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2010-01-24, 07:18 PM
Hi guys!

hey, I'm trying to come up with a aprticular and flashy spell, it's not damage dealing but for of a showoff kind of spell.
It is supposed to work like this.
The spell allows you to "summon" your weapons, their hilts come right out of an extradimensional space right behind your back, this leaves the object to be drawn in the regular fashion.
the idea would be to be able to call up "all" the weapons you may have, be them 2 or 15.
Yeah i know does not seem like much but this is just an experiment on flavour i'm trying to come up with...
I believe the school should be something like Conjuration, and the summon a swift action. What i cannot make up my mind about is the level of the spell, since it is summoning many many objects/weapons into the field without anything else in the middle i don't know how to categorize it.
Any help?

2010-01-24, 07:20 PM
Are the items CREATED, or they CALLED from an extra-dimensional space?

2010-01-24, 09:03 PM
All the items summoned are already yours, that means you must already own them before calling them out of the extradimensional space.
It like a Major Call weapon, but with rather large carrying capabilities, that means many weapons at once are shown. You still have to draw them, you or anyone you designate.

2010-01-24, 10:31 PM
I vaguely remember a spell that allowed you to summon objects marked with Arcane Mark.

2010-01-24, 11:14 PM
2nd level version:
Duration: 1 round.
Target: weapons with your arcane mark: up to 1/level. If you have arcane-marked more than [level] weapons, the specific weapons summoned are randomly chosen from that set.
Range: 100 miles.
You and designated allies may draw as many weapons as you are able. Any not drawn by the end of the round remain in their present locations.

4th or 5th level version:
Duration: 1 round/level.
Target: up to 3 weapons/level that you have previously designated. You may choose any combination of weapons. In addition, you may conjure temporary weapons with a +1 enhancement bonus, up to this limit. The temporary weapons disappear at the conclusion of the spell.
Range: any. Can even call weapons across planes.
For the duration of the spell, you benefit from the Quickdraw feat.

2010-01-25, 02:45 AM
I'd recommend a maximum of (caster level) items or (caster level * X) pounds retrievable, just because caster level ought to play a part in most spells, and it prevents certain kinds of ridiculous abuse.

Some spells to compare:
http://www.lightning.eu.org/dnd/psionicPowersAtoC.html#call-weaponry ... there's also an equivalent "call armor" power in CPsi.

So it looks like either the ability to call a specific item you own is worth a LOT to the game designers -- that's a difference of six spell levels. That makes sense. Calling non-generic items allows you to use preparation in ways that break the game ... call a few thousand liters of alchemists' fire in a single highly-breakable vat right over the head of the BBEG, for instance. Other differences in the spells include duration (one is lasting, the other for a certain number of rounds -- which to my mind could be a benefice, not a drawback, for this power) and what kinds of objects may be affected. So think hard about what kind of limitations you want this power to have, or create multiple versions of it for multiple spell levels.

2010-01-25, 05:27 PM
Hmmm, this has given me enough information to make my choice now, a mix between the options given should be enough, I don't need the quickdraw, and i may get the duration to be lower.
Thxs guys!