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Voice of Reason
2010-01-30, 12:03 AM
Ok, so I have a question about a Shaman/Druid or Druid/Shaman in 4.0 Dungeons and Dragons. This can be achieved with either multiclassing or the new hybrid character rules; it is irrelevant which is used for our purpose. So without further ado, here's what I want to know:

1) The new Class Act: Shaman article was just published in Dragon Magazine. In it, they threw in a new daily power called Spirit of Consuming Terror. It is a Melee Spirit 1 attack that can be sustained each round as a standard action. When you sustain it, you "repeat the attack..."

Now, the druid Wild Shape power stops you from using any powers that lack the Beast Form keyword in it, but it specifically allows you to sustain such powers. In the example above, if you cast Spirit of Consuming Terror and sustained it in Wild Shape, would you get to attack with it?

2) What exactly is the nature of a Melee Spirit 1 attack? The shaman class says that "Those powers treat your spirit companion's space as the origin for the power, so 'melee spirit 1' means that you can target a creature adjacent to your spirit." This leads me to believe that it qualifies as a melee attack power, used by you, just that the origin square for the spell has to be your spirit's location.

That being said, how would it react to, say, a Staff of the Serpent? Staff of the Serpent adds +1d6 poison damage to all melee attacks made with the staff. Do Melee Spirit 1 attacks qualify since they are melee attacks? Likewise, if a druid is Wild Shaped and has combat advantage against an enemy his spirit companion is attacking, does the Melee Spirit 1 attack activate Claw Gloves (+1d10 on melee attack when wild shaped with combat advantage).

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

2010-01-30, 05:29 AM
Wild Shape explicitely allows sustaining non-beast form powers. So your trick should work.

"Melee spirit" attacks are indeed Melee attacks. So the Claw Gloves are no problem.

In order to use the Staff of Serpents you need to be hybrid. Because you must use the staff for the attack. A shaman|druid would be able to use staffs for the shaman powers, as well. A multiclass character cannot.

Voice of Reason
2010-01-30, 05:10 PM
Thank you. I had forgotten that Shamans do not have normal access to the use of staves. In my mind, I somehow made the connection that shaman and druid implements were the same (they both get totems, but druids get staves as well).