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2010-01-22, 03:50 PM
To those of you who have read the Sword of Truth series...one of my campaigns went wildly off the rails due to too many of us reading it. Now, we have a greyhawk like setting dealing with a Blood of the Fold style army invasion. We'll almost certainly lose and need to rely on gurrilla warfare. Round robin DMing, and my turns coming up...

Anyhow, I need to figure out how a navy would work in a magical world by people who are sworn not to use magic(very few exceptions exist). Numbers are not a problem. They're happily willing to sacrifice waves of bodies to acheive their goal.

Now, it's a bit easier with melee types, since mage slayer and stuff provide ways to take out mages once positioning is acheived, and numbers help with that...but ships...dunno. Any thoughts are welcome.

2010-01-22, 03:53 PM
Clever use of ballistas and mounted weapons seems called for here. I mean, put a Fighter with Mage-Slayer and a net into a catapult. Have him throw the net and stab someone as he lands on them. Ta-da! Anti-mage catapult on a boat, sans magic.

Use grapeshot catapults against flying targets. Launch flaming attacks against opposing boats. Employ a band of guerrilla warriors who dive off your boat and hack into theirs under the waterline. Lots of fun stuff you can do with naval combat.