View Full Version : Worse scenarios that ended up being fun?

2010-01-26, 03:09 PM
Like horrible character mistakes that ended up providing a lot of entertainment. Or a series of mistakes that got the party killed but had you all laughing your butts off.

We just recently switched to pathfinder and our rogue forgot to put points into perception (the new detect all skill). He couldn't detect traps or anything else at all. :D We made fun of him in character the whole time. Asking him if he knew any rogues we could hire, etc. The silliness culminated when we needed him to steal a rowboat from a simple peasant.

He checked for traps, and unlocked the boat. Then he had to break into their house for the oars. Very simple DCs (like 5s and 10s) ...he failed. The peasant shot him with a crossbow and they both freaked out. He grabbed the oars and ran. We all pretended not to know him. He jumped into the row boat and started paddling furiously as the guards were called...The boat was trapped...he heard a loud jingling and ruckus as he noticed the boat had a thin line with bells tied to it on the docks that he was now dragging noisily behind him :D

It was quite amusing, perhaps you had to be there though :)

2010-01-26, 03:30 PM
In a game I'm playing we just realized that the half-elf warmage didn't put points into concentration. Regulars at the board will count 3 errors he made there. He basically chooses race and class at random for the sake of hanging out with us and having fun. We discovered his lack of concentration when we were surrounded by zombies and he was out on his own (I never thought he'd get surrounded enough to use fireburst). Fortunately they all missed him and he toasted the group surrounding him but the fight was ongoing when we ended last week due to time. I took VoP with my druid to try and bring him back to the parties optimization level and still am out doing most of them (or my animal companion is anyway).

2010-01-26, 04:26 PM
Vow of Poverty only hurts druids at the high end of optimization. The number of bonus feats you gain is ridiculous, and druids are one of the few classes who effectively use things like Touch of Golden Ice. The Way of the Dire Octopus beckons. ;)

2010-01-27, 12:48 AM
Depends on the type of druid really and how much time you spend shifted.

2010-01-27, 05:43 PM
I was once in a Deadlands game where a couple PCs escaped the boss-splosion by using the naked, unconscious body of their teammate as a snowboard. :smallamused:

2010-01-27, 06:10 PM
Due to a series of bad rolls, I ended up inside of a sewer monster's mouth. Due to a sudden turn of luck(a string of very, very good rolls), I intimidated the monster(from inside it's mouth!) and lived.