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2010-02-01, 12:06 PM
I'm trying to make a sort of tanker/airship pilot. I made him a fighter/wizard with levels of an engineer type pristeige class I found online.

What I need to do is come up with the states and costs for some sort of steampunk armored vehicle or airship. I want something that can be pretty easily dropped into a standard 3.5 campaign.

Also some roleplaying advice would be kinda cool. I made this guy a dwarf and started with the loves machines and doesn't care about people sort of personality but I want to go farther. I wanted him to be a little like Master Klopp from Leviethen.

The Glyphstone
2010-02-01, 12:16 PM
Dragonmech or the Iron Kingdoms Campaign Guide would be excellent places to look for steampunk vehicles. Ebberon has airships. I don't actually own them, though, so I can't really help with specifics.

2010-02-01, 12:17 PM
Iron Kingdoms
A&EG (zeppelins)

2010-02-01, 01:22 PM
Iron Kingdoms is... Less than optimal. Not only are the rules a mess, warjacks are less vehicles and more steampowered golems. They don't even have cockpits. And aside from trains, ships and a single zeppelin (Or was it a hot air balloon? I can't remember.) the setting's actually pretty devoid of vehicles. Most people get around either by walking or riding.

2010-02-01, 01:27 PM
It would have been easier to make him an artificier...more skill points, medium BAB, can use any spell in existance in the process of creating magical items...

2010-02-01, 01:54 PM
I would look to the d20 Modern Future Tech rules; they don't seem too complex. Just crib off a few of the vehicle rules and say they're clockwork/steam/magic/hamster power/whatever. Artificer is also a very good idea for this sort of thing.

If you want some very simple rules for making a mechish pilot, you could try out an engineer class (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=6252339&postcount=1) and machinist prestige class (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=6933640&postcount=1) that I whipped up. Alternatively, you could just go machinist, and use a feat to get the mecharmor vocation. At DM's discretion, of course.

2010-02-01, 06:51 PM
Iron Kingdoms

Arcane Mechanic and Up size a Steam Armour Suit for a Mech (The Iron Head PrC adds more to that)
There is also another PrC that specializes in making small drones that can be used to a variety of purposes

2010-02-01, 09:34 PM
...I was hoping this would be a thread about a Texas Ranger in full plate! :smallbiggrin:

Anyhow, did anyone ever do a 3.5 conversion of the Mighty Servant of Leuk-O?


D Knight
2010-02-01, 11:02 PM
you could just get a set of clockwork plate and enlarge it then animate it to take commands from any one inside its head. one more thing put a window of Glass steel where the visor was you you can see but nothing can hit you.

2010-02-02, 12:16 PM
There are rules for mechsuits/walkers (Steamarmor) in the "More Magic and Mayhem" book of the WoWRPG which probably can be converted to 3.5 without much work.