View Full Version : question/what not 9th level spell at 12th level [3.5]

2010-01-15, 03:39 PM
So a gm friend of mine and me where joking around. but there doing a one shot... and he said if i can build it by the books i can play it... We where also talking about weather a person can cast 9th level spells by 12th level...
So does any one have any build i assume with kobolds and loredrake and other stuff that can get at least 1 level 9 spell by 12th level...

All WOTC books. No UA.
The setting is eberron.

I assume venerable dragonwrought kobold sorcerer 12 taking lore drake and what ever else for the extra sorcerer levels.

but where do i go from there

2010-01-15, 05:48 PM
Versatile Spellcaster (http://realmshelps.dandello.net/cgi-bin/feats.pl?Versatile_Spellcaster,all) plus one of the Bloodline feats from Dragon Compendium? It'll get you one spell level higher than whatever you get through your Sorcerer+pseudo-sorcerer levels....

Doc Roc
2010-01-15, 06:53 PM
Yes you can.