View Full Version : What kind of builds should hobgoblins and duergar have? (3.5)

2010-01-23, 09:17 PM
They are both heavy-armor wearing fighter types who are also typically sneak rogues. I suppose Rogue/Fighter, obviously, but is there anything that I'm just not seeing?

2010-01-23, 09:19 PM
Any other sneaky and fighty builds. Swordsage, Thug Fighter, Ranger, occasionally Barbarian, etc.

2010-01-23, 09:43 PM
War Minds. Duergar are a psychic race in some sources. Psionics also makes everything better.

2010-01-23, 10:38 PM
Dark Hunter PrC from Complete Warrior. Wildshape-based PrCs ... sneaky and wildshape go together just fine. More generally, hobgoblins and duergar generally do well as fanatics, whether of religion, nature (natural selection favors them on an individual basis), or philosophy (e.g. Ardent, Ur-Priest).

2010-01-23, 10:39 PM
Hobgoblins invented being Warblades.

I favor Warblade 13/Fighter 2/Master of Nine builds (with LA buyoff), specifically.

2010-01-23, 10:43 PM
War Minds. Duergar are a psychic race in some sources. Psionics also makes everything better.

Quoted for truth.

Also I'd recommend rangers for hobgoblins. Their bonuses to Stealth skills is pretty good, and the ranger class lends itself well to a stealthy military strike force. It also takes advantage of their +2 dexterity ability score adjustment, since it can lend itself well to the archery. If you can use it to swing an 18 str, and at least a 16 dex, specialize in archery (for the free feats) and wield a 2 hander (since you're gonna rock with the +6 to damage by default). Bonus points if it's a pole-arm or a double weapon (since you can get the benefits of 1.5 strength or dual wield with the same weapons, and you benefit from enhanced power attack).

For the Duergar...I've used them less in games, so psychic warrior would be a solid option for them. Mainly because psychic warriors are pretty generalized so you can customize them to be what you want them to be. Alternatively, since they're naturally psionic, stick with warriors, fighters, and other generic classes and slap on a few psionic feats.

Food for thought. :smallsmile:

2010-01-23, 11:30 PM
Hobgoblins invented being Warblades.


I typically see the warrior-type hobgoblin as a great swordsman. They have superb focus and discipline. They don't need flashy swordplay; they have mastered the art of the sword in its purest form, a balance between the raging orcish style and the elegant elvish style.