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2010-01-30, 11:36 PM
Well I'm sure most of us have been in/build a dungeon and been stumped on what to fill it with. Traps, monsters, treature, it all seems so obvious until it comes down to paper and pen- should we go for the simple falling logs and ogres? Or perhaps something with a little more flavour?

Now I haven't played many games myself but since I'm a member here I figured I'd share an idea. A thread for people to throw out ideas for interesting little pieces that can be put into dungeons and adventures to share around. Any ideas you've seen before or thought of that would make an otherwise standard dungeon design a little more spicy, here's where to sum it up.

'The Weight-Ing Game'

A bridge across a chasm works on a pivot. Too much weight placed on one side will cause it to tip, threatening a nasty fall. The idea of this obstacle is to even out the weight of the players through any means at their disposal- from sharing out more cumbersome equipment (like a fighters armour) to carrying stones that may happen to be around. For an extra bump, add a monster encounter on the other side before any items can be re-organised.

Not the best of ideas but an example :smallwink:

Mando Knight
2010-01-30, 11:45 PM
For dungeon puzzles, I'd say going through the nearly 25 years of Zelda is a good start, and those looking for pathfinding challenges can also look to Metroid, especially Super, Zero Mission, and the Prime series.

2010-01-31, 01:00 AM
a number of tunnels equal to the number of PCs [or 1/2 #PCs if you are nice]

flood something, not just a trap, but legit flood a room all the way. see how they adapt

2010-01-31, 01:49 AM
in an underground dungeon make the bottom floor normally... then fill it all but 1 foot from the ceiling (or halfway if you're nice)with water as it has flooded over the years. the maze, the rooms.. drowned and reanimated victims as encounters.

Make a standard maze, then stand it up, use wall crawling and flying creatures throughout it.

Curse the pc's with a 'babel' curse. none of them can speak a language the others can so they have to communicate in other ways.