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The Deej
2010-01-14, 08:21 PM
I'm pretty sure this is the most appropriate board for this.

So I just bought District 9 on DVD (didn't get to see in theater) and loved it. Especially the Exo Suit.

for those that haven't seen it:

My first thought was: "I want one!"

My second thought was: "Maybe I could at least stat that out..."

I was thinking I could make a stat block for a shadowrun vehicle easiest, since much of what happened during that sequence easily translates into shadowrun terms (AR display, ineffectiveness of small arms fire, etc.)

handling: +1
acceleration: 5/15
speed: 30
pilot: 3
body: 12
armor: 20
sensor: 3
Availability: *F

standard modifications: walker mode, grapple x2, 3 weapon mounts: one fixed, two turret

I figure the best way to interpret the arm-mounted weapons via existing rules is turret mounts. The grapples would be mounted on the ends of them. Right arm has a heavy machine gun, with undermounted 'electro-gun'. Probably has the same stats as a laser. Left arm has a second one. Fixed mount has a Hail Barrage missile launcher.

Feel free to critique or post other stat-outs (other systems welcome too)

(*not a chance in hell of finding one, definitely forbidden)