View Full Version : Converting Expedition to Castle Ravenloft [4e]

The New Bruceski
2010-01-08, 02:27 AM
I've had the EtCR book for a while, and think I'd like to convert it for a short 4e campaign. The fluff is no issue and most of the monsters are easy to find equivalents for, so it seems to me that the main hurdles are the Knight of the Raven class and the Lightbringer guild. I like the idea of characters being able to revive a forgotten order, so these would be things to hang onto. Late heroic/early paragon seems like a good area for the adventure and KotR would make a good paragon class, I'm just curious if anyone's done the legwork of adapting these yet.

Other than that, anything people see as being troublesome to convert?

2010-01-08, 08:44 AM
I've run the adventure twice in 3.5. Both times I allowed the party to start the adventure with the Raven prestige class. I figured that if I made them wait to do it in game as written (spend a night in the chapel, etc.), then it would be 2-3 months of real time before they dealt with the zombies, werewolves, etc. and were high-enough level to enter the castle and survive a night there. Plus, taking the prestige class earlier lets a player progress further in it, which is generally more fun.

Both times a player took the class, both times the player enjoyed it, and neither time did I run into any balance issues.

The New Bruceski
2010-01-08, 04:35 PM
I meant converting the 3.5 Expedition to Castle Ravenloft to 4th edition. While monsters can be fluffed from MM foes and made appropriate to the edition, and artifacts have good rules that I can use for the Sunblade and Icon, the Lightbringers and Knight of the Raven order will need to be pretty purely homebrewed. Thus I'm wondering if anyone's already gone through that effort.

2010-01-08, 04:44 PM
I haven't read the module, but I suppose you're looking for two homebrewed Paragon Paths, then? Can you summarize the concepts/abilities of those classes (or if possible actual stats)?