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2005-02-17, 11:25 AM
Ok everyone, let's go back in time and try and remember the first character you ever played. Mine was a half elf Shield Maiden Paladin.

whats was yours?

2005-02-17, 11:31 AM
Ax Thunderblade, Dwarven Fighter extraordinaire.

2005-02-17, 11:45 AM
First character ever was my namesake Swordblade, a moon elven fighter (or kensai in 2nd).

2005-02-17, 11:57 AM
I was a Dwarf in 1st Edition D&D :) not sure of name but knowing me he was probably called Thorin or Gimli ;D

2005-02-17, 12:18 PM
Just to add a little more fun to the topic, what level did that character get to, and how did they eventually perish? or did the campaign just end?

My Paladin, Anastrianna, was so close to eigth level when she died, jousting an ice dragon with her faithful warhorse Arturo, attempting to save the Druid's and the Rangers Animal Companions from its clutches and distracting it so the rest of the party could escape. After she went down, the party avenged her quite satisfactorily, with the final killing blow being an Axe to the head delivered by the Ranger, while saying "no one kicks around the paladin but me." Evere since then I have had a grudge against ice dragons.

2005-02-17, 12:33 PM
Well my first character was in a online RP so it was quite a bit easier and more frequent for campaigns to end rather than players die. She had got to about 3rd level though.

2005-02-17, 02:13 PM
My first two characters were played at once. Their names were Tellah and Cecil. Cecil was, of course, a paladin, and Tellah was a magic user. My magic user got the second most kills in the group with his staff. I never got to second leve, though, because the campaign ended.

2005-02-17, 02:35 PM
My first character was a half-elven barbarian. I forget his name, but he died at second level due to a truly unfortunate accident with a keg of alcohol.

2005-02-17, 03:28 PM
I was a Dwarf in 1st Edition D&D :) not sure of name but knowing me he was probably called Thorin or Gimli ;D

Ditto- Pretty sure the name wasn't Sleepy or Bashful.

2005-02-17, 05:00 PM
I remember my first characters name was Stick (he had an intel of 3 ok, 2nd edition btw). I believe he got to be a third level fighter and he met his demise at the hands of an even dumber half ogre character who ripped him in half, tho i can't remember why...

White Blade
2005-02-17, 05:04 PM
A 18 Charisma Sorcerer Named Loren... Game ended. :'(

2005-02-17, 05:13 PM
3.0 Druu T'aneren 5th level drow ranger, hated kobolds died by having his stomach desintegrated after drinking a bottle of universal solvent

2005-02-17, 05:34 PM
I started out as a DM and only got my first real character about a month ago. Succubus, level 2 (monster leveling from SS). 18 Str, 20 Dex, 18 Con, 20 Int, 16 Wis, 24 Cha. Cheapest character ever. But i gave it up and am now a human bard. :P

2005-02-17, 05:58 PM
Human Fighter named Blaster, which was my gaming handle at the time. I think he got to about level 8 or 9 (2nd Edition) before we decided to start a new campaign. The only thing I really remember about him is that he used a huge Halberd as his main weapon.

2005-02-17, 08:09 PM
Jeheutel, Half drow cleric/fighter

2005-02-17, 08:16 PM
I had a half-elf ranger-druid who made it to 5th level before the game ended. We were at camp.

2005-02-17, 10:34 PM
A meathead fighter, started in 1sted, made it to lvl 9 in 3.5 then got killed by a covey of hags. Was reincarnated as a halfling, so gave up adventuring.

2005-02-17, 10:51 PM
Half elf theif (second edition) named Highland Skylooker, brother to Woodland Skylooker, half elf ranger PC. He used a spear (even though i don't think theives were allowed to weild spears, ah well) Was eaten by a roc...

Gorbash Kazdar
2005-02-17, 11:02 PM
Coy McClardy, human ranger (2e). Typical bastard sword/short sword wielding one. I was one of those people who kept remaking the same character over and over again when I first started off, so there's a couple different versions of him for me to choose from.

The one I recall best reached level 9 before the game imploded due to conflicting schedules and such.

2005-02-17, 11:06 PM
Elven theif, D&D first addition. I have no idea what his name was. My second character was named Scattershot in Cyberpunk. He was a mercinary, and took three bullets to the back of the head.

2005-02-17, 11:27 PM
Krilia, or Kria for short. Character in a Amber (Diceless Roleplaying Game) campaign. She was the daughter of Benedict, and had the stats for it - number one in Warfare, high strength, high endurance, basic amber psyche, or thereabouts. Probably the only honest one of the "cousins", and even *gasp* honestly interested in helping Amber. Campaign eventually came to a close by not starting up again after summer hiatus (this was in college).

My favorite moment was when two cousins decided they didn't want to do what King Random asked them to. Random says "Kria, would you go get them?" and she rides out and finds them. "Come with me." "But..." "Come with me!" "But..." *thud* *flings across back of her horse* Then she rides to the Shadow everyone is meeting in and throws them onto the table in the middle of a formal dinner.

For a D&D character, my first was a totally unmemorable 2nd bard. I don't even remember her name, just that I was tired of npcs treating me like I was a) gorgeous and b) apparently a slut because I had an 18 charisma. I was a bard, not a hooker!

2005-02-17, 11:54 PM
Quintar Beskash, Invoker Extroidinare, Slayer of Giants. 2nd Edition.

He does a mean burning hands.

2005-02-18, 12:58 AM
Lianna Galanodel, half-elven druid with a silver owl named Plata and a golden eagle named Oro for companions. Created for our annual New Year's Eve D&D party in 2000, only played twice before we switched to mostly RPGA gaming. In my first adventure, though, she was used as bait for the unknown monster that had been plaguing the town we were helping. She was sitting in a tree with the rest of the party about 100 feet away, when she saw the thing (forget what it was now). Unfortunately, we hadn't come up with a signal, and my dad (the DM) wanted to know what I was doing when I said I was trying to get the party's attention. So I wound up patting the back of my head.

2005-02-18, 01:22 AM
As I recall, my first game was understaffed, so we had two characters each. My first character, or at least one of them, was a Dwarf Druid. I can't remember his stats and his character sheet is doubtlessly gone. My other first character was an Elf Wizard. Blah.

2005-02-18, 03:22 AM
Elf Archer (2Ed.), I was 7, and the party used me as a trap-setter off. My dads Druid couldent save me in time, yea, dont go cralwing up electicly-trapped fences for youre allies. He died his first game I played him, he was uh, 3rd I think.

2005-02-18, 07:43 AM
BD&D female Elf (which was a class as well as a race) named Tiaran Morningstar.

She's still alive in the game-world I DM, as a cleric NPC of at least level 20 in 3.5E; I forget what level she reached as a BD&D PC.

2005-02-18, 08:23 AM
Human rat-catcher (you had to roll your first career) in WFRP. Started with "D6 rats on a pole and a small but vicious dog"! No levels as such, but he ended up as a Druidic priest - read Druid but cooler IMHO. Game didn't last long, and it was 16 years ago, so I have no idea what his name was.

As for D&D.....a (1st Ed.) Ranger called Felix. Elven, bastard sword wielding bow specialist. He reached 6th level before the DM quit due to girlfried pressures. Made an almost invincible pairing (yeah right) with the party thief, Scalpel, his best friend. Almost bought the farm after encountering a stone giant whilst out hunting but was helped out by aforementioned thief and so survived. Just. Lives on to this day in my memory :).

2005-02-18, 09:12 AM
D&D 3rd ed
Keita an elf, fighter. Cross classed with a wizard and became an arcane archer.
Unfortunately the campaign ended just as I hit the first level of arcane archer so I didn't get to do any of the cool things.

2005-02-19, 09:17 PM
My first character is a 3rd lvl elven druid named artimis windblade who was killed once but got better. I'm still playing her. We dont get around to playing much :-/

2005-02-19, 10:40 PM
Alazar Quaid - 3rd level Human Thief

Don't remember how he died, was waaaaaaaay back in D&D: 1st Ed. (You know, that Player Handbook that was paperback, and red.)

2005-02-19, 11:34 PM
Justonian Keenedge

Least that is the first one I remember.. I think there may have been a level zero human before that. He made it to about level 4 or 5 and was a fighter.

2005-02-20, 01:26 AM
My first Charater? (I'm on my second now yes I am new to all this)

SalSar Thiran:
lvl 7
Rogue 6, Sorrceror 1

Could never make a listen check and like to sneak for sneakings sake.

2005-02-20, 02:08 AM
My first character was Milo Tealeaf, the fearsome Halfling Barbarian who rolled awfully but made up for it with a lot of heart. He was just 3rd Edition...I'm relatively new to D&D. He only made it to level 5 or so before the campaign died out. Milo himself never died, despite my poor rolls with him, although his best friend, the party's Gnome Monk, did perish, which made him quite depressed until the end...poor little bugger.

2005-02-20, 06:24 AM
My first character was a halfling rogue called Lavinia Greenbottle <yawn> ::)

2005-02-20, 06:32 AM
Sorrceror 1

The double R was probably a typo but sorcerer has an E before the final R.

Sorry if I'm being picky, I can't help it. :-/

2005-02-20, 11:57 AM
My first character was an Elven Fighter (Archer extroidinair) named Lithuse.She started off atlevel 4 and is currently level 9.
She sold part of her soul to Vecna to bring back all her friends from the dead and then became a cleric for Pelor and was killed by a dosplacement beast to protect her friends and was brought back by Vecna as a demon disciple (essentially a dragon disciple)
In realtime i've been playing her for 1 1/2

2005-02-20, 06:22 PM
Wow, slow leveling campaign? I tend to play high level, I would be at epic in a year and a half...

2005-02-20, 09:03 PM
my first charecter is broden a human rouge(master of rope)hes only level 3 right now

2005-02-21, 02:54 AM
my first charecter is broden a human rouge(master of rope)hes only level 3 right now
Must resist murderous urges...

2005-02-25, 02:01 PM
My first character is one I inherited from a participant who lost his seat at the table due to getting married and having kids. He is a half orc and is currently a 14th level fighter in the midst of attacking a Drow castle. The first one I made up myself joined a campaign that was in progress. He started out as a 5th level silver elf rouge who had just started to explore magic and bigger things. We haven’t played that campaign for a while, but are planning to pick it back up. He is currently a 9th level rouge/5th level wizard. He is supposed to be looking for his evil half brother sorcerer, but keeps getting sidetracked on these quest thingies. The fighter died not too long ago, but our parties cleric is 17th level and at this point death is an inconvenience that costs a level if we cannot raise the scratch and talk somebody into a true resurrection (again). I don’t think the elf has ever died.

