View Full Version : Natural Attack Questions (3.5)

2010-01-16, 07:50 AM
First, how does two-weapon fighting apply to natural weapons? A lizardfolk, for example, would have 2 claws and a bite. What get the benefits?

Second, how about Multiattack and two-weapon fighting?

2010-01-16, 07:56 AM
TWF doesn't effect natural weapons in any way.

Multiattack allows you to take your secondary natural at a-2 instead. My relief just showed at work, so I am away!

2010-01-16, 09:37 AM
You can, however, wield two weapons and still make natural attacks (excepting those natural weapons such as claws which are busy holding your manufactured weapons). These secondary natural attacks are normally taken at a -5 penalty from your total Base Attack Bonus. In this case, Multiattack will reduce the penalty to -2.

For example, a lizardman wielding a pair of shortswords can make his normal weapon attacks using Two-Weapon Fighting and then take a secondary Bite attack at -5 (or -2 with Multiattack). His claws are unusable because he is holding swords in both hands.