View Full Version : Fun with Epic feats on casters.

2010-01-29, 09:32 AM
So...assume you have a dragonwrought kobold caster, for starters, giving you access to epic feats.

Lets also consider the fun ways to break skill point minimums....

Thus, once you've acheived 9th level spells(or 8th and sanctum spell), you can chaos shuffle out feats for fun and profit, giving you access to...

Automatic [Metamagic] Feats.

They work in a pretty fun way...taking the feat once applies it automatically, for free, to all spells of 0th-3rd level. Each additional time taking the feat applies to the next three highest levels of spells. So, if you have Quicken, you can blow three feats to make all your spells quickened for free. As a fun bonus, they explicitly include text overriding the usual "Sorcs suck at metamagic" issue.

Sure, it's feat intensive, but so is metamagic reducer stacking, and that's often spell or school specific. This has the benefit that it applies to all spells. Ever. From any classes.

2010-01-29, 09:44 AM
For fun, add Multispell.

So, one feat for quicken. Three for instant, free quickens on all spells to ninth level. Then, blow the rest on multispell. So, with flaws, three multispells.

Five spells per turn, of any level.

Edit: Dear me, I forgot scribe scroll and the three bonus feats. Make that nine spells per turn.