2005-02-25, 05:21 PM
My first character was an human druid named Roots (last name Long... hey it was my first character!) He made it all the way up to level 30, at which point he researched an epic spell that turned people into plants (but walking ones). He used it on himself as a test, and began "Converting" people. He got an army of Treants, and eventually made a castle made of plants. Eventually though, A group of adventurers snuck past his guards and attacked the castles "heart." they didn't get away without some of them dying, and others i transformed into plants. His castle was destroyed, but Roots survived. At that point, the DM asked me for my character, and then started a new campaign. I soon discovered my beloved Roots had started his own contenent populated by plant people! my second character, a paladin, never got a chance to visit however. However, we heard rumors that he had become more like a Treant than anything.

I am so proud of myself.

2005-02-25, 07:56 PM
Faerain Eire, a half Elven Ranger w/ a Dex of 19, 2nd Edition. Ahhhh, the joy of the bow.

2005-02-25, 08:51 PM
Belril Dawnslayer, Sun Elf Wiz/Rgr and chosen of Mystra.

The Glyphstone
2005-02-25, 09:15 PM
My first (and only) character was a Half-Elven monk name Chai Wong Foo. Not a serious character, demonstrated by my frequent jokes about "pointy ears and pointy eyes" :D - NOT INTENDED TO INSULT ANYONE. He was created at 2d level, and never actually saw a game. When our group regained interest, I decided to try my hand at DM'ing, since none of us had any prior experience at DMing and only one had ever even played before. Who knows, maybe I'll use him as an NPC...

2005-02-26, 06:06 AM
mine was a half-elf ranger who i played like ****.Maybe it was because of the crap DM or maybe i just wasn't built to play rangers :-/

2005-02-26, 11:54 PM

Yes, it certainly was! :-D

2005-02-27, 02:28 AM
A half-elven fighter named Gwain the Emerald Knight!my DM let me forge a longsword out of emeralds, (and eventualy a half plate armor once I earned enough to buy the gems) He got to level 16 before he died...offed by a doppleganger assassin -_- stabbed in the back...so sad...

2005-02-27, 10:31 AM
A human Bard by the simple name of Garrett, who only took ranks in singing, he never bothered with instruments until recently. Started at level 10 and is presently lvl 14 and still going strong (okay so i'm relatively new to DnD). He was the only arcane caster for quite a while but now is concentrateing on his songs, which with the worldsinger prc (from the complete Bard) make him funny. tornado's anyone?

2005-02-27, 05:18 PM
Well i was quite the prodegy when i started playing d&d i started with two characters, moon elven twins. the elder, by apox. 2 mins, was Sail'Le, he was a ranger (totaly like Drizzt Do'Urden...) and his siter Shariin was a fighter...
They got to be like 28th level or so... and then I just stopped playing them... I think it was because I wanted to try something else or it was the fact that 3rd Edition was just coming out so we started a new campain with that...

2005-02-27, 06:40 PM
My first roleplaying character ever was Louis Pun de Lac, French Revolutionary in 5th ed. Call of Cthulhu. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you feel about CoC), he only saw about 20 minutes of gameplay.

My first D&D character is Azghorra Lloriyahn, adopted elf son of the Lloriyahn Travelling Performers Guild. Struck out on his own to find the people he thought were his real family, the Dragon Elves. Gained fame as a performer, got turned into a badger, was changed back, is slowly turning into a half-dragon, and just recently slew a young adult red dragon, but lost his dearest friend in the process.

He's still alive, Bard 7/ Dragon Disciple 5/ Barbarian 1.

2005-02-27, 07:27 PM
My first character was a human ranger from way back in 4th Grade. We didn't even use character sheets back then, we used notebook paper! How Barbaric!

2005-02-27, 07:30 PM

2005-02-27, 11:33 PM
Dude, what's a character sheet?

Honestly, I never used those until my last two campaigns, simply because why bother?

2005-02-28, 12:24 AM
I haven't been playing for long, she's a lvl 9 Paladin named Cyra. Hoorah, still alive! Almost killed by a halfling, how embarressing, considering he reached my waist....

2005-02-28, 05:28 PM
I can't remember what my first D&D character ever was because that was like 20 years ago.

But the first 3rd ed character back when I picked up the game again a couple years back? That was Tomas Scrivener, human Sorcerer/Rogue. He made it up to about Level 12 before finally being slain in a botched encounter with some Clockwork Horrors. The party tried to negotiate with the Horrors and the horrors basically strung us along long enough to ambush us effectively.

The Adamantine Horror used Mordenkainen's Disjunction to toast the bulk of the party's magic items and then as we were scrambling in disarray, the damn thing started using Implosion on us. Tomas wound up inside out. Ugh.

He was followed up by Floyd the Barber, a massive human barbarian/cleric (cleric levels to provide shamanistic power, and called The Barber because he also had ranks in Craft/Barber as well as how he tended to give enemies a rapid 'trim' with his sword) who managed to get his effective STR up to 26 in many encounters through judicious use of Bull's Strength and Rage. A bit of a powergame approach but he really wasn't useful outside of combat (refused to pray for any spells other than combat oriented and only reluctantly would he channel to heal) but the other players were glad to have a character around who could dish out heinous damage. 26 STR + twohanded sword +2 + power attack = 2d6 +24dmg on a 5-pt power attack. Add Cleave as necessary. :)

2005-03-02, 06:34 PM
My first character...geez, I can barely remember, it seems such a long time ago...he was a half-elf paladin, I think...

2005-03-02, 07:13 PM
My first character was in 2e. He was Beldar the Brave, a human fighter. He never was damaged on our first adventure and managed to get his AC down to 1(2e remember) before second level. He got to 5th level and then got retired.

2005-03-02, 09:56 PM
I've never played 2e, so I'm curious: how can you have an ac as 1? No initial points, I suppose?

2005-03-03, 01:31 AM
In 2ed, lower AC was better.

2005-03-03, 03:39 AM
sooo long ago (almost ten years now! :o) I'm pretty sure it was a fighter of some sort. We went through "The keep on the boardlands." Elves were a race but not a class. We used a d4 to roll attack rolls. We though HD was the same as HP (yeah, 1st level characters killing dragons!).

Them' were the days ::sigh::

2005-03-03, 11:32 AM
You need to run a game of that, Moot. Next DunDraCon. ::smirk::

My first character was also a fighter and also went through Keep on the Borderlands. It was the President's Holiday break in '83. Rexx had 2 hps at first level, his stats were 3d6 assigned as rolled (S17;I12;W9;D7;C15;Ch13) and the only reason he made 2nd level was the GM had his 7th level Elf tagging along as Rexx's mentor. Regardless, that first taste had me hooked. Over the next couple years Rexx fought monsters out of the MM1 and Fiend Folio (tiraphegs still trip me out) and then the MM2 came out. WooHoo. Life was simple then, roll-playing was the norm. He made 28th Level in 1st, mostly because of the bizarre 1gp=1XP rule of the time. Granted, you needed a 1/4 million XP to gain a level but... I think he's 27th after some level drains in 2E. I started to convert him when the Epic book was released, just never finished because it all seemed so "munchkin". Maybe someday I'll finish. Except the "role-playing" aspect of D&D became the norm and I cannot see why a old man would want to "adventure" anymore...

2005-03-03, 12:02 PM
Mine was a Fighter as well. I forget the rest of his stats but He had 18 Str. Played Basic back in '78, made it to 3rd level, then when the rest of the party was killed he fell into a pit & was eaten by a Hydra. It was glorious! Needless to say I picked up 1st Ed AD&D as soon as I could!

2005-03-03, 01:16 PM
Half Elf Druid i think... still alive as far as i recall.. we dont play those characters much..

2005-03-03, 01:52 PM
my first character was ash (from pockemon) like pockemon trainer in my-own-creation world of pockemon named Toni or something,unfortenli,he died old after cauthing them all,then i played his son,grand son and his son,they goted to have a wife,dont know what high-apic level....

but in ad&d it was elf wizard named raistlin! ;D he had 3 hp and died 'cose kobold punched him

2005-03-03, 03:28 PM
2nd Edition dwarf fighter named Tenem Rockbender. I don't remember much about the character. I don't think he made it much past 4th or 5th level before being slain by a minotaur with PC levels. Our DM was a sadist and took great pleasure in exterminating our characters.

The only other thing I remember is he specialized in the two-handed axe. I recall flinging the weapon at a fleeing kobold and cleaving it after a lucky roll. Ah what a sight that must have been... *reminices about the old days*

2005-03-03, 06:35 PM
A fifth level wizard DMPC with a Sunblade. My players all had pretty serious equipment aswell. (Like Maces of Disruption+2)

2005-03-04, 02:33 AM
First online character: Veera Anlai, who began as a barbarian in a free form RP. I later reused the character in other online PbP RPs, but she kinda morphed each time I used her... From barbarian, she later turned wizard, then cleric, and finally is in her current form as a plain ol' quarterstaff-wielding fighter. I still use her as my online handle, but haven't played any game with her in a long time.

First DnD character: It was a pregenerated character in a game run by the father of one of my friends, about two years ago. 'Verian Dowed.' Terrible pun, but then, his family has an odd sense of humor. Since it was a pregen, I didn't have much attachment to her: the game ended about six months after it began. The DM of the game played 2nd edition, an edition none of us were familiar with, and he was an *old* style DM who tended to treat the players as toys in his game rather than heroes. Was frustrating. ^_^;

2005-03-04, 04:30 AM
I've never played 2e, so I'm curious: how can you have an ac as 1? No initial points, I suppose?

In A&D, AC started at 10 and went down as it got better.

An AC of 1 (10 minus 9) in 2E is (very roughly) equivalent to an AC of 19 (10 plus 9) in 3E.

Obviously, the method of determining whether a given attack was a hit or miss wasn't the same.

2005-03-04, 09:58 AM
2ed Dwarven Fighter, int score of 6 led to some interesting happenings. Also had a pet cat with a ruby collar(most of my dwarves gems went to the cat), who took down a troll on its own.

Good times.

