View Full Version : Turn for Rebuke

2010-01-15, 03:51 PM
Is there a magic item somewhere that lets you trade a turn attempt for a rebuke/command? Even if it's only once a day. I'm looking to make a Karrnathi Cleric and thought that something like that would be appropriate for somebody who needs to command undead, but is loyal to country and avoids Blood of Vol and is good.

2010-01-15, 03:54 PM
It's not a major advantage, just ask your DM if you can trade turn for rebuke.

Nate the Snake
2010-01-15, 04:46 PM
The Bone Knight prestige class from Eberron Five Nations replaces your turn undead ability with rebuke undead, even if your alignment is Good. As a bonus, the class itself is Karrnathi.