet it is workable. Overall, I really like 'em. Good stuff as always Lysander.

2010-01-04, 06:35 PM
Igoring LoE with buff spells can be abused... Ignoring line of effect is, as a matter of course, used to cheese things greatly.