2005-03-05, 02:06 AM
My first character was a human Paladin named Troy Pirkle. He started at level 4 because he joined an already journeying party. I had great visions of dropping th paladin class after level 5 to become a straight fighter (still lawfull good) for story reasons. Sadly the guy only lasted a single session before the DM missed the next session and I decided to DM instead. It continues to this day. *sigh*

2005-03-05, 09:05 PM
Mine was a 3rd ed Half elf druid, Deldramir (can't remember his second name) that we converted to 3.5. He got to 13th level, had a large wolf animal companion (permanised animal growth) named Gorgeous George. He didn't die we just switched campaigns.

Now I'm playing a tiefling 1/rogue 5.

2005-03-05, 10:03 PM

my first (and actual) charakter is a human soulknife (from Expanded Psionics Handbook) named Elyas Garlon (http://www.3eprofiler.net/3ep/view.php?id=18548). He reached 3rd level just today. And he even carries a lit candle in his backpack! (it's an everburning candle, it burns with a cold flame ;))

Master of Dragons

2005-03-07, 02:06 PM
My first character was a human cleric, but that only lasted one or two sessions, that was folowed by a gnomish bard, a dwarven ranger, and a dwarven paladin, all lasting one or two sessions. The first (and just about only) character that I got to play any was a human Warmage. He was a typical millitary type, and spent most of his time fireballing evil cultists.

2005-03-07, 04:15 PM
My first character was 1st edition, a young female magic user by the name of Trendala. She was going through her first dungeon and a grey ooze leapt -through- her stomache...and she died. *sigh*

*goes into the corner and cries* stupid low hp for magic users

2005-03-08, 01:39 AM
My first character was a human rouge. He used a crossbow with bolts drenched in kero and set alight (good times). He almost killed a REALLY annoying necromancer with ONE SHOT (all hail critical hits!) That was the best campain I ever played in. It got a bit weird after the necromancers death, (how the hell did killing him send us to another plane?) but it was a great campain all the same. Pitty we never finnished it. Boy did I have plans for the fighter in the party (lose three horses in three sesions will you?)

2005-03-09, 07:46 PM
My first character was an elven fighter. He fell down an enchanted staircase in the underdark and died at 6th level. He was later ressurected by the bridgekeeper from Monty Python.Long story.

2005-03-10, 04:52 AM
My first character was a halfling rogue, I don't think he even had a name! Gosh, I sucked at roleplaying back then!

2005-03-11, 12:53 AM
The one I'm playing now... an elven Ranger... and that's it. :-/

2005-03-11, 07:07 AM
One score and four years ago I was introduced to the world of roleplaying by my "child minders" the 16y old son.

Drakar & Demoner, 1ed (Basic Roleplaying rules modified and printed by a swedish company)

I played an alchemist (that surely must have had a name) and managed to explore two and half dungeon rooms before being captured due to player-DM miscommunication and after a brief incarceration my character was executed.

Didn't stop me from playing more later on though ;D

2005-03-11, 11:44 AM
my first real character to last al least more then one session would have to be my Ogre. following the SS. we entered a thieves guild i saw chests and thought...shinys inside...so i smahed it

it was trapped with fireball and it contained two wands which were destroyed as well...i basically causesd a nuclear explosion safe to say i ended the campain. the DM didn't want to overlook my IC stupidity. i should have gotten lots of XP for killing so many people!

pity it was fun playing real dumb and smashing things

2005-03-11, 12:00 PM
My first character was made using AD&D first edition, in 1979.

He was a fighter named Aragorn. I don't remember what happened to him, because I spent the following 7 years in a haze of new characters and monty haul campaigns. He might have killed Thor; I don't remember.

2005-03-13, 10:32 PM
My first character ever was a half-elf rogue that dressed like Han Solo from Episode IV.

2005-05-13, 12:15 AM
My first DnD character was a thief from the red box set (basic dnd game) and we played the haunted tower box set. The campaign kind of turned into a Monty Haul campaign and ended because of that.

My first Adnd character was actually a 1st edition Cavalier from Unearthed Arcana but I don’t think I was very chivalrous or fearless. I think I wanted him to hide behind another character and the DM forced me to charge at a dragon because it was more IC. Needless to say I’m not sure if he made it or not it gets all hazy thinking back that far.

2005-05-13, 02:21 PM
Ananda, half elven Beast-rider ranger

2005-05-13, 03:28 PM
Kraiben Dumenour

An Elven Druid, he reached the 12th level just before the DM decided he couldn't be bothered any more and gave up...

2005-05-13, 03:50 PM
Human paladin with the Inquisitor Kit from AD&D. I loved the inquisitor.

2005-05-13, 07:07 PM
I can't remember my first character at all....

I know it was a girl, cause I always play girls. And at some point in the course of our game she had a Vorpal Sword, cause there was the 'vorpal sword incident' which although it's been 13 years, my friends -still- bring up.

And that's all I remember.

2005-05-14, 12:00 AM
Vrick Talith, half-silver dragon human ranger. He, well, had a "climbing accident". :-/

2005-05-14, 12:17 AM
My first pensil-and-paper character was Wes Lee, the "Scream". He was a Screamed in the 'Brave New World' roleplaying game, and after a total of seven sessions managed to perish after defeating seven other deltas; his killer also died in the process, having tackled him out of a window in a very tall office building.

For Dungeons and Dragons, however, my first character was Dmitri the Barbarian. His intelligence was terrible, having rolled a 3. My DM decided that I was not intelligent enough to pick up my supplies after purchasing them for all of my money. My first encounter against a pack of goblins failed miserably due to a lack of equipment and proper instruction on how to play the game. That, and the fact that Dmitri could not count how many opponents he was fighting.

2005-05-14, 01:56 AM
I don't remember my first characters. I started in the box sets. They must not have gotten far. The first character I can remember was from the box sets his name was Garth von Hendricks, Fighter extraordinaire. He made it to 13th level and was extremely powerful however the DM ran out of ideas and the campaign was canceled.

2005-05-14, 03:13 AM
My first character was a premade character named Darkblade(I think), he was a human fighter that came with the 1st ed. boxed set that my friends had over at their house. It only took one game to get me hooked.

2005-05-14, 10:55 AM
Astra Bladesong, Elven Bard.

She got to level nine before being eaten by something rather large and horrid, I forget what exactlly.

2005-05-14, 11:37 AM
My first character was a storm mage in a mate's system (loosley based on vampire, except it didnt work at all) called Bontieux. Those were the days, just three of us, two players and one DM... great stuff.

2005-05-14, 12:02 PM
Well, I started playing DND when I was 4, so this might be a little embarrasing: Derek the Detective Ranger... stop laughing >:(

2005-05-14, 12:04 PM
Aww! That's so cute! :)

Sorry, but it is...

2005-05-14, 08:48 PM
Hmm, my first character would have to be a Dwarf barbarian. He died to a troll at 4th level. I may have told the story before, but he almost beat the troll when the druid entangled us both. Troll broke free and killed me.

2005-05-15, 03:08 AM
Its a bit unorthodox but my first ever character was an Ethereal Filcher Paladin named Jowazn. To be honest I have rarely played a PHB race bercause in our group we essentially play any class/race combo we can imagine. I and a few of my friends allow monsters in their games because our DnD games are more like Star Wars in content of racial variance... :P

Jowazn got to level 10 before being killed by a Temporal Filcher Blackguard. DM liked to design opposing NPC's for each of our characters.

2005-05-15, 10:09 AM
I was Cade, a halfing rouge/seer(homebrew) who isn't dead yet but hey its only been about a year anyway... :-[

2005-05-15, 03:50 PM
the first one i made was a level 1 human wizard...
the first one i played for any length of time was a level 5 elven ranger...

2005-05-16, 09:45 AM
My 1st character was a Shadowrun mage. I don't remember his name as he didn't survive the 1st play session...

My 2nd ever character is still 'alive' today though ;)

2005-05-17, 10:53 AM
My first character was an elf fighter/wizard. He went from level 1 to 13. But the campaign eventually died out.

2005-05-17, 10:23 PM
My first real character ive played for any real amount of time is Robertson. Hes an Aasimar horizon walker/ ranger at 11th level

2005-05-18, 12:44 AM
An elf named Aragorn - back in the days when 'elf' was a class in and of itself (and boy was I annoyed when I got to the higher levels and found out that levels stopped for elves, dwarves and halflings but kept going for humans).

2005-05-18, 01:29 AM
kyna, eventually kyna honorspell when she was knigted
elven wizard

2005-05-18, 01:52 AM
while reading the whole topic before posting creates more informed responses i think two should be fine and get me a little closer to my next rating.

anywho (curse you graham milldrum, wherever you are)
due to the distance we had to drive to play, this particular two year campaign only gained kyna 9th level before my brother and i moved, nearly halving the party. it was second edition and i think the higest level anyone in the party reached was in the low double digits. (maybe 12th)
we had a good run though. we stopped the evil wizard brother of the king from slaying his nephew in a ritual that would summon an evil god. the king knighted all of us and we smote a green dragon in order to gain our co-owned keep we had won by pooling cards from a much abused deck of many things.
i think i just realized how munchkin nathan (our dm) let that campaign become.

2005-05-18, 03:21 AM
as long as we're posting on other systems:

the year before we moved and i got cut off from my first gaming group i had picked up the werewolf and vampire rulebooks.
i can't remember my werewolf character too well, i think he was a stargazer philidox. i remember i gave him nearly full ranks in the werewolf shapechanging martial art. we only played one session that ended with the three of us licking our wounds from a couple of fomorian cop's guns in the middle of central park.

vincent, my gangrel from vampire never actually got any game play because i either trashed his character sheet or gave it to my friend that had gmed the werewolf session along with my books.

just this year my friend at college (graham) introduced some of us to shadow run and pendragon.
my shadowrunner was a cougar shapeshifter that really didn't have a great deal of skills to offer the group. i shot things well and refused to die. (never underestimate regeneration) after a contest of wills with a termite spirit i decided to retire to the chek republic, and i'm still the only one in the crew with a real sin.

in pendragon i had a cymric warrior named Buddfanan who died after only a few short sessions despite his starting sword skill that would make galahad have impure thoughts. maybe i'm sending my dice mixed signals.

i may be posting again in the fall with a d20 black company character.

2005-05-18, 03:31 AM
there was also a sayan based character i had started to work on for some system that ryan (my friend from the original group who was the storyteller for the werewolf gaming session) owned. but right now i'm getting tired and it's been nearly five years, so i can't remember anything more about the system or the character at the moment. meh

2005-05-18, 06:33 PM
My first character was an Elf, sorcerer. We started at 4th level and were going through a 2nd Ed module that was being converted to 3.0. My character was a terrible drunkard. I also picked mostly utility spells because I thought they sounded cool. I also mad a called shot to an Ogre's head killing it instantly. Placed a crown of rage on my head, contracted a terrible black veiny disease that kills you in 4 days. But I also gained immortality, and shortly after the game never resumed.

2005-05-18, 11:01 PM
My first would be Bix, a 3.5 ed (newbie I know) human Rogue super-focused in ranged attacks and (explosive) alchemy skills. He didn't die before the campaign ended (DM had to stop due to external corcumstances), although he came mighty close a couple times.

Favorite moment? Using a giant unholy bomb (that I made) with ingredients including a child's heart and the blood of an unwilling dragon to assasinate a major priest, in the process knocking down three large towers and killing everyone inside all of them--and keeping my neutral alignment due to elaborate circumstances.

2005-05-22, 01:13 PM
My first character was Ranoa, a name I got reading my first (and only) Floyd comic. Floyd the wizard gets some bracers slapped on him that prevent him from using magic, and he exlcaims "Great Ranoa!" A couple days later, I whined, moaned, yelled, and got my older brother to run a campaign for me. First step was to pick a name, and that comic was the most recent DnD related thing I had read, so I chose Ranoa to be my char's name, since I'm crap with name-creation and couldn't think of one myself.

Ranoa became an Elven Fighter/Wizard with a draconically themed sword, copper dragon in particular. It allowed him to shoot the copper dragon breath weapon out of the sword, and temporarily transform into a small copper dragon. Ranoa also had a wyrmling copper dragon pet/companion. Looking back, this might have been my brother trying to shut me up, since it was extremely overpowered for my level. I went with Elf since this was way back in AD&D, and elves were, as I now realize, overpowered. At the time I was young, and a Munchkin, so I just went for what seemed like the 'best' race. Also, I'm a big Zelda fan, and Link has pointy ears.I went for the bladesinger kit, it also looked like the best one.

Ranoa's 3.5 incarnation is Ranoa Lianodel, a Spellsword, with an acidic longsword and a copper dragon familiar, using the Dragon Familiar feat in the Draconomicon. More balanced this way. That first character might be why I like version 3 over AD&D so much, because multiclassing is a lot easier to understand and use.

2005-05-22, 02:36 PM
Phew! My very first character was a short-lived wizard back in AD&D. He soloed the first adventure in the starter pack, and died on the first combat in the second adventure. I don't even remember his name.

The first memorable character I played I started in September of 2002. Ah, I remember it well. I'd bought the 3.0 PHB on a whim (having been out of playing D&D for about 3 years at the time), hoping that I'd find some people to play with at university. Luckilly, there's a whole society here! So I signed up for a game - the only game being run that term - and was among 16 people making characters. There were quite a few characters. Humans, drow, centaurs, half-celestials, an orc, and my character. I decided that I wanted to be different, I wanted a character who would stand out among the wizards, clerics, and fighters.

So I picked a halfling barbarian.

I decided that in order for him to be at least semi-realistic, he'd have to have a convoluted and probably confused path. I decided that he was kidnapped as an infant from his village, and that the orcs were going to sacrifice him at some point. However, they forgot he was a halfling, so when he stopped growing...they got quite confused. Shortone eventually became part of the tribe - for a time - but was eventually kicked out for not being cruel enough.

To this day he's damned convinced he's an orc, just a more different orc. His favoured weapon is a flaming burst vicious keen mercurial greatsword. His AC, on a good day, is 21 (at 16th level). Shortone doesn't have Power Attack, instead he has Dodge, Mobility, and Elusive Target. He relies on his large strength (30 when raging) and his large damage (5d6+16 base) to finish battles quickly. And when he criticals...ooh, whatever he hits turns to goo.

2005-05-22, 04:42 PM
Easy enough. His name was Ryver, half-elf fighter.

He died, though. Exploded. At first level. At least, that's what I think it means when the DM says, "We're starting over. Make new characters."

Oh well. Years later, I learned how much easier 3E is.

2005-05-23, 11:55 PM
Welll we didn't really know what we were doing (it was my 6th birthday party) so my Elf (it was a class at the time) was named Jimbo and died when a Ruby dragon rolled over on him (and that DM never did get any better figureing out relative position/movment/space/time interactions.....led to all sorts of problems for the next 8 years we played together).

EDIT: Parenthesis, some spelling, and punctuation mistakes to fix. And at the time there were only 3 alignments Lawful, Neutral, and Chaotic...hense why in Firstquest games in later editions there are still Chaos Knights and Chaos Mages etc.

2005-05-24, 01:59 PM
my first charicter was an elven ranger (like the one i'm playing now) i decided that i didn't need a helmet not noticing the harm (he later died of a blow to the head from an ogre) :-[

2005-05-25, 08:36 PM
Well, I was going to say Balthor the dwarven Barbarian. But I was actually Bipple Kneesplitter the Gnome Barbarian that lived precicly one session. Yep I got taken down on my first night ever playing. I miss that name.

2005-05-25, 11:10 PM
Mine was Nasrudith Sylvian, an elf druid the campaign just ended up dieing once it was moved to PBP.

2005-05-26, 12:06 AM
well....since i was a newbie joining a campaign of 6th level characters....my dm decided it was unfair to join me as a first level...so he let me be a special class. Her name is Gwendolyn, she is a centaur who started out at level 5. hehehe. (she totally kicks ass btw).

2005-06-22, 09:41 AM
my first char was an elven ranger with a strength of 18 and a mighty +0 bow everyone looking at mestrangely now, we didn't know how mighty worked yet so we just named it mighty and left it at that

2005-06-22, 12:33 PM
dueguar (sp) fighter. He made it all the way through lvl 1 (almost). The adventure consisted of all the characters having no equipment and 1 hp.

I ended up trying and succeeding in killing the female drow magic user(party member). Used charm person off the bat on me. It didn't end well when the spell wore off. Hence, the part where I killed the other PC.

For some reason, we changed GMs after that.

But our small group did stupid stuff like that. One very short lived campaign consisted of two martial artists (the PCs) meeting each other on the road, refusing to yield the road to each other, and then killing each other. They remade characters rather quickly and started the real game after that.

2005-06-22, 09:38 PM
A-DnD: Arent, NG, Half elf, Ranger, wears chainmail, mainly an archer but can also be a front line fighter.

2005-06-22, 10:17 PM
OK My first character was a gnome fighter in AD&D 2nd... We stripped away the level restritions for racial and well when we ended the campaign I was the lowest level somewhere around 40th...:)

2005-06-23, 03:05 AM
Nuturion, elven rogue. He's lvl 11, almost 12 now, preparing to take levels as a thief-acrobat. Nail down anything worth stealing, his skill in slight of hand is twenty before rolling. ;D

2005-06-23, 09:14 AM
Boxed Paperback D&D Ruleset

Dwarven Fighter - Ash

Died... a slow and painful death in a pool of lava.

Malachi, the Lich King
2005-06-23, 10:52 AM
1st Ed AD&D, basic human fighter. Made it to about 6th or 7th level before we scrapped the 'campaign' [not much of a world when you're 9 yrs old]

Ego Slayer
2005-06-23, 10:54 AM
Half-elf druid named Arwen, 5th level I think.

I died getting hit with around 52 points of damage within 6 in game seconds. We were in the dark and the Warmage (I don't remember if that's exactly what he was, lol) missed his taget and hit me with a critical scorching ray and then I ran and the fighter thought the thing that was running past him (me) was the demon wer were fighing and killed me (I had 2hp left when I ran). It was quiet a horrific death I'd say. ;D

2005-06-23, 11:04 AM
My first character currently resides in a PbP campaign on these very boards. He's Rahim al-Barani, a LG 3rd-level Cleric of Torm (I wanted him to be a cleric of Heironeous, but the campaign setting was FR and, despite the War domain, Tyr just seemed too power-crazed for the character). I have a special affinity for Rahim, and I think he'll be making repeat appearances in many incarnations when I finally join a gaming group.

2005-06-23, 11:33 AM
Huh. I'm not really sure what my first character was.
I think I had a sorcerer.

The first one I remember was an Azer sorcerer, very shortly thereafter. My cousin played an Azer fighter. WE didn't understand ECL, and thought that their ECL equaled their class levels. Mostly we bashed things, which wasn't a lot of fun for me. I was better at bashing than spellcasting at 4th level, or whatever, but he bashed better than I did.

We later got a human cleric of Nurell (I can't spell it, but you know what God I mean) player by Paul. We then spent most of the game rescuing him from followers of other gods after he defaced their sanctuaries.

The cousin playing the fighter was DMing too, and wasn't very good (which I don't hold against him -- I'm worse), but was very enthusiastic. He has most of the books memorized, it seems, even the non-factual parts.
I clearly remember hearing him say, "Paul is a Player Character Out of Control."
Which, as I recall, is the exact name of one of the sections of the DMG.

2005-06-23, 12:17 PM
Elf Ranger (3.5 edition). Not the two weapon wielding kind, the archery. He got to level 16 before the campaign ended and had an eagle animal companion. Never died, although he did get KOed once or twice.

Oh, if we're going by other games as well, my first Star Wars d20 character was (and still is since I'm still in that campaign) a Duro Scoundrel. I accidentally shot our Wookie Jedi and nearly killed him once, and he's the only character that can heal others.

2005-06-23, 12:24 PM
the VERY first char was an air genasi thief, Ad&d first edition. I barely knew what an air genasi was! In fact that wasn't my char, but another player's one (that left the campaign).

The REAL first char was an human rogue :D

Winged One
2005-06-23, 06:11 PM
My first D&D character...well, I'm still playing him, if you mean the first one I managed to play(I quit one campaign before I started). Maximillion Bluespawn, misanthropic human sorcerer who is going to become a dragon desciple at the first opprotunity.

2005-06-23, 06:23 PM
My first character was pretty messed up, we didnt know how to play dnd, but the dm was really good at making up stories

first character: Half-gold dragon/human fighter, set the bar on fire with a breath attack, killed too many people, alcohol is flamable... and so are elves I guess...

mmm...roasted elf..*chomp*

2005-06-23, 06:59 PM
To tell the truth I'm surprized how many people got started back the "Drawf is class" day that show up here.

2005-06-23, 09:38 PM
My first character was my namesake on these boards, Armus Strongarm (Named after the Skin of Evil from an episode of Star Trek TNG). At first he was just a human fighter, but over play time he eventually became a wizard, and created an elixir to turn himself into an elf for the longer life span. Eventually becoming a king, his end never really came, he simply had amassed enough power, to pierce the veil and become a god. Currently he exists as the supreme deity in my personal campaign world.

2005-06-24, 12:11 AM
That's pretty cool, actually. 8)

2005-06-24, 01:46 AM
My first was in AD&D 2nd; Silverthorn, an Elf Warrior(w/Archer Kit) That I actually managed a natural 18/100% for his strength. He quickly earned the nickname 'Bazooka Boy' after getting a composite longbow that allowed him to use his +6 damage bonus, and a half-dozen +3 Arrows.

Survived a DM that went AWOL at sixth level, and made it to 11th, only to have the gaming group disolve. Most of us play Dark Age of Camelot now - MMORPGs are easier on the schedule :-)

2005-06-24, 02:57 AM

Don't quite remember my actual first PC, was too long ago (1988, with the original D&D boxed set). I'm pretty sure it was a wizard of some kind. Never died, as we played without having read the rules, and the campaign later abandonned in '89 for AD&D 2nd ed.

Of that 2nd Campaign, I remember my two characters (played at the same time, we were ambitious)

- Eanna, female grey-elf wizard that got to level 9. She arguably died, but I can't reveal how. Was later retired when she reached level 10, making her the highest level PC I had for almost 10 years.

- Cheetah (no relation to Tarzan) the wild elf fighter, died as we discovered that Dragons had breath weapon (we never bothered reading the full description before that time). Later retired at level 8 or so.

2005-06-25, 01:58 AM
Wait...that sounds exactly like what happened in the Casual Gamers comics...which would lead me to conclude that you, Flouzemaker, are the creator of that strip! w00t! (Yes, I know, I am a regular Sherlock Holmes...) I am a big fan of your comics. ;D

2005-06-25, 03:13 AM
Hey. I checked that comic out. It's pretty funny.

2005-06-25, 04:53 PM
My first character was a (1e) thief...i don't remember his name but i remember he had a pot of magical fireflies or something. I was like 10.

2005-06-25, 09:55 PM
Ah, mine was from 1st ed D&D, I was a Cleric with a Mace of dissruption, plate mail, and sheild.
No idea what her name was.( I played female characters on a few occations, and she always had a charisma of 18 ) ;D. Ah, those were the days when you go into a tavern and you see a notice on the board sayin ' adventurers wanted '

2005-06-25, 10:04 PM
Ah, those were the days when you go into a tavern and you see a notice on the board sayin ' adventurers wanted '

Still can....just less often....ex] either of the two adventures districts of sharn, of Breland, of Khorvaire, of Eberron. (reads like a funky address)

2005-06-25, 10:17 PM
It was just the way in the old days
DM - You're in the Goblins Armpit Inn, there are ( counts number of pc's, adds few more ) 5 other people in the Inn, plus a blonde, busty barmaid and a short fat bar keeper. You walk over to the noticeboard where 3 other people are gathered ( looks as pc's characters ). they are a dwarf, and elf and a fighter. You see a notice stuck there saying ' adventurers wanted '.

Jesus, I can't believe I just remembered all of that :-[

2005-06-25, 10:23 PM
My first official character (that I actually acknowledge) was named Frenchy McSpiff. He was a bard who loved playing his bagpipes. However, he had about zilch ranks for playing his bagpipes (he was amazing with the guitar though), and if anyone insulted his bagpipe playing……well he carried a battle axe for a reason. After one particularly poor performance in which the resident lord insulted him, he killed about 4 guards before getting put down.

2005-06-25, 11:04 PM
My first character was a one-eyed paladin, I think he was named Oswald Von Sturm. We played through the Caves of Shadows game. I stripped off all my clothes, dressed up a dead orc in them and jiggled him on the end of a spear as a diversion (long story).

We made it to level two before school ended (in 2002) and the group broke up. Happily though, the group got back together last year and we've been playing ever since.

Oh, does anybody know what adventure this module was a part of? I had always thought it was a stand alone adventure, but the other day somebody mentioned it as part of a much larger series.

2005-06-27, 03:44 AM
Mine was Territh, the human fighter who started from a level one cave raider, and worked his way into the lord of a small purchase of land, I finally retired him around level twenty four because I got level drained. In basic it took a lot of experience to level up, and so, you know, I got a little bored with the character.

2005-06-27, 05:01 AM
My first character was Aramil Nailo, an elven cleric, very shortly followed by Socrates, an elven rogue. Because my group had only 3 people, we each had two characters (one player dm'd). Role playing suffered because I could only effectively play one at a time. They were both retired at level 7

2005-06-27, 10:07 AM
My first character was a chaotic evil half-elf sorcerer. Named Daramaust.

2005-06-27, 11:07 AM
Kelpi De'Burrows, halfling fighter/rogue (2nd edd). After going around and ammassing much experience, he and his companions decided to go to the tomb of horrors.. Big mistake! He ended up falling through a portal to the Elemental Plane of Fire. I wonder if his frostbrand short sword would keep him alive there?

2005-06-27, 11:25 AM
My first PC is a Rogue human going to be a Dragonkith.

2005-06-27, 11:39 AM
Mine was a "strong" and sort of "dumb" wizard in D&D Boxed Paperback D&D Ruleset by 1997..
He went up to level 5 (which was the highest level achiable in the box released here in Brazil :P)

Powerful he was, being able to cast 2 level 1 spells, 2 level 2 spells and 1 (fireball) level 3 spell...

He was hanged for trying to sell a merchant a "really powerful stone against gargoyles" (actually, a rock with daylight spell cast on it, but at least the gargoyles belived and fled. :-[)

By the way, in our very first encounter, he was almost killed by a goblin who dealt 6 points of damage against his healthy 2 hp... :-/

Too bad I can even remember his name...

2005-06-27, 01:07 PM
I don't remember what my first character was, but I'm pretty sure his name was Elrond. ::)

2005-06-27, 03:43 PM
Wait...that sounds exactly like what happened in the Casual Gamers comics...which would lead me to conclude that you, Flouzemaker, are the creator of that strip! w00t! (Yes, I know, I am a regular Sherlock Holmes...) I am a big fan of your comics. ;D

You are indeed a master of the deductive arts, FuzzyMaster! You put Hercules Poirot's little gray cells to shame! ;)

2005-06-28, 05:42 AM
My first character was a 3rd Edition D&D Human Fighter named Kumamorm Voxshadow. He hailed from a fishing village and was quickly drawn into the adventuring life in what started as a few kidnappings and turned into a massive battle for (of course) the fate of the world.

Kumamorm never died (although he came close a few times), and unfortunately the campaign ended before the villain could be slain. He ended as a 12th level character, with ten levels in Fighter and another two in a homebrew Prestige Class: Knight of the Serpent.

Alas...Kuma was a good character. Had quite a few nifty trinkets to his name too, probably three different swords of various types. I miss him. He wasn't my best character, but he was my first...everybody loves their first character. Well, I hope they do anyway.

2005-06-28, 08:53 AM
The Great Wizard, Walt [I don't remember his last name], famous for nearly burning half the party to death on the very first day. Memo for the future: never cast Burning Hands while hiding underneath a bush in the middle of the forest.

I don't think he died. The game ended a few sessions after that, because the DM didn't have time to work on it.

2005-06-28, 11:23 AM
My first character was Thrangar the Minotaur. He eventually reached 3rd level but the campaign died.

2005-06-28, 02:52 PM
Matsutaruno Mori, a 2ed ninja (read: thief that didn't steal stuff) that found himself in a European-style culture after fleeing west when his family was slaughtered by a rival clan. He looked really cool, but rarely had a chance to let his skills shine and could almost never connect on an attack. Except for the time that he single-handedly whupped up on the two hellhounds with his bo (you know, an oriental quarterstaff...) when the party's fighter went down. The campaign ended mid-adventure (investigating a castle for clues when we were attacked by the said hellhounds) when the DM remembered a previous engagement and had to leave in a hurry. Shortly thereafter, he got a job, and we never resumed. All I know is that we were in a mysterious castle, the interior thereof all on fire due to the hellhounds, with an unconscious fighter, a badly-wounded wizard, a horny and mostly worthless thief, and my ninja. Then all of the sudden, the universe winked out of existence.

2005-06-28, 11:20 PM
Snagnar Valdarsson, 2E Bard (Skald)... *sigh* Those were the days...

2005-06-29, 12:55 AM
Like sands through the hour glass....

My first charater is my namesake - Caedmon. We started by using some books that had the "to hit" system all back to front with a 1 being critcal hit. My character excelled making it to level 3 before we converted to D&D. Unfortunately my dice rolling skills didn't change. I still kept rolling a lot of 1's :( The group I was involved with campaigned almost 24/7 for 8 months! This allowed our charaters to become like members of the family and rise up through the ranks. Caedmon is still around but he is now a deity in his own right, taking over from Celestion the God of travel when we ousted the incumbent pantheon.

2005-06-29, 03:53 AM
Hmm... first character... first post. Seems appropriate.

I think my very first character was an elf from the old red D&D books. I'm pretty sure I only played him once... if ever.

My first character that was actually part of a real campaign was Kalandrian, a 2nd ed. elven bladesinger. Bladesinging (as both a kit and a related skill) allowed for some pretty crazy bonuses, which my character highlighted quite effectively. This character was the reason my DM banned bladesinging from all future campaigns.

Alas, Kalandrian rolled a natural 20 on a Dex check to avoid falling into a hidden pit (high is bad for this kind of check in 2nd ed.). This was followed immediately by one of his fellow adventurers rolling a natural 20 on a Dex check to catch him. So into the pit he fell... a pit lined with animated hands... all armed with punch-daggers (twisted freakin' DM). Needless to say, he was sushi before he hit the ground.

He was reincarnated as an elven fighter/mage, so he naturally returned to his bladesinging ways and continued with the party until the campaign ended.

2005-06-29, 04:23 AM
I came to gaming late (18 ) and the GM pre-genned a 1/2 elven fighter/thief for me that he called Laurana as "I didn't know nuttin' about nuttiin' " about elves except for Tolkien at the time (I subsequently found where that name came from :) when I started reading my friend's fantasy books)

That ended up being toasted by a real dragon in a theme-park of polymorphed-ant-into-dragons that had snuck in for a laugh

(Think of Original Star Trek's 'Shore Leave')

And ended up being given a human body cursed with lycanthropy as the owner didn't have enough levels to res a crispy pile of ash (I sooo didn't save... )

Thus began a long obsession with Neutral Good...

My callsign is from University days, however, and a Historical Rolemaster game set around the time of Edward the Second (red hot poker, anyone?) where my 1st lvl Mentalist character was doing my damndest not to get married to one of his stooges... needless to say, it went 'weird' when the magic started flying around...


2005-06-30, 02:14 AM
My first character was a Dark Elf Rogue named Dalharil D'Oloth which means Daughter of Darkness in Drow. I had uncanny luck with rolling 20s. Eventually our DM got bored with the party and had us all automatically eaten whole by a pair of White Dragons.

My second character was a human Rogue named Ullii (from my favorite book, Geomancer) And she went through hell. She died so very often, and every time she died, this demon creature would appear and offer her power if I signed his scroll. Eventually I just signed it, because it was obvious that the DM was aching to do whatever he wanted to do with me. Yea, my character got turned into an "Abissal Weed" where I wondered the 7th level of hell for eternity.

We actually came across Ullii the Abissal Weed in another campaign with the same DM, and I killed her finally with my Human Shadow Dancer. Take that, weed!


2005-06-30, 09:03 AM
My first few characters were pre-gens... However, the first character I created on my own was an Albino Drow whose name is Delhar d'Oloth, which meant 'Child of Darkness' in Drow (/waves at Estrogen... that is too freaky). Delhar multi-classed with Fighter/Mage/Thief. The unique factor to Delhar is that I rolled high enough to grant him those psionic wild talents (anyone remember those?). This proved to be exceptionally fun and unique for the time (this was back in 1982).

His story is long and he has survived many adventures... the character never died, simply retired.

2005-06-30, 01:24 PM
LOL!!! Wow, that's an amazing coincidence (sp?)! Gotta love the internet and it's vast resources eh? lol :D

2005-07-02, 03:29 PM
Hah, I only have one. Course, only having been playing for a few months might have something to do with that.

Anyway, he is an Elven Druid by the name of Gelderon.

2005-07-04, 02:48 PM
An elven ranger, back in 2ed, but I didnt play it long, so it never made first level. :(

2005-07-04, 03:05 PM
Anxe the Elven Rogue Wizard. He always stole form the party as the usual rogue does. Got spanked pretty bad once. The party thought I'd gotten out of hand so they chopped off my head and then resurected me saying, "Don't do it again." I'd post his stats and equipment but that would take to long...

2005-07-04, 08:33 PM
9th level halfling fighter when died (v. 3.5) unfortunatly died jumping a chasm after sropping my stuff to be lighter, apparently a sorcerer cast a very strong windwall half way through the chasm, landed and lived with -9 hp, cleric couldnt reach me in time but i stabalized myself instantaeniously (bad spellin) about 3 turns away when a cave demon devoured me

2005-07-05, 05:18 PM
Hmmm...first characters, huh?

Mine was a Dwarven bard, Doras Blindshield. He was Lvl. 8 when he died, and he died mainly because everyone else in the group hated him. You see, they all play stereotypical characters and since i was the odd one out, they plotted to kill him constantly. Mainly by throwing area spells at opponents he was in melee with. I believe (if I remember right) that he was killed by a rogue fireball that just happenned to come his way when he had about 5 hp left. He died fairly fast.

2005-07-06, 07:16 AM
Cindy the Snipe, elf fighter/thief back in 1980. Got to about 2/3 or 3/4 I think before that game folded.

Got told off by the DM for not blindly jumping into a black circle on the wall that could just as easily have been a sphere of annihilation as a portal. "A fighter always bravely walks in" my ass. Same DM who I annoyed at the end of the game by spoiling his wizards (our opponent) dramatic arrival behind a duststorm by being hunkered down behind my prone horse with my bow aiming into the incoming wind and shooting his butt half full of holes as the wind stopped for the Big Reveal. I enjoyed that immensely, even if in retrospect I was probably being a bit dense as to whether combat was even supposed to happen in that encounter... :P


2005-07-06, 09:30 PM
Morgana Austwich; started off as a level 1 fighter and ened up as a level 2 skeleton. Our party stumbled across a society of goblins, who were not best pleased when our Cleric decided to give the Goblin King an insight into the power of St. Cuthbert. Ramapging up the stairs, we all started into combat and soon fell to the enemies power. Except for the Kobold and the other, more cowardly, cleric among our number, who dragged my body out, performed distrubing acts on her and then rose her body into a skeleton. That was the end of my fighter, she was cool though.

2005-07-07, 12:27 AM
First actual or first played? The first one I made was some 1st edition thief. First one played was Black Mage, a sorcerer. ( I am normally a DM though.)

2005-09-21, 05:53 PM
Halfing Psion. my favorite part of any game is when we'd be in a battle sequence, i'd always pick fights with the biggest guy, poor NPC never saw it coming...

2005-09-22, 12:47 AM
My very first character, when I first learned how to play D&D from an ex-boyfriend, was a "magic-user" named Rhiannon (yeah, the song by Fleetwood Mac had just come out). The only thing I really remember about that campaign was that over half the party got killed off in a deadly dungeon, leaving me and another guy who was close to death's door, knocking loudly.

We had no map and were totally lost. We came upon a 20' x 20' square room with a door centered on each wall. Not wanting to go directly across, we headed for the door to our left. It didn't help. We still set off the trap and the floor gave way under our feet, sending us plunging into the nameless depths. A phrase from "Secrets of Mana" would apply here: "Sadly, no trace of their party was ever found..."

Good grief, that was almost thirty years ago! :D

2005-09-22, 09:36 AM
It's hard to remember that far back...but I believe that I played my first character in Keep on the Borderlands. (Yes, I've played for that long) :)

It was a Magic User named Leinad.

He was eaten by the owlbear.

2005-09-22, 09:59 AM
It's hard to remember that far back...but I believe that I played my first character in Keep on the Borderlands. (Yes, I've played for that long) :)

It was a Magic User named Leinad.

He was eaten by the owlbear.

Hey going back a bit, but I share this experiance with you.
I was an Elf (a class in those days) but I was equally attractive snack food for the dreaded Owlbear.
The days before CR, Mr Gygax expected parties of Eight, wrote the adventures accordingly, and the characters, usually four or so, would generally bite the big one.
Happy days

*Sinks into nostalga*

2005-09-22, 03:50 PM
Eoin, Human barbarian, spiked chain wielder. Aah, the memories. He never died, but our campaign did at the end of that summer :/

Spiked chains are fun. ^_^

2005-09-23, 12:42 PM
This will date things right away..... First character was a human thief named "Han". He was named for a certain space based rouge who had just made his debut on the big screen in a little movie called "Star Wars." (Yes, the original, episode IV A New Hope :P)
Any how, after having walked 10, 20, 30 feet down a 'standard 10' by 10' stone corridor', he came to a door. And what did he do? He listened! Like all good characters did at every door in those days! And what did he do next? He failed his roll, and didn't hear anything. That was shortly followed by additional poor dice rolling, and the sound of his short sword falling to the ground as two orcs dispatched our ill fated hero!

2005-09-23, 12:51 PM
My 1st character was a Human 4Rog/3wiz called Burne who had a profession skill of 20 in Innkeeping !!

2005-09-23, 02:03 PM
Coleman, a Chaotic Good human wizard (evoker) for a 2nd edition game

He cast fireball, magic missle, fly and cloudkill. He had other spells, he just didn't use them.

The Vorpal Tribble
2005-09-23, 03:05 PM
Ooh, my first is still one of my favorites. An albino half-elven rogue.

I updated him from his original 2nd ed to 3.5 and entered him in the 1st Level Character Creation Contest over on Wizards the other day. Come take a look:

2005-09-24, 11:34 AM
Taklinn Mithrilbones, dwarven fighter fought off swarms of hive spiders as my first 3e character, my first 2e, the one I am currently playing with, is El Cuchillo, (the knife in Spanish), a theif that I'm working towards Swashbuckler.

2005-09-25, 09:16 AM
My first character was a superpowed GURPS version of myself. Silly game, didn't last long. Psionics are fun, though.

2005-09-26, 06:31 PM
All my DnD experience, and truthfully most of my experience with gaming in general (mostly weird homebrew LARPs that grew out of childhood games) is DMing experience, so I have few characters to call my own.

My first table top character was in the playtest of an associate's experimental system.

The name was Kenju, but he was better known as the awesome "Ninja Assasin Frogman". He was far from the strongest PC in the campain-- due to poor starting rolls and worse rolls later on-- but his ninja stealth and caution made him, the only guy to survive the entire campian. He was a space marine, with a decent background as a ninja before he joined the military, which promptly gave him some basic training as a demolitions specialist.

Do you know what happens when a ninja with a bag of explosives sneaks into an enemy held city?

Good times.... ;D

2005-09-26, 07:28 PM
My first character was a human fighter, 2e.

He caught an untimely end when, at the climax of the adventure, he attempted to talk through a fight with the main bad guy...the biggest orc in the tribe we were sent to eliminate.

"Listen, we can come to some sort of truce I'm sure. Perhaps you and your brethren woul-*SLICE!!*



2005-09-27, 09:35 AM
I haven't been playing all that long yet, four months now I believe, so my first character is still alive.

His name's Marcus, he's a thief who rolled some damn good stats (and this is 2nd we're talking about). He's currently lv. 5, and has once managed to talk his way out of being flattened by a Frost Giant Jarl. I was quite happy I had a half decent charisma that day.

His stats:

str. 16
dex. 18
con. 16
int. 16
wis. 10
cha. 14

2005-09-27, 10:55 AM
My first character ever was for a PbP campaign on these very forums. His name was Rahim al-Barani, a cleric of Torm with Arabic features ( originally planned for him to be a cleric of Heironeous, but the campaign was FR). He had grown up hoping to be a soldier, believing greatly in the might of the army and the doctrine of just war. Thus, he was in for a rude shock when he joined the army and found that it was bloody and merciless; worse yet, the war he had taken part in was for nothing more than control of a province. He rode out the rest of his tenure in the army somewhat disillusioned, and afterwards, left and became a cleric of Torm, just like his mother. He found Torm's philosophy of just war comforting, and after his time in the monastery was complete, he started going on missions, proving the righteousness of Torm through might.

The campaign ended up dying, but I've resurrected Rahim for another campaign. This time, he's the cleric of Heironeous I originally constructed him as.

2005-09-27, 11:32 AM
My first character was a 3E gnome illusionist, Dimble. I felt like I needed some grand background, so I worked up this huge story that involved Dimble planning to one day slay the Tarrasque single-handedly. My background stories have become more reasonable since then.

2005-09-27, 05:32 PM
My first character ever was for a PbP campaign on these very forums. His name was Rahim al-Barani, a cleric of Torm with Arabic features ( originally planned for him to be a cleric of Heironeous, but the campaign was FR). He had grown up hoping to be a soldier, believing greatly in the might of the army and the doctrine of just war. Thus, he was in for a rude shock when he joined the army and found that it was bloody and merciless; worse yet, the war he had taken part in was for nothing more than control of a province. He rode out the rest of his tenure in the army somewhat disillusioned, and afterwards, left and became a cleric of Torm, just like his mother. He found Torm's philosophy of just war comforting, and after his time in the monastery was complete, he started going on missions, proving the righteousness of Torm through might.

The campaign ended up dying, but I've resurrected Rahim for another campaign. This time, he's the cleric of Heironeous I originally constructed him as.


2005-09-27, 05:47 PM
Dude, chill. I was referring to a different campaign. The dead campaign started singing with the choir invisible before yours even came into being. In fact, your campaign is the one I remade Rahim for.

2005-09-27, 05:52 PM
Oh, whew. That make's me feel MUCH better.
Ok, anyway. My first Character was Barda, the wizard of light. He retired pretty early for my character's (around age 40) And had his son (my next character) Take up his adventuring career.
If you are currently particapating in Epic campaign, please do NOT scroll down, it will spoil my campaign,

Barda gets elected as president for a country founded in the middle of the campaign

2005-09-27, 07:24 PM
Uh..first character = Half Halfling Half Gnome Cleric with a riding dog named Bronco O.o; level 9

She died once because of a banshee bite to the leg but then was brought back to life by a passing necromancer with a gimp and an evil chicken for a pet named Yu-gi-oh..(damn chickens) then the campaign kinda stopped there :P

2005-09-27, 08:32 PM
Mine was... An AD&D Dwarven Fighter named... um... well, after one of the dwarves in the hobbit. I was so original.
I played in a campaign that lasted two days with my uncle DMing and my father and younger sister playing also. We had to rescue the princess (my sister's in-game sister) from an evil witch who kidnapped her. My father and I were the king's royal bodyguards for her royal highness my sister, who decided to set out after the witch.
My first 3.5 character (I've never made a v. 3) was a dwarven fighter named... um... you can guess the rest.
I like to think I've matured since those characters, and my current character is a maenad wilder 14/psion uncarnate 10/pyrokinetisist 1. I think of him as my ultimate munchkin character, because no normal weapons can touch him and he carries rods of negation (for magic weapons) and cancellation (for spells). ;)

2005-09-28, 11:56 AM
My very first RPG character was Ukaris, an Impala Rider in the RuneQuest system. She's still around somewhere; I retired her to play a different character.

My first D&D character was Thorn Strongwood, a half-elf ranger in AD&D. I played her for about 6 - 7 years. She was finally retired earlier this year, after being converted to 3.5 and playing through the Time of Troubles module. During the course of her adventures she discovered she was actually older than she thought, a full elf, and under a sort of glamer/memory modification to disguise her from minions of Bane and Myrkul.

To tell the truth, every PC I've ever played is still out there somewhere. I've never lost a character permanently. :)

Mortia De Luna Draco
2005-09-29, 03:07 AM
I am rather new to D&D, only been playing for 3 years now, but my first chaicture was Mortia De Luna Draco. He is a gold dragon accolite (half dragon with perks). He stood 7.5 feet tall, and weilds a 12 foot scythe. Currently he is at 23 level. I played him for about a year, and then retired him when I took over DMing the campains. I played him up to 21st level, and now he remains my favorite NPC. His levels are as follows;

8th lvl Sorrcer
10th lvl Gold dragon accolite

5th lvl arch mage

Also throught him, I found that soccerers do have a rage of sorts, like a barbairans, its called tensurs transformation. Take a half dragon sorrcerer, give him a 20 streinth, and then put him into tensurs transformation, it is kinda funny to watch. :)

If you want to veiw the levels of my obsession, follow the link here, http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=banter;action=display;num=1127700816 ;start=0#0
Sorry, dont know how to make it look pretty. If any one knows, feel free to educate me via PM

2005-09-29, 08:26 AM
Oh how it takes me back.

My first character was called THUDD, a Dwarf Fighter in a Middle Earth game many moons ago. His name deriving from the noise of his hammer caving in the skulls of any orcs. :)

I often think back to those days with fondness. How he would be the party pathfinder and leave markers for the rest like splintered trees(just to annoy the nature loving elves hehe).

I do wonder sometimes what became of him. ??? Unfortunately I had to abandon him. I do hope he finally found peace.

2005-09-29, 11:16 AM
My first character in a computer RPG was a sorcerer with a two-bladed sword. He died countless times. :(

The first table-top character was a cliché stealthy rangerish loner Wood Elven Warrior/Outlaw (Decipher's LOTR RPG) named Wolf. Even though he had been done countless times I kinda liked him. The campaign ended suddenly as the DM moved away.

2005-10-02, 08:33 PM
My first character..hmmm...that would be Riethaan, halfling rogue, made it to about er..level 5 I believe before my DM (my niece) moved out of town and my gaming days were ended for many years.

His most memorable moment: Running naked through a wheat field (he had just been clubbed over the head and robbed of everything he possesed), stomach empty and on the lookout for grub. He spotted a yummy looking bunny, searched around for something to use as a weapon, found a likely looking rock and was just about to lob it at hoppity hop when along comes a group of locals to harvest the wheat and BOY did everyone involved get a surprise. ;)

2005-10-05, 07:31 PM
my first character in NWN was a dwarven barbarian/rogue/ranger

dwarven battle train vs. orcs + barbarian rage + ranger favored enemy orcs + rogue sneak attack = instant death

2005-10-06, 09:57 AM
Jasper, elven fighter/rogue

2005-10-06, 07:36 PM
Lucas, Chaotic neutral rogue. No wait, that's me. ;D

I think my first character was a rogue. I just love the class.

2005-10-06, 08:13 PM
First EVER? A Kobold, straight out of the Monster Manual. But that was when I had a tenuous grasp on the game. My first player in a REAL campaign was Keebler Scheppen, a gnome cleric/dracolyte. He kicked ass (hence my username). He once rolled a natural 20 to enthrall a hydra, and only silliness can come of a gnome being required to keep a hydra occupied as it follows him through a dungeon.

2005-10-12, 02:21 PM
hmm, my first charactor was a fourth level Half-Orc Archery Fighter with an int of 6, he was also a chaotic evil cereal killer. ah, good times.

he caught Saalad fever and became a blue saalad. I guess he was happier that way.

2005-10-12, 02:36 PM
Wow... very first ever character was an Elf ranger, as I recall. This was before I knew what I was doing. Okay, I still don't know what I'm doing, but I don't know it better now. Can't remember the name, but I do remember once trying to shoot a beholder in the eye, and telling the GM that my shot should hit because I named my arrow Beauty, and well... Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder. Of course, the rest of the party is in its digestive tract...

2005-10-12, 03:53 PM
Mine was a chaotic evil gnome mage called Roberto (my middle name). He was killed by his team mates because i tricked all of them to sign away all their rights to me. And they all found me too evil, included the chaotic evil theif.

2005-10-12, 05:32 PM
My first -- and only -- character was... what was he called... Ah:

Gadzooks, a human mage. He got to... level 2. (This is second edition I'm talking about -- I think). His crowning achievement was looking like he might turn into a good character with enough time.

We stopped doing it, for some reason, and I've not yet had another opportunity. I could make such an opportunity, but that would require effort and things like that.

2005-10-13, 07:27 AM
This is my first character

2005-10-14, 10:27 PM
Robert the Rogue, accomponied by Hort Hammershield. Robert didn't see much play, and neither did Hort(my dad's character)

2005-10-15, 10:13 AM
Elec Mournbringer, now retired from active adventuring

Unstopable Elf fighter equiped with the best gear he could afford - +2 Mithril fullplate, +2 Shock Adamatine Greatsword and Composite longbow

the most level headed member of the party aside from the pseudo-goblin monk

2005-10-15, 12:31 PM
A half-orc barbarian with a Bandana and a thrill to kill

2005-10-15, 04:17 PM
I'm still playing my first character. It's a elf priest (cleric), which is almost lvl 9 now 8)

2005-10-15, 10:41 PM
My first character was this summer: A 3rd edition Half-Elf ranger. He was level 7. He never died, but I had to leave the campaign when I left for college. How he was got rid off IC: His friend ( a drunken master) was completely drunk after a fight and the party weapon master mutitated a corpse, cooked a chunk of it, and fed it to the drunken master as hamburger. My character didn't care at the time, as he was being driven insane by the fact his animal companion was a park's worth of pigeons, but when he lost his animal compaions and regained his saninity he was appalled by what had happened and left the party to return to his job with the circus.

2005-10-16, 02:37 AM
I had forgotten all about my first character until I saw this thread. First level fighter (AD&D 1st Edition). Died in his first encounter. He saw an Orc coming, I didn't know what an Orc was, so he climbed a tree. The Orc killed him. I can't remember how. Or what the fighter's name was. But having my character die in his first encounter when I didn't really understand how to play the game really set the tone for my role playing to come.

2005-10-16, 11:37 AM
My first character was way back when in basic D&D. It was an elf and i think he got to about lvl 7-9 or something like that. The name is lost in the mists of time (15 years or so has passed since then). I was introduced to D&D on a trip with some of my parent's friends and their sons. You just never forget the first character :). Oh, and he didn't die we just stopped playing. The last thing i remember us doing was raiding a bandit lair that contained - among other things - a dragon.

2005-10-17, 09:12 AM
(forgotten name) Human fighter? D&D books 1-3 + Greyhawk.
Also my first conversion, minifigs ?saxon? spearman.
Removed the spear, filed the armpit so the arm was no longer raised.
I wanted a figure who didn't have a drawn weapon.

2005-10-17, 09:15 PM
My first character?

Gralamin Shieldheart - level 3 wizard.
My first time playing D&D so long ago, even though it was 3rd edition but still..

2005-10-18, 02:17 PM
Durkon or something, level 2 half-dwarven wizard. Was mentally insane, and had some great fights with the full dwarf in the party.

2005-10-19, 07:54 PM
2nd ed. Half-elf Bard

Flute Silvertongue

Str - 17, Dex - 18, Con - 16, Int - 14, Wis - 10, Cha - 16
Beginners Luck in stat rolling I say ;)

Died at level 10. Squashed by Hill Giants. :'(

Decided to do a new character - w00t for Halfing Clerics!

2005-10-20, 06:50 AM
1st Edition Magic-User. Race and name long-forgotten. Got stabbed by a poison dagger on first adventure. Died.

2005-10-20, 07:01 AM
My first character was a fighter who used a bastard sword (katana) and short sword (wakizashi) named Taro. He got killed by mastiffs in a prison in a very, very, very brutal manner.

2005-10-20, 07:02 PM
First character for D&D would have be a Lizardman Ranger who ended helping the orcs instead of the human villages cuase they very polite to him ;D

My next character ended up being a drawf barbarian who was exploring the world in order to get away from his wife ;D

2005-10-20, 08:39 PM
First character was my Namesake, Amnistar. He was a human Paladin in 2nd edition, Human because...well...it was second edition and i thought it'd be fun to play a paladin. He got to level 1.5 and died in combat when he attempted to face a bugbear all by himself.

2005-10-20, 09:05 PM
I had my first character when I was eight or nine, and I didnt' have the best understanding of character creation, so he was a dwarf fighter theif (don't ask me how a first level character had to classes) and I innitially had him using a scimitar, but evenitually was talked into changing that to a battleaxe. He died during his first encounter when we got attacked by small goblin like things. I don't know what they were, because the DM said he couldn't pronounce their name, but I seem to remmeber their being a lot of x's and q's in it. I think we were using first edition, because the DM didn't like the newer ones. Might have been second though.

2005-10-21, 05:50 AM
Oh man...that's goin back a long long time. Ive been playing for 20+ years and more systems that any of care to contemplate. I'm gonn guess though that it may have been in the old Man, Myth and Magic system. I played an Oriental Shaman named Butch. My most frequent GM posts here and will accept his correction if my memory seems faulty.

2005-10-22, 08:49 AM
Actually, now that I think of it, my first character was a whiny, emo, 'my soul is as dark as my Nine Inch Nails t-shirt' kind of character who was a half orc fighter/rogue named Vyle.

I was a moody, depressed teen, what can I say.

2005-10-22, 06:01 PM
My first character was a human cleric, later prestige classed to hospitaler. Got to about level 15 I think. He didn't die, just stopped playing with him.

The Prince of Cats
2005-10-23, 09:18 AM
An elven fighter-mage (2nd ed) who suffered a max-damage critical hit to the groin with only a couple of hp left out of 7 total.

The DM ruled bisection...

2005-10-24, 09:18 AM
My first character was a 2nd ed. human bard. Her name was Indigo.

I only got to play her (in her original form) once though. The DM's parents told him D&D was Satanic so he couldn't play anymore--so he stopped. True story. There are some scary people out there.

I did eventually recreate her in 3rd ed many many years later but had played many other characters in different systems in the meantime. The first char I got to play through a whole campaign was a character for First Edition Wraith: the Oblivion (a Chaunteur, in fact, now that I think of it.... :D)

2005-10-25, 07:34 AM
My first character was a half-elf rogue. She got to about 7th level before the group didn't have any open time for half a year or so (>:(), and when we got back together, everyone wanted new characters.

2005-10-25, 04:31 PM
My first Character was a BESM d20 Averiel (I called her a half-fairy back then, since I didn't know about Averiels) Dynamic Sorceress, which basically distracted the bad guys in the one-shot that I was in to get away from the rest of the party by coming in through a different window. (I still remember the very bad ninja we had in the party and the leader necromancer, it was hilarious)

2006-01-25, 06:30 AM
My first character was a wild elf druid called Aust Liadon

His end, very simple. He had a curse embodied in his right arm, which would spread from time to time, causing him great pain. The campaign ended before it was ment to, but if it continued, the curse would have spread to his head, making him an evil manipulated phsycopath

2006-01-25, 11:00 AM
A general-purpose wizard (I forget his name) in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. He was saddled with a group of idiots which only survived from day to day due to his (and mine) ingenuity.

And of course, when I had to drop the game the group managed to get him imprisoned in a necromancer's dungeon, where he went insane and died.

2006-01-25, 12:20 PM
A 2nd edition Paladin named Taggerin with a Str of 18 73/00 and an int of 6. Many times the group wanted to do something I would consider amoral, and at that time one of the group members would distract me with something shiny, while the others desecrated a grave or mugged an old woman.

The group fell apart around 4th level I believe.

2006-01-25, 06:32 PM
I was a half elf cleric. She killed more orcs then my ranger did.. EVER! With the cleric, we've met 3 or 4 times. (we do it once every so often. It's hard because we all go to different universities and colleges) With the ranger, we met every other week for 3 or 4 months. So that just makes my ranger look worse!

2006-01-25, 08:26 PM
I had a human evoker mage in 2nd edition. He ended spectacually by being engulfled in his own fireball and proceeded to had his rod of passage explode with an interdeminsional ka-boom! There were no remains that were found on the prime plane or any nearby ones either.

2006-01-25, 09:09 PM
The first character I ever played was Tordek the dwarven fighter.

My first REAL character was Korialastrasz, the Half-Copper Dragon/Human fighter. At about 7th level he wished for large size (everyone got a wish) and then he wielded a Greatsword that ate souls and a flail that consigned everyone it killed to join a wall made of zombies upon its death. Man, there were a lot of kobolds in that wall...

The entire party attained godhood after we hit epic levels. I killed Kord and gained his portfolio. The rest of the party consisted of a Wizard and Wu Jen, and we got into a big war about something or other. I think it was the wizards infatuation with the deamon sword. Im pretty sure I won that war, and now Korialastrasz rules his own demiplane which has succumbed to darkness after the deitys who were still alive sealed all the portals.

Man, that was a fun character. I still have his sheet somewhere.

2006-01-25, 11:29 PM
My First character was a 3.0ed Male Elf druid I think, that died with in the first 3 min of the game. By a single random encounter goblin that attacked with a natural 20 and then managed to massacre the rest of the party of 3 only having taken 1 point of damage it self. The DM was so overly conflicted about rolling such good attacks and depressed, consitering that we did not have a single live character to play. So we started a new campaign the next day, I got to play a 10th level chaotic celestial with an exotic cat like companion. The celestial's name was Nova.

I have played many characters sense then, of a more standard variety and luckier outcome. Typically Fighter characters with good intelligence.

2006-01-26, 12:19 AM
My first character was (and still is!) Davurnium. He's been through first, second, 3.0 and 3.5 editions.

Human Lich
Necromancer 11/Cleric 3/TrueNec.7/Archmage1

This guy is still around as a PC. He has been going for about five or six years or so. Avatar (see left) is a picture of him.

2006-01-26, 01:55 AM
First character ever? I think I was Elf in RedBox D&D. Either that or Fighter. Heck, maybe I was both ;D

2006-01-26, 02:28 AM
If I remember correctly, it was a NE Male Elf that was a Ranger/Shadow Dancer who's name was Onwar. However, he died in that first adventure.

The first one that I really got to play was a CN M Halfling Rogue named Eldon. I had a lot of fun with that one. I even managed to pick-pocket our party's Paladin. ;D

2006-01-26, 03:10 AM
First character got to be a Cleric 8/Hospitaler 4. Name was something that started with a ''b'', can't remember the name.

2006-01-26, 03:51 AM
My first character is my handle - Mateo J. D. He was a half elf sorcerer, and by some freak accident involving very, very powerful items and bad, bad dice rolls, he was turned into half Bullette as well. "Bullette-Boy" was probably one of the weirdest characters I have seen. I still have the stat sheet (It's less than 20 feet away - how scary is that?)

2006-01-26, 01:50 PM
My first Character was a lv 16 Ranger half Drow named Kamal, who sacrificed him self to save the party from a black dragon, who was then sucked into another plane thanks to the Paladin & mage.

2006-01-26, 11:16 PM
Elven Sor. Ghouls ate him alive. now i hate elves. i only play dwarves

2006-01-27, 12:12 AM
hehe my first charecter was tordek from a DnD Demo book.

2006-01-27, 01:11 PM
Mordaciter, human evoker (2nd Ed. specialist wizard). He blew stuff up a lot, and thanks to a wonderful spell that I can't remember the name of, acquired a wonderful cat familiar called Alex who had a higher Int than he did. He wore a lot of orange, drank far too much, and accidentally joined the army twice.

He retired at 16th level when the campaign sort of died out, although he occasionally resurfaces as a 'retired-adventurer-who-owns-a-tavern' in games that I run.

2006-02-06, 08:53 AM
hehehehe, my first character, a Wild Elf Druid named Aust Laidon

He was insane, heres his stats
Str 20 (22 by level 12)
Dex 12
Con 18
Wis 12
Int 13
Cha 16

Mwk Scimitar
Dragonscale Sheild (Green dragon)
Wolf animal companion Zandu

He killed anything that moved, and had a habit of taking his powers for granted, such as moving trees purly because he felt like it, he got a group of tomato stalks to play football (or soccor for americans)
and he didn't bathe

2006-02-06, 09:58 AM
Furor Schattentaenzer, Drow Rogue/Assassin played in an evil campaign.
He somehow managed to make his compagnions laugh by getting himself killed twice per day or so (I never, NEVER rolled this many ones like I did when I played poor Furor), but we somehow managed to get him raised again every time.
Finally, he was captured by some strange cultists (after fumbling on his Hide, Move Silently AND Bluff check), sacrificed to their demon master and finally possessed by that demon. That was the last time he died, I think.
But hey, even afterwards he made all (but one) of his compagnions laugh…of course, as an evil adventuring group, they looted him (after every single time he died, Furor was still broke when he reached Lvl 9), which eventually resulted in the following scene:
Chaotic Evil Cleric: “I search him for potions!”
DM: “Yeah, he has a vial with a thick, black liquid in it.”
CEC: ”I drink it!”
DM: “You DRINK the BLACK LIQUID from the vial the ASSASSIN carried with him?”
CEC: “Sure.”
DM: “Okay, um…you’re dead, you just drank contact poison…”

I think it was the first time he managed to kill someone who was not asleep.

Was a funny time playing, though ^^

2006-02-07, 11:23 PM
Josh( I know, the originality is astounding)
7th level Druid. Killed by an;ahem;adult disease carried only by Drow women.

2006-02-08, 07:05 AM
Sounds naughty
What a way to go

2006-02-08, 12:43 PM
A cleric, D&D 1st Ed. 10 years ago... geez, I´m feeling